Monster Hunter World – Teostra technique, Teostra weak spot defined

When you unlock Elder’s Recess and beat Nergigante, you will have to search out extra tracks.

This operates a lot the identical because the ??? Rathian tracks a number of missions prior, however as an alternative focuses on blue-coloured tracks particularly inside particular areas.

For Teostra, this space is the Wildspire Waste.

To arrange for Teostra, you will want some sturdy armour. No matter you needed to face the Nergigante ought to be ok, however since Nergigante has among the greatest armour items and expertise within the recreation, it will not harm to struggle it a couple of extra instances.

Moreover, the Ore weapon tree will lead into Nergigante now you’ve got fought it, with a weapon that has excessive affinity in opposition to Dragons and with a excessive Elderseal. Each are very helpful in opposition to Elder Dragons, so that is nicely value unlocking.

In any other case, be sure you have loads of curatives and different defensive objects. Not like the opposite two Elder Dragons, there’s not trick right here (there are a set of fireplace assaults, however elemental defences aren’t important) as Teostra is just a really imply and really quick monster to take down.

Teostra weak spot and technique

Teostra weaknesses:

  • Fireplace – Null
  • Water – Excessive
  • Thunder – Low
  • Ice – Excessive
  • Dragon – Low
  • Poison – Medium
  • Sleep – Low
  • Paralysis – Low
  • Blast – Low
  • Stun – Medium

Teostra – a fire-breathing wyvern – is arguably the hardest of the Elder Dragons you will face, combining quick actions and highly effective hits for an array of fireplace assaults you will greatest need to keep away from.

Teostra is at its most harmful when it’s coated in flaming embers, so keep distant and cellular till it’s secure once more.

As with most wyverns, you have to be notably cautious when its within the air, although its dives and hearth breath assaults are simpler to dodge than different monsters in flight.

The one assault you have to keep away from is an explosion, prompted by flames showing in an aura round it. If you see this, flee as quick as you may, as it could take you down in a single hit.

Although the one-hit explosion is one thing to look at, you will usually come throughout most issues on the bottom. We discovered most of our knockouts had been after we had been dazed – often from a seemingly normal swipe, or dash because it comes throughout the world – after which was caught by one other assault.

The important thing, then, is to remain out of Teostra’s approach till you’re sure you may assault. A tried and true tactic, sure, however you particularly have to be alert on this battle.

In relation to assaults, probably the most harmful areas to be can be approaching from the entrance – it has a sweeping hearth breath – and behind with the tail, so moving into on the aspect is suggested.

Like Kirin, nevertheless, it could make use of elemental harm round it, and although these aren’t as frequent or sudden as Kirin, be ready to again away in a short time when you see embers seem instantly round Teostra.

As with all powerful battles like these, it’s best to keep away from combos except you are sure you may get out in a single piece, and to make use of the surroundings to your benefit. The areas it roams in may have a step or a slope you should utilize, so we advocate luring it in that path so you may get a fast highly effective assault in earlier than fleeing once more.

It is low-cost, however permits you to avoid Teostra’s extraordinarily highly effective assaults.

We advocate firing an SOS flare in case you are struggling. As with all difficult fights, although, be sure you no less than give Teostra a go your self first. It means you will know what you are up in opposition to earlier than you invite others alongside – you do not need to faint from not figuring out what’s coming.

Whether or not solo or with associates, count on a protracted and taxing battle. And do not forget to devour Cool Drinks, both, which can ebb away your well being in lava-filled rooms. It is easy to overlook when you’ve been knocked out or battling for some time!

In the event you maintain hitting your head in opposition to Teostra, we advocate you attempt to take down a Bazelgeuse.

Not essentially for its armour, however the fights really feel considerably related of their pacing, and could be a pleasant break whereas additionally coaching your reflexes. Good luck!

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