Juliana Mini Pigs: Information, Origins & Traits (with Footage)


Stated to be the smallest breed of pig, the Juliana pig is also known as the miniature painted pig due to its small dimension and its markings. The Juliana was bred to be small, by selectively breeding different small breeds and small pigs. It isn’t formally acknowledged as a breed however tends to be thought-about pet due to its mild and affectionate nature.

Potential homeowners needs to be conscious that as a result of the Juliana’s dimension comes from selective breeding, there is no such thing as a assure {that a} small Juliana piglet will retain its tiny stature when it matures. You might find yourself with a a lot bigger boar or sow than you anticipated.

Learn on for extra info on the fascinating Juliana pig.

new pig dividerFast Information About Juliana Mini Pigs

Breed Title: Sus scrofa domesticus
Frequent Title: Juliana
Place of Origin: Europe
Makes