Pokémon Go Evolve Assortment Problem record and rewards

The Evolve Assortment Problem is likely one of the Assortment Challenges for the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto occasion.

Not like the opposite Assortment Challenges, this one can solely be accomplished by evolving particular Pokémon. This implies you have to seek out their earlier evolutions and guarantee you might have sufficient sweet to carry out the evolution.

There are a complete of 10 Assortment Challenges so that you can full as a part of Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto – Pallet City, Pewter Metropolis, Cerulean Metropolis, Fuchsia Metropolis, Pokémon League, Raid, Analysis, Commerce and Incense. The latter two are totally different relying on whether or not you are taking part in the Purple or Inexperienced model of the occasion.

Under you’ll find each Pokémon within the Evolve Assortment Problem and, it is vital to know, you may have till Sunday, twenty eighth February at 7:59pm (native time) to finish this problem.

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Pokémon Go – Tour: Kanto Assortment Problem in-game preview

Listing of Pokémon and rewards for the Evolve Assortment Problem in Pokémon Go

The Evolve Assortment Problem is a part of the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto occasion, although will probably be accessible until Sunday, twenty eighth February at 7:59pm (native time). This Assortment Problem will solely be accessible for those who’ve introduced a ticket for the occasion.

You may solely full the Evolve Assortment Problem for those who get hold of the Pokémon on the record via evolution, which implies you may have to accumulate both their first or second stage evolution first and the right amount of sweet for activating the evolution course of.

Listed here are the 72 Pokémon on the Evolve Assortment Problem record:

  • Ivysaur (Bulbasaur and 25 Bulbasaur Sweet)
  • Venusaur (Ivysaur and 100 Bulbasaur Sweet)
  • Charmeleon (Charmander and 25 Charmander Sweet)
  • Charizard (Charmeleon and 100 Charmander Sweet)
  • Wartortle (Squirtle and 25 Squirtle Sweet)
  • Blastoise (Wartortle and 100 Squirtle Sweet)
  • Metapod (Caterpie and 12 Caterpie Sweet)
  • Butterfree (Metapod and 50 Caterpie Sweet)
  • Kakuna (Weedle and 12 Weedle Sweet)
  • Beedrill (Kakuna and 50 Weedle Sweet)
  • Pidgeotto (Pidgey and 12 Pidgey Sweet)
  • Pidgeot (Pidgeotto and 50 Pidgey Sweet)
  • Raticate (Rattata and 25 Rattata Sweet)
  • Fearow (Spearow and 50 Spearow Sweet)
  • Arbok (Ekans and 50 Ekans Sweet)
  • Raichu (Pikachu and 50 Pikachu Sweet)
  • Sandslash (Sandshrew and 50 Sandshrew Sweet)
  • Nidorina (Nidoran Feminine and 25 Nidoran Feminine Sweet)
  • Nidoqueen (Nidorina and 100 Nidoran Male Sweet)
  • Nidorino (Nidoran Male and 25 Nidoran Male Sweet)
  • Nidoking (Nidorino and 100 Nidoran Male Sweet)
  • Clefable (Clefairy and 50 Clefairy Sweet)
  • Ninetails (Vulpix and 50 Vulpix Sweet)
  • Wigglytuff (Jigglypuff and 50 Jigglypuff Sweet)
  • Golbat (Zubat and 25 Zubat Sweet)
  • Gloom (Oddish and 25 Oddish Sweet)
  • Vileplume (Gloom and 100 Oddish Sweet)
  • Parasect (Paras and 50 Paras Sweet)
  • Venomoth (Venonat and 50 Venonat Sweet)
  • Dugtrio (Diglett and 50 Diglett Sweet)
  • Persian (Meowth and 50 Meowth Sweet)
  • Golduck (Psyduck and 50 Psyduck Sweet)
  • Primeape (Mankey and 50 Mankey Sweet)
  • Arcanine (Growlithe and 50 Growlithe Sweet)
  • Poliwhirl (Poliwag and 25 Poliwag Sweet)
  • Poliwrath (Poliwhirl and 100 Poliwag Sweet)
  • Kadabra (Abra and 25 Abra Sweet)
  • Alakazam (Kadabra and 100 Abra Sweet)
  • Machoke (Machop and 25 Machop Sweet)
  • Machamp (Machoke and 100 Machop Sweet)
  • Weepinbell (Bellsprout and 25 Bellsprout Sweet)
  • Victreebel (Weepinbell and 100 Bellsprout Sweet)
  • Tentacruel (Tentacool and 50 Tentacool Sweet)
  • Graveler (Geodude and 25 Geodude Sweet)
  • Golem (Graveler and 100 Geodude Sweet)
  • Rapidash (Ponyta and 50 Ponyta Sweet)
  • Slowbro (Slowpoke and 50 Slowpoke Sweet)
  • Magneton (Magnemite and 25 Magnemite Sweet)
  • Dodrio (Doduo and 50 Doduo Sweet)
  • Dewgong (Seel and 50 Seel Sweet)
  • Muk (Grimer and 50 Grimer Sweet)
  • Cloyster (Shellder and 50 Shellder Sweet)
  • Haunter (Gastly and 25 Gastly Sweet)
  • Gengar (Haunter and 100 Gastly Sweet)
  • Hypno (Drowzee and 50 Drowzee Sweet)
  • Kingler (Krabby and 50 Krabby Sweet)
  • Electrode (Voltorb and 50 Voltorb Sweet)
  • Exeggutor (Exeggcute and 50 Exeggcute Sweet)
  • Marowak (Cubone and 50 Cubone Sweet)
  • Weezing (Koffing and 50 Koffing Sweet)
  • Rhydon (Rhyhorn and 25 Rhyhorn Sweet)
  • Seadra (Horsea and 25 Horsea Sweet)
  • Seaking (Goldeen and 50 Goldeen Sweet)
  • Starmie (Staryu and 50 Staryu Sweet)
  • Gyarados (Magikarp and 400 Magikarp Sweet)
  • Vaporeon (Eevee evolution technique)
  • Jolteon (Eevee evolution technique)
  • Flareon (Eevee evolution technique)
  • Omastar (Omanyte and 50 Omanyte Sweet)
  • Kabutops (Kabuto and 50 Kabuto Sweet)
  • Dragonair (Dratini and 25 Dratini Sweet)
  • Dragonite (Dragonair and 100 Dratini Sweet)

