Male vs Feminine Peacocks: What’s The Distinction (With Photos)

male vs female peacock

The first distinction between female and male peacocks is that technically, the male is known as a peacock and the feminine is known as a peahen. The right time period for these animals generally, regardless of their intercourse, is peafowl. A number of different variations between female and male peafowls will help you identify which one you occur to be interacting with. We talk about 4 notable variations between female and male peafowls that it’s best to learn about.divider-birdcage

At a Look

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  • Common size (grownup): 7.5 ft together with tail
  • Common weight (grownup): 9- 13 kilos
  • Lifespan: As much as 20 years
  • Household-friendly: No
  • Different pet-friendly: Not often


  • Common size (grownup): 3.5 ft together with tail
  • Common weight (grownup): 6 – 9 kilos
  • Lifespan: As much as 20 years
  • Household-friendly: Not suggested
  • Different pet-friendly: Not often


peacock color-pixabay
Picture Credit score: Lars_Nissen, Pixabay

The obvious distinction between the peafowl sexes is their coloring. Males are the extra enticing of the 2, that includes vibrant blue and/or inexperienced feathers which might be exhausting to look away from when they’re absolutely prolonged. Their vibrant feathers are designed to impress females in the course of the mating season.

Feminine peafowl feathers are extra muted than the males’ and is probably not blue or inexperienced in any respect. Many females sport brown or grey feathers that assist them camouflage themselves into their environment when predators get too shut. Additionally, peacocks have blue or inexperienced bellies to match their plumage, whereas peahens have white bellies.


peacock pair-pixabay
Picture Credit score: nayrusfire, Pixabay

One other factor that can provide away a peafowl’s intercourse is their measurement. Peacocks are noticeably bigger than peahens and usually weigh wherever from 9 to 13 kilos as soon as they attain maturity. Females normally weigh between 6 and 9 kilos. The boy peafowls are additionally a few foot longer than the ladies when absolutely grown. Tail measurement is one other distinction.

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The peacock has a protracted, vibrant tail that may develop as much as a whopping 75 inches in size. Females have a lot shorter tails of between 2 and 6 inches. Their tail feathers are uninteresting, they usually can not fan their tails out like their male companions can. The male’s tail turns out to be useful throughout mating season and helps provide safety in opposition to predators.

Head and Neck

peacock-pair blue-pixabay
Picture Credit score: distelAPPArath, Pixabay

Peacocks have lengthy, elegant necks with blue feathers that appear like delicate fur. Peahens have lengthy necks too, however their neck feathers are normally greenish or bluish, they usually look extra like scales than fur. Women can ruffle their neck feathers, whereas boys can not. Their eye markings are additionally barely totally different.

Each women and men have distinct white markings above and under their eyes, however the markings under the feminine’s eyes usually match their pores and skin shade, in order that they can’t be as simply seen as they will on males. Additionally, the crest of feathers on prime of a peafowl’s head differs relying on the intercourse. The crest consists of lengthy shafts that stick up from the chook’s head and carry small clusters of feathers on prime. The crest feathers on boys are usually blue, whereas these on the ladies are normally brown or tan.


Each female and male peafowl take totally different actions every day. Males fan their tails out at any time when they need to impress a feminine or get consideration by way of fields of tall grass or foliage. Females don’t fan their tail feathers, however they do ruffle them when preventing with different peahens or alerting one other peafowl of hazard within the speedy space. Males spend most of their time alone, whereas females are likely to the infants and construct nests in the course of the day. Feminine peafowls are normally extra sociable than males, however they’re additionally extra territorial total.

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In Conclusion

The subsequent time you see a gaggle of peafowls hanging out collectively, it’s best to know that are the males and that are the females inside simply a few minutes. Are you able to consider another methods to inform the distinction between female and male peafowls? In that case, be happy to share it within the feedback part.

Featured Picture Credit score: jassiaa, Pixabay

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