Pelican Crossing

The Pelican Crossing was the primary profitable gentle managed substitute for the Zebra Crossing, firsts launched to the general public freeway in 1969.

Used on busy city and metropolis roads, it offers a safer technique of crossing the street for pedestrians than the quite unpredictable Zebra. Through the driving check, the driving check routes will deliberately embody many various kinds of pedestrian crossings, many being the Pelican Crossing.

The driving examiners have strict laws in the case of pedestrian crossings and lots of assessments are failed as a result of these. Understanding the foundations not solely as a pedestrian, however as a driver is crucial for those who want to go the sensible driving check.

Pelican Crossing – Drivers

Whether or not on the whole driving or on a driving check, you’re more likely to encounter many Pelican Crossings. The way in which wherein you strategy them has an impression on the general security of the pedestrians and different street customers. All the time wanting effectively forward while driving, hold a eager eye for any indicators (see left column) indicating a pedestrian crossing forward. An indication isn’t all the time current, so additionally hold a glance out for visitors lights.

Pelican crossing
Pelican crossing markings diagram

Upon finding a Pelican Crossing forward, initially verify your inside mirror to ascertain if there are any autos behind you and is so, how shut behind they’re. What you see in your mirror might alter the best way you strategy the crossing. Preserve wanting up and down the crossing as you strategy for any indicators of pedestrians or cyclists ready. If from a distance you’ll be able to see pedestrians ready, the probabilities are that by the point you attain the crossing, the lights will change.

If as you get nearer, the lights nonetheless haven’t modified, lower your pace gently as they’re more likely to change at any second. If a automobile is driving shut behind, lower your pace additional to provide them adequate time to cease if obligatory. Guarantee you don’t cut back pace too aggressively as this can be harmful for autos behind you. From a distance, you can even generally see the ‘wait’ signal illuminated on the management panel, much more so at night time.

If on a driving check, the examiner can be checking your mirror observations and that you’re conscious there are pedestrians ready. In case you can clearly see that there aren’t any pedestrians or cyclists ready on the crossing, proceed at your regular driving pace.

If the Pelican Crossing lights change and it’s essential cease, make sure you cease simply earlier than the primary (closest to you) line (see cease line on diagram). If the Pelican Crossing is on a junction, there may additionally be a cyclists ready space. Once more, cease on the first line and hold the bicycle owner space clear.

Stopping within the bicycle owner field will probably fail a driving check as it’s best to have anticipated the lights altering in your strategy to the crossing. On the flashing amber gentle, make sure the crossing is solely clear earlier than continuing.

Pelican Crossing gentle sequence

Though a Pelican Crossing might let you know to go, many accidents happen as a result of pedestrians and drivers not checking it’s secure earlier than continuing. When the lights change to both inexperienced or flashing amber, verify the crossing is evident from pedestrians earlier than continuing.

Gentle sequence for drivers Gentle sequence for pedestrians
Pink gentle: Cease Strong inexperienced man: Cross the street
Flashing amber: Proceed if crossing is evident Flashing inexperienced man: Do not cross as visitors will proceed shortly
Inexperienced gentle: Go Pink man: Do not cross and wait
Strong amber: Put together to cease

Pelican Crossing cameras

Stopping straight on a Pelican Crossing is a visitors offence. If the visitors is busy, make sure the automobile in entrance clears the crossing and earlier than you proceed, guarantee there’s adequate house the opposite facet so that you can clear the crossing earlier than coming into the crossing space.

Sure Pelican Crossings have cameras fitted that may detect drivers stopping on the crossing space. In case you are caught, this will result in penalty factors on a drivers licence (together with a provisional) and a hard and fast nice. Stopping on a Pelican Crossing will in fact fail a driving check additionally.

Failing to cease at purple gentle

This can in fact be a right away driving check failure and occurs greater than you would possibly assume. Once more, it’s right down to the motive force to anticipate what’s more likely to occur at a Pelican Crossing earlier than they get there. If caught by the police or if there’s a digital camera on the crossing, it’s extremely probably a nice can be imposed and penalty factors. The important thing to driving by all forms of pedestrian crossing safely, legally and to go the driving check is suitable pace on strategy and eager statement.

Pelican Crossing guidelines

  • A strong amber gentle means the Pelican Crossing lights are about to vary purple. Strong Amber means decelerate and put together to cease.
  • The zigzag strains painted on the street both facet of a Pelican Crossing are areas the place autos are usually not permitted to park. Parking in these areas obstructs the view of the crossing to different drivers and will increase the probabilities of accidents to each drivers and pedestrians.
  • The Pelican Crossing space have to be stored clear always to permit the secure passage of pedestrians. Stopping on this space is hazardous for pedestrians and will definitely fail a driving check. If the police or cameras are current, a nice and penalty factors could also be incurred.
  • A driver isn’t permitted to overhaul one other car on a Pelican Crossing. Overtaking a bicycle owner is permitted.
  • Gesturing pedestrians at a Pelican Crossing to cross ought to be prevented. A pedestrian might take this motion as that means it’s secure to cross and is a standard explanation for accidents.
  • It’s an offence to not cease at a purple gentle at a Pelican Crossing.
  • A driver is permitted to proceed on a flashing amber offering the crossing is evident of pedestrians.

Pelican Crossing zigzag strains

Zigzag strains are painted both facet of the street on Pelican Crossings to mark an space the place parking is prohibited. Parking in these areas obscures the view of the crossing for different drivers.

Additional info
See zigzag street markings for additional info on parking procedures and penalties on yellow or white zigzag street markings.

Pelican Crossing signal

Pelican Crossing Sign
Pelican Crossing street signal
Pelican Crossing street signal

Pelican Crossing street indicators could also be in place to warn you of a pedestrian crossing forward. They’re nevertheless not positioned earlier than each crossing. Through the driving check, all the time look effectively forward for these indicators to provide you advance warning.

Pelican Crossing lights

Beneath is the Pelican crossing gentle sequence for each drivers and the sunshine sequence for pedestrians on the similar time that may be seen on the other facet of the street.

Pelican Crossing Light Sequence
Pelican Crossing gentle sequence for drivers
Pelican Crossing Lights
Pelican Crossing gentle sequence for pedestrians

Pelican Crossing flashing amber

In contrast to Puffin Crossings, the Pelican Crossing has a flashing amber gentle. Drivers are permitted to proceed offering your complete crossing is evident of pedestrians.

Different forms of pedestrian crossings

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