Peruvian Guinea Pig Information: Footage, Character & Traits

peruvian guinea pig
Weight: 900-1,400 grams
Lifespan: 6-8 years
Colours: Agouti, marked, tricolor, bicolor, stable
Temperament: Curious, alert, playful

Peruvian guinea pigs are one of the best identified of the long-haired breeds of guineas, and upon seeing them, it may be tough to inform which aspect the pinnacle is on! Attributable to their lengthy hair, these guineas require an excessive amount of grooming, bathing, and brushing so as to hold their fur from matting. This makes them extra appropriate for knowledgeable guinea homeowners, as they’re a giant duty. If they’re bored and under-stimulated, they have a tendency to chew on the fur of their companions, in order that they must be performed with frequently. They’re bred principally as present animals and are stunning and crowd pleasing guinea pigs.

3 Little-Recognized Details About Peruvian Guinea Pigs

1. Bathing

Whereas most guinea pig lovers will agree that the majority guineas don’t want common baths, Peruvian guineas are totally different. Common baths are important for Peruvian Guineas to maintain their lengthy fur clear and knot-free.

2. Chin hair scratch

Some Peruvian Guineas like to have the fur beneath their chin gently tugged. They are going to elevate their head and stretch out in the event that they get pleasure from it, just like a cat.

3. Breeding

Peruvian guinea pigs had been one of many first breeds to be selectively bred, attributable to their lengthy hair. In present guineas, this fur can generally be so long as 12-14 inches.

peruvian guinea pig
Picture: Pixabay

Issues to Know When Proudly owning a Peruvian Guinea Pig

Meals & Weight-reduction plan Necessities🥕

The meals that you simply give your Peruvian guinea will drastically have an effect on its hair and pores and skin well being. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for all guineas, however Peruvian guineas particularly will drastically profit from them attributable to their lengthy coats. Guineas, like people, can not make their very own vitamin C, so will want it as a day by day requirement of their weight-reduction plan. Good high quality pellets are preferrred, however vitamin C in pellets can break down simply, so that you’ll have to ensure that they’re contemporary. Occasional greens and leafy greens are additionally an ideal addition to a guinea’s weight-reduction plan, however an excessive amount of contemporary fruit may be detrimental, as they’ve excessive sugar content material.

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As with all breed of guineas, common train is necessary, and a spacious cage for them to run round in is important. Peruvian guineas particularly want an excessive amount of play and stimulation, as boredom could cause them to chew on their very own or their companion’s fur incessantly.

Keep in mind that whereas different small pets and rodents could love wheels and profit drastically from them, train wheels are usually not secure for guineas as they will injury their again.

Grooming ✂️

Attributable to their lengthy hair, Peruvian guineas will want common grooming and brushing, ideally every day. Neglecting to groom your guinea will swiftly lead to matting and knotting. This matting could cause the pores and skin beneath to change into sore and presumably contaminated if left too lengthy. A mat left unchecking can rapidly trigger issues, stop your guinea from grooming and feeding itself, and limit its motion. It’s necessary to offer your Peruvian guinea a haircut often to forestall matting, and frequently look at its hindquarters for hardened droppings or matted fur, which may trigger excretory points.

Your Peruvian ought to be brushed frequently, and except you’re planning on having your guinea for present use, a daily haircut or trim is really useful. Alternatively, you possibly can clip your Peruvian’s hair again or tie it with elastic bands to maintain it neat and out of the best way.

peruvian guinea pig
Picture: Pixabay

Well being and Circumstances 🏥

Critical Circumstances: Fly Strike

In case your Peruvian guinea is just not groomed frequently or saved in soiled or unsanitary situations, they may run the danger of fly strike. The soiled or matted hair of your guinea can change into saturated with urine and feces, which is able to entice flies. The flies will lay eggs, and the maggots will unfold rapidly and feed on the tissues of your guinea. This can be a severe situation, as a Peruvian guinea can die inside days of getting this illness.

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Minor Circumstances:

If left ungroomed, your Peruvian guinea’s fur can rapidly change into matted, inflicting pores and skin irritation and restricted motion, and ultimately result in Fly Strike.

A guinea that doesn’t have ample vitamin C in its weight-reduction plan can get a type of scurvy and have an unhealthy coat that might ultimately lead to hair loss.


Remaining Ideas

Peruvian guinea pigs make nice pets. They’re extremely playful, social, and curious. They’re stunning and crowd pleasing guineas, and their lengthy hair and variable coloring make them extremely sought-after by breeders as present guineas.

That mentioned, Peruvians are usually not preferrred for a first-time guinea pig proprietor. They’re excessive upkeep and require a day by day regime of inspection, brushing, bathing, and grooming. If left unchecked and un-groomed, their lengthy hair can rapidly change into matted and trigger a big selection of well being points.

With all that in thoughts, they’re an lovable addition to your pet household. If in case you have the time and dedication and the eye to offer, they make a novel and exquisite pet.

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