Fiat 500 Dashboard Warning Lights –

Detailed inside this part are the dashboard warning mild symbols of the Fiat 500. Symbols have their related meanings, typically with a proof of motion to take,

The Fiat 500 dashboard warning lights change on along with a message particular to that image and/or acoustic sound when relevant.

Failure mild symbols are displayed are divided into two classes: very critical and fewer critical failures. Very critical mechanical or electrical failures are indicated by a repeated and extended warning cycle, typically signified by a pink mild which will maybe be flashing.

Much less critical failures are indicated by a shorter warning cycle, and are usually related to amber / yellow / orange symbols. Warning mild symbols could differ relying on the yr and nation of manufacture.

Fiat 500 Low battery charge dashboard warning light
Low battery cost
Battery Electrical Cost is Low

In regular situations the battery mild will come on when the ignition is switched on to MAR. The sunshine ought to exit shortly. If mild stays on or comes on while driving, the battery cost is failing and will signify a defective battery or alternator. Beginning points are prone to happen. Contact a Fiat technician. See Why is the battery warning mild on for additional assist.

Fiat 500 Low engine oil pressure dashboard warning light
Low engine oil strain
LOW Engine Oil Stress

Image ought to illuminate with ignition turned to MAR however will quickly exit as soon as engine has began. If image lights continually with an relevant message, this signifies oil strain is low. Don’t proceed journey. Engine could also be broken, contact a Fiat technician. Alternatively the image could flash on the Fiat 500. That is to suggest engine oil wants altering. Journey may be continued as regular, although have engine serviced quickly.

Fiat 500 Low brake fluid / Parking brake dashboard warning light
Low brake fluid / Parking brake
Fiat 500 Low brake fluid / Parking brake dashboard warning light
Low brake fluid / Parking brake
LOW Brake Fluid / Parking Brake

Both the exclamation mark image or the ‘BRAKE’ dashboard image could also be used on varied fashions of the Fiat 500. Mild ought to illuminate till engine has began. If mild stays on, it signifies the parking / hand brake is on, or that their is inadequate brake fluid within the reservoir. If mild illuminates and the handbrake isn’t utilized, braking could develop into faulty. Search help from a Fiat technician instantly.

Fiat 500 EBD Failure dashboard warning light
EBD Failure
Fiat 500 ABS Failure dashboard warning light
ABS Failure
Fiat 500 ESC dashboard warning light
ESC Warning
EBD Failure

When the pink exclamation mark image illuminates concurrently with the ABS and ESC lights, this signifies an EBD failure. Automobile rear wheels could immediately lock and automobile could swerve when braking harshly. Drive fastidiously to a Fiat technician.

Fiat 500 ABS dashboard warning light
ABS Failure
ABS FAILURE Warning Mild

Switching the ignition to the MAR place will see the ABS (anti-lock brake system) mild come on and exit shortly after the engine has began. If the sunshine illuminates while driving, the ABS system has failed. ABS is a separate braking help to the conventional brakes and works independently, Regular brakes will proceed to work as normal, although contact a Fiat Supplier quickly. See ABS for additional info.

Fiat 500 engine overheating dashboard warning light
Engine Overheating
Fiat 500 engine overheating dashboard warning light
Engine Overheating
Engine Overheating WARNING LIGHT

Both the thermostat or pink dot dashboard image will illuminate (relying on Fiat 500 mannequin) on the dashboard when ignition is turned to MAR and shortly exit when engine begins. If image illuminates while driving, it signifies the engine is operating too scorching. Don’t proceed journey, pull over when protected to take action and change off engine. Continued driving could trigger the engine to grab and develop into irreparable. Enable engine to chill and examine engine coolant ranges. If low, replenish provides and proceed journey. Low coolant ranges could point out a leak, search help from Fiat dealership. See what’s engine coolant.

Fiat 500 automatic transmission fault dashboard warning light
Transmission Fault
Transmission Fault  WARNING LIGHT

This image will illuminate if there’s a fault detected with the automated transmission. If image stays illuminated on the dashboard, search help from a Fiat specialist.

Fiat 500 power steering fault dashboard warning light
Energy Steering Fault

This warning mild signifies a fault with the ‘DualDrive’ energy steering. When the ignition is turned to MAR-ON, the warning mild switches prompts, but it surely ought to go off shortly. If the warning mild stays on, flip the ignition key to STOP place and begin the engine once more. If the warning mild nonetheless stays on, bodily effort to function the steering wheel could possibly be elevated. Steering remains to be doable nonetheless, contact a Fiat specialist quickly. If dashboard image comes on while driving, steering could develop into tougher as no help is feasible.

Fiat 500 airbag fault dashboard warning light
Airbag Fault
Fiat 500 passenger airbag fault dashboard warning light
Passenger Airbag

The pink driver airbag and the amber passenger airbag lights ought to illuminate when ignition is turned on and exit shortly after. If lights don’t illuminate when ignition is turned to MAR, this may increasingly signify a problem with the airbags or pretensioners and will not be deployed in an accident. If one or each symbols illuminate while driving, this additionally signifies a fault. In both circumstance, search help from a Fiat specialist quickly. For additional details about airbags and doable faults, see why is the airbag mild on?

Fiat 500 generic fault dashboard warning light
Generic Fault

The generic fault warning mild illuminates on the Fiat 500 because of quite a lot of faults. For additional info on the assorted fault prospects that may happen when this image is illuminated, see: Fiat 500 generic warning mild.

Fiat 500 EOBD injection system failure dashboard light
Injection Failure
EOBD Injection System Failure  WARNING LIGHT

Image ought to come on with the ignition turned to MAR and exit shortly after. If the image stays on or comes on while driving this signifies a fault with the provide/ignition system that might trigger extreme exhaust emissions, doable lack of efficiency, poor automobile driveability and excessive gas consumption. Automobile can nonetheless be pushed the system treatment is required quickly. Fixed use of car with warning mild on could trigger harm.

Fiat 500 low fuel dashboard light
Low Gas
Fiat 500 fault dashboard light
Fault Warning
Low Gas / Failure WARNING LIGHT

The low gas mild will illuminate as normal when round 6 to eight litres of gas are remaining within the automobile gas tank. Estimated vary is round 50 km. Mild could flash or be accompanied by a flashing fault mild (relying on fashions) to point that the system has malfunctioned.

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