Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Lunagaron technique, weak spot, and methods to get Lunagaron supplies

Lunagaron is the second of the Three Lords in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

This icy werewolf is fast, agile and has a popularity for taking down a variety of hunters within the recreation.

Whether or not you’re about to take it on for the primary time in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, otherwise you’re searching for supplies for weapons and armor, there are a number of Lunagaron methods and weaknesses to study, together with methods to get the various methods to get a Lunagaron Bluecore, Frost Jewel and Lash Shell.

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Find out how to put together for Lunagaron for the primary time

This ice-cold buyer is under no circumstances a simple one to take down, as far the second of the Three Lords in the primary Sunbreak storyline.

This Fanged Wyvern has completely different assaults relying on its stance – it’ll both be on all fours, lined in ice, or on its hind legs, swinging at you with its muscular arms and razor-sharp claws.

This, in fact, implies that ice and water are of no use to you, however fireplace and thunder are the best way to go. And when you have an honest dragon weapon however no ice or thunder, dragon is healthier than nothing.

Lunagaron weak spot

Lunagaron weaknesses:

  • Hearth – Excessive
  • Water – Null
  • Thunder – Excessive
  • Ice – Null
  • Dragon – Low
  • Poison – Low
  • Stun – Low
  • Paralysis – Low
  • Sleep – Low
  • Blast – Medium
  • Exhaust – Low
  • Fireblight – Medium
  • Waterblight – Low
  • Thunderblight – Low
  • Iceblight – Low

Find out how to beat Lunagaron in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Lunagaron is the second of the Three Lords in Dawn. This one, a werewolf, is harking back to a Tobi Kadachi or Odogaron in some ways, however with a cool new twist in that it makes use of ice to its benefit.

Given what it’s primarily based on, it’s no shock that Lunagaron is available in two kinds, all-fours and two legs.

Usually talking, Lunagaron will stroll across the map on all fours however combat you on two legs. Nonetheless, it doesn’t completely persist with both in a combat, giving it large velocity and agility.

Plus, it has a behavior of protecting itself in ice, not solely defending itself, however giving it one thing to assault you with.

This, in fact, means iceblight, which in flip means including Nulberries to your pack.

Whilst you can roll to unfreeze your Silkbugs, like you can in Excessive Rank, these assaults hit more durable in Grasp Rank and this unfavourable assault lasts longer. Fairly than spending your complete stamina bar rolling round like a Volvidon, simply eat a berry.

Whereas lined in ice, your plan must be to wail on it with whichever weapon you like, hitting the icy elements till they break. Doing so will topple the wyvern, providing you with the chance to hit it the place it hurts most (just about the stomach).

The draw back, in fact, is that when it will get again up, it’ll be extraordinarily indignant, and begin pummeling you.

Whereas your pocket book will inform you that by dropping its chill (actually), its muscle tissue heat up and increase (all of the more durable to wallop you with), it typically hits more durable whereas indignant and lined in ice.

Whereas Lunagaron doesn’t have too many ice assaults exterior of utilizing its claws, the one to be careful for is it leaping overhead and capturing ice balls at you from above.

This isn’t actually telegraphed although, so simply be sure to hold your well being topped up for those who’re getting up shut and private.

As with all monsters within the franchise, when you be taught its assault sample, you’ll rapidly discover when and the place your openings are.

Lunagaron is a contact, however truthful boss, and one you may beat with ease for those who hold your focus. Simply be sure to all the time hold it in your sights, because it’s surprisingly fast on all-fours!

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Find out how to get Lunagaron supplies Bluecore, Frost Jewel and Lash Shell and extra

The next supplies can be found from Lunagaron, relying on what you break off, carve or obtain as a reward:

Lunagaron Grasp Rank supplies listing

  • Lunagaron Cortex – Most frequently dropped, but additionally carved, damaged, captured and as a goal reward
  • Lunagaron Shard – Most frequently dropped, but additionally as a carve, seize, goal reward and damaged
  • Luna Vermillion Hardclaw – Most frequently damaged, but additionally as a seize and goal reward
  • Frostborn Hardfang – Most frequently damaged, but additionally carved, as a goal reward and dropped
  • Lunagaron Bluecore – Most frequently dropped, but additionally carved and infrequently (lower than 10% probability) as a seize reward and as a goal reward
  • Lunagaron Frost Jewel – Very not often (lower than 5% probability) from seize or damaged elements or as a goal reward, and much more not often as a carve or drop
  • Lunagaron Lash Shell – Most frequently damaged, but additionally as a seize reward

If you wish to enhance your supplies positive factors, then think about studying methods to seize monsters to get much more on your efforts.

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