Pokémon Go Gymnasium Coach counters, weaknesses and places

Pokémon Go Gymnasium Trainers are a addition launched for the one-day Go Tour Johto occasion.

Every coach’s group is themed round one of many gyms discovered within the Johto area and, as a consequence of this, their Pokémon all share one main kind – flying, bug, regular, ghost, combating, metal, ice or dragon.

Discovering and battling these trainers will provide help to full the Go Tour: Johto Battle Problem – a timed analysis quest solely out there on Saturday, twenty sixth February.

This analysis quest, together with Go Gymnasium Coach places, can be found to anybody who needs to partake in Go Tour: Johto – whether or not you have introduced a ticket or not.

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The place are Go Gymnasium Coach places in Pokémon Go?

Gymnasium Trainers are trainers you’ll be able to battle throughout the Go Tour Johto occasion.

To seek out Go Gymnasium Coach places, you should go to twitching PokéStops. These PokéStops seem totally different to common ones, with the dice on the prime transferring erratically.

In contrast to Go Rocket PokéStops – which they share the identical twitching behaviour – these haven’t got a darker look, making them somewhat more durable to identify from a distance, so you’ll want to look out for the telltale motion.

Sadly, the looks fee of Gymnasium Trainers could be very low. Even when you’ve got a number of PokéStops round you, it is nonetheless a uncommon probability as as to whether one will seem.

Fingers crossed Niantic will react and improve this earlier than the occasion ends – but it surely has but to remark but on whether or not factor will change. Till then, the one factor you are able to do is hold Stops in your sights and hope they seem. For these with Tickets, we extremely suggest specializing in the opposite time-limited duties first, particularly these which add to your Assortment Problem medal progress.

Pokémon Go Gymnasium Coach weaknesses at a look

As a result of Go Gymnasium Trainers specializing in particular Pokémon varieties, planning your counters for these trainers in Pokémon is kind of easy. As a substitute of making a posh group, you’ll be able to deal with selecting Pokémon who all share the sort which has the best benefit over the Pokémon you are battling.

That mentioned, some Go Gymnasium Trainers could have dual-type Pokémon, making them barely more durable to defeat – however these Pokémon will nonetheless be weak to the identical varieties as the opposite group members. Heracross, for instance, is a bug and fighting-type Pokémon, however, like all bug-types, it is nonetheless weak to fireside assaults.

To help in your counter planning, we have listed which sort every Go Gymnasium Coach has been assigned to, together with what the best weaknesses for this kind are:

Coach Kind Weaknesses
Robbenprinz Flying Electrical, ice and rock-types
Alehouou Bug Fireplace, flying and rock-types
Leon9715 Regular Combating-types
Brissete Ghost Darkish and ghost-types
Terureruru Combating Fairy, flying and psychic-types
Bathazarpokemon Metal Combating, fireplace and ground-types
AbsolFairy Ice Combating, fireplace, rock and steel-types
MajinSage Dragon Dragon, fairy and ice-types

In case you’re searching for Pokémon suggestions, you’ll be able to go to our greatest Pokémon web page to search out one of the best attackers for every kind. In any other case, learn on for Gymnasium Coach counters recommendation, so as they’re seem within the analysis quest…

Pokémon Go Gymnasium Coach Flying counters

The Go Gymnasium Coach: Flying is weak in opposition to electrical, ice and rock-types.

Our prime Go Gymnasium Flying counters are Raikou – when you’ve got one! – in any other case fellow electrics Electivire and Ampharos work as extra widespread electrical varieties you may need out there. On the ice facet Mamoswine is a wonderful choose, whereas Tyranitar and Rampardos are nice rock decisions.

Pokémon Go Gymnasium Coach Bug counters

The Go Gymnasium Coach: Bug is weak in opposition to fireplace, flying and rock-types.

Our prime Go Gymnasium Bug counters are fireplace varieties – resembling Darmanitan, Arcanine and Charizard, or legendaries resembling Moltres or Entei when you’ve got them. That ought to do you properly right here, as robust flying suggestions are more durable to come back by, and in order for you a rock choose, then we would provide the trusty Tyranitar.

Pokémon Go Gymnasium Coach Regular counters

The Go Gymnasium Coach: Regular is weak in opposition to combating varieties.

That limits our choices, however the excellent news is that there are lots of nice combating varieties. As such, our Go Gymnasium Regular counters are Lucario, Conkeldurr, Machamp, Hariyama – and even Heracross for when you have got caught one throughout the occasion.

Pokémon Go Gymnasium Coach Ghost counters

The Go Gymnasium Coach: Ghost is weak in opposition to darkish and ghost varieties.

Our prime Go Gymnasium Ghost counter is Tyranitar, who as you may need guessed from our different counters, is a superb Pokémon to lean on. On the Ghost facet, Giratina is one of the best you will get – although Gengar is less complicated to supply, and can greater than do the job right here.

Pokémon Go Gymnasium Coach Combating counters

The Go Gymnasium Coach: Combating is weak in opposition to fairy, flying and psychic varieties.

Our prime Go Gymnasium Combating counters are these fairy varieties – particularly Togekiss and Gardevoir – however on the psychic facet, a Mewtwo will simply clear any opposition in your means.

Pokémon Go Gymnasium Coach Metal counters

The Go Gymnasium Coach: Metal is weak in opposition to combating, fireplace and floor varieties.

Our prime Go Gymnasium Metal counters are combating Pokémon, who actually pack a punch – so we’re Lucario, Conkeldurr, Machamp or Hariyama.

Flying varieties typically haven’t got one of the best offensive choices, so in order for you an alternative choice to combating, then Goudon, Garchomp and Rhyperior are price on the bottom facet of issues.

Pokémon Go Gymnasium Coach Ice counters

The Go Gymnasium Coach: Ice is weak in opposition to combating, fireplace and metal varieties.

Our prime Go Gymnasium Ice counters are combating varieties once more – Lucario, Conkeldurr, Machamp or Hariyama – however in case you needed to place the warmth on this coach, then fireplace Pokémon Darmanitan, Arcanine and Charizard are price bringing alongside.

Presently dwell is the Evolving Stars occasion, which incorporates the discharge of quest steps 5 to eight of A Cosmic Companion – the Season of Mild particular analysis quest.

Elsewhere, you’ll want to use Each day Journey Incense for the prospect of encountering Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres. There’s additionally a brand new particular analysis quest – A Mysterious Incense.

Lastly – do not forget in regards to the new Prime Gaming rewards each fortnight.

Pokémon Go Gymnasium Coach Dragon counters

The Go Gymnasium Coach: Dragon is weak in opposition to dragon, fireplace and ice varieties.

Our prime Go Gymnasium Dragon counters are ice varieties Mamoswine, Weavile and Eevee evolution Glaceon.

In any other case – if you wish to pit dragon versus dragon, then Dragonite, Garchomp and Rayquaza are beneficial.

Better of luck finishing the Go Tour: Johto Battle Problem!

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