Bear in mind – Pokémon hatched from eggs, Shadow Pokémon, caught within the wild or from raids will not rely in direction of this Assortment Assortment.

For finishing the Evolve Assortment Problem, you may obtain 15100 XP, 3 Star Items and three Uncommon Candies.

Suggestions for finishing the Evolve Assortment Problem in Pokémon Go

Listed here are some ideas which can enable you full the Evolve Assortment Problem for Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto:

  • You will have till Sunday, twenty eighth February at 7:59pm (native time) to finish this Assortment Problem.
  • Bear in mind – you want each the earlier evolution for the Pokémon on the Assortment Problem record and the quantity of sweet required for the evolving course of itself.
  • Do not forget to verify your Pokémon Storage first to see when you have any of the stage one or two Pokémon required for this Assortment Problem. You would possibly even have the correct amount of sweet saved already!
  • When catching Pokémon for this problem, keep in mind to make use of Pinap berries to double the quantity of catch sweet you may obtain.
  • Giving a Uncommon Sweet to a Pokémon will help you earn extra of their particular sweet.

  • Do not forget to make use of Incense to draw Pokémon to your location!
  • You can even entice Pokémon to particular PokéStops by putting a Lure Module inside that spot. There are additionally three particular Lure Modules – Glacial, Magnetic and Mossy – which are a magnet for very particular sorts of Pokémon.
  • To avoid wasting PokéBalls, goal Pokémon with a low CP degree, particularly for those who’re taking part in on instantly transferring them for further sweet.
  • Control the Pokémon radar within the backside right-hand nook to see which Pokémon are in your close by space.

At the moment stay is the Evolving Stars occasion, which incorporates the discharge of quest steps 5 to eight of A Cosmic Companion – the Season of Gentle particular analysis quest.

Elsewhere, be sure you use Each day Journey Incense for the possibility of encountering Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres. There’s additionally a brand new particular analysis quest – A Mysterious Incense.

Lastly – remember concerning the new Prime Gaming rewards each fortnight.

How the Evolve Assortment Problem works in Pokémon Go

Assortment Challenges in Pokémon Go have been launched in January 2021 and run alongside sure in-game occasions. Every Assortment Problem will see you catching numerous Pokémon that, due to the occasion, are both showing extra incessantly within the wild or are obtained by finishing a sure characteristic of the sport – on this case, evolution.

As soon as you have accomplished the Assortment Problem by catching or acquiring every Pokémon, you may be rewarded with numerous objects and progress to your Elite Collector medal.

The Evolve Assortment Problem is a part of the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto occasion and is offered for every week after the occasion to make sure you have sufficient time to finish it. This implies will probably be accessible from Saturday, twentieth February at 9am (native time) to Sunday, twenty eighth February at 7:59pm (native time).

Assortment Challenges could be discovered on the ‘At present View,’ which is accessed by urgent the sphere analysis button (the little binoculars) within the backside right-hand nook of the display. Relying on whether or not you have been your present area or particular analysis duties, you might have to scroll to your left.

After accessing ‘At present View,’ you may discover a record of the Pokémon you have to catch to finish the Assortment Problem. Catching a Pokémon within the Assortment Problem rooster will tick it off the record that will help you preserve monitor of which Pokémon you continue to must get hold of.

Whenever you get hold of a Pokémon will probably be ticked off your Assortment Problem record.

It is vital to notice that solely Pokémon obtained through evolution will rely in direction of this Assortment Problem; which means any Pokémon caught within the wild, through raids, traded, Shadow Pokémon or ones hatched from eggs will all be exempt.

Bear in mind – the Evolve Assortment Problem have to be accomplished earlier than 7:59pm (native time) on Sunday, twenty eighth February or else you may by no means have the ability to add it to your Elite Collector medal.

Good luck finishing this Assortment Problem!

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