Mass Impact Andromeda – Remnant Decryption puzzle options, all Monolith and Vault options

Mass Impact Andromeda Remnant Decryption puzzles are a daily incidence as you are exploring the sport’s many Vaults and the Monoliths required to open them.

As you discover the galaxy’s many new planets, you may come throughout these mysterious buildings and the Sudoku-like puzzles that guard your entry.

Whereas the foundations are pretty easy, it is usually the very last thing you wish to do in the event you’re within the mindset to maintain adventuring, and when you can bypass these puzzles with ‘Remnant Decryption Keys’, some can’t be overridden – which is the place this information will come in useful.

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14 issues it’s essential to attempt in Mass Impact Andromeda

Remnant Vaults and Monoliths

As tutorialised to you in A Higher Starting, you will discover and activate Remnant Vaults on a planet by discovering the Monoliths on the floor, fixing their Remnant Decryption puzzles, then coming into and exploring the Vault.

Inside you possibly can generally anticipate extra puzzles, some platforming and a sprinkling of fight, making them the closest the sport has to basic role-playing recreation dungeons.

The rewards for finishing them are worthwhile. Not solely does exploring every one offer you elements you should utilize for crafting, but it surely’ll bump up that planet’s viability by 40%, extra so than another side-quest or exercise.

It’s going to additionally assist stabilise the planets ambiance and make it simpler to discover from then on, so they need to undoubtedly be in your guidelines of actions to prioritise when exploring these new pastures.

How Remnant Decryption Puzzles work

Remnant Decryption puzzles are required to unravel most of the recreation’s alien interfaces – equivalent to Vaults and Monoliths, in addition to different terminals in side-quests and different areas – which require you to primarily play a recreation of Sudoku, the place as a substitute of numbers you may have alien symbols.

If you happen to’re unfamiliar with Sudoku, then goal is to not duplicate any quantity (or on this case, an emblem) throughout any row, column, or nook part of the grid.

Discover an empty spot, scan the rows, columns and surrounding part, and insert the image that is distinctive.

It is clearly simpler mentioned than achieved, and with a number of empty spots there’s a strategy of elimination concerned or understanding which spots require others to be solved first earlier than you will be sure of their resolution.

If there are query marks as a substitute of symbols – which is normally the case at a Monolith – then you could have not discovered all of the glyphs required to unravel it.

Merely again out of the puzzle and scan the encompassing space to seek out the glyph location. SAM will inform you when you may have all of them, and that the puzzle is able to be solved.

Remnant Decryption Puzzles options

All major planetary areas may have Remnant Decryption puzzles of some type as you full their Monoliths and Vaults, however there will even be others throughout side-quests and different actions.

Puzzles lined on this web page:

  • Eos Monolith (in story mission A Higher Starting)
  • Eos Vault (hidden in story mission A Higher Starting)
  • Havarl Monolith (in side-mission Havarl: A Dying Planet)
  • Havarl side-mission Serving to Havarl’s Scientists
  • Havarl terminal (for the hidden Fusion Mod of Adrenaline)
  • Kadara Monolith (in side-mission Kadara: Therapeutic Kadara’s Coronary heart)
  • Elaaden Monolith x2 (in side-mission Elaaden: Taming a Desert)
  • Elaaden side-mission Elaaden: Examine the Remnant Derelict
  • Voeld Monolith x3 (in side-mission Voeld: Restoring a World)
  • Voeld side-mission (Peebee’s Secret Venture)
  • Khi Tasira terminal (in story mission The Journey to Meridian)
  • H-047c terminal (in aspect mission The Remnant Tiller)

We’ll be updating this web page with extra as we encounter them.

Eos Remnant Decryption puzzles

The Eos Monolith Remnant Decryption puzzle resolution in story mission A Higher Starting:

There’s additionally a hidden one inside Eos Vault, which we talk about in better element in our A Higher Starting web page. The answer is:

Havarl Remnant Decryption puzzles

The Havarl Monolith Remnant Decryption puzzle, which you may have to finish as a part of Havarl: A Dying Planet:

Throughout side-mission Serving to Havarl’s Scientists, the Remnant Decryption puzzle resolution is:

There’s additionally a Remnant Decryption puzzle as a part of the hidden Fusion Mod of Adrenaline location on Havarl:

Kadara Remnant Decryption puzzles

The Kadara Monolith Remnant Decryption puzzle, which you may have to finish as a part of Kadara: Therapeutic Kadara’s Coronary heart:

Elaaden Remnant Decryption puzzles

The 2 Elaaden Monolith Remnant Decryption puzzles, which you may have to finish as a part of Elaaden: Taming a Desert:

Through the side-mission Elaaden: Examine the Remnant Derelict there’s a puzzle to be discovered. Here is the Elaaden: Examine the Remnant Derelict Remnant Decryption puzzle esolution and glyph location:

Voeld Remnant Decryption puzzles

The three Voeld Monolith Remnant Decryption puzzles, which you may have to finish as a part of Voeld: Restoring a World:

There’s one to unravel as a part of Peebee’s Secret Venture:

Need extra assist? Our Mass Impact Andromeda walkthrough and information supplies steps to finishing each major mission, and our on-going Remnant Decryption puzzle options will help with the numerous Sudoku-like challenges the sport can throw at you. In the meantime, we will help with Reminiscence Set off areas, Architect areas and the hidden Fusion Mod of Adrenaline, in addition to serving to you resolve on the numerous Mass Impact Andromeda Romance choices for each female and male Ryder.

Khi Tasira Remnant Decryption puzzles

Throughout major story mission The Journey to Meridian there may be an non-compulsory puzzle to seek out. The precise location is in our write-up of that mission, and the The Journey to Meridian Remnant Deception puzzle resolution is:

H-047c Remnant Decryption puzzles

On the finish of the H-047c aspect mission The Remnant Tiller, there may be the above Remnant Decryption puzzle to unravel.

Bear in mind, after getting accomplished the puzzle and also you’re positive there are not any duplicates, submit and in the event you’re profitable, you may progress. In any other case, attempt once more, and if there are any query marks at any level, keep in mind to search for these close by glyphs first.

Further reporting by Matthew Reynolds

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