Misplaced Ark Salt Big spawn location, technique, and drops

Salt Big is a boss present in one of many first areas of Misplaced Ark.

They’re value monitoring down as, by defeating world bosses, you may get some first rate drops. Though it’s a stage 19 boss, this can be a onerous opponent, so you’ll wrestle to combat it with out assist from others.

This web page explains the place you could find the Salt Big spawn location, the doable Salt Big drops – and naturally, a method to take it down.

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Here is Ian exploring Misplaced Ark and enjoying a boring class, however he is bought a extremely cool mount!

Salt Big location and spawns

Salt Big is stage 19 world boss in Misplaced Ark that may be present in Saland Hill, an space in Yudia.

Particularly, Salt Big spawns within the heart space of Aregal Salt Plains. The closest teleport to get there may be the tripod in Nomad Camp.

The Salt Big spawns each half-hour. It is very important know that Misplaced Ark has a large number of channels for every space, which work as completely different situations.

In case you might be in the suitable place, however Salt Big hasn’t spawned but, you possibly can change to a different channel and see whether it is up there. You’ll know Salt Big is close to due to a purple mark on the bottom indicating the world it’s in.

Salt Big technique: beat the Salt Big boss

This combat is fairly easy, however you should take note of positioning with a purpose to keep away from Salt Big’s assault. As regular in Misplaced Ark, the boss will not preserve attacking the identical character throughout the entire combat, since its aggro is random.

Infrequently, it should change. In case you aren’t enjoying with a tankier class and it’s picked because the boss’ subsequent goal, simply run for a while till it chooses one other one.

Throughout many of the combat, Salt Big makes use of fundamental assaults, punching gamers, or a semi-circular blast assault. The boss’ most harmful assault is a round charging AoE round it.

Though it’s telegraphed by a purple circle and the boss motion of lifting its arms, it may be difficult to keep away from it if you’re not paying consideration, because it occurs significantly quick.

In case you might be enjoying a melee class, like a martial artist, you would possibly wish to save your sprint for when Salt Big makes use of this assault.

Salt Big drops and rewards

As soon as the combat is finished, you’ll earn some epic items of substances, and an epic chest.

From opening, you may get extra gear, playing cards to equip, consumables, maps for secret locations. Nonetheless, this chest drops solely after your first kill.

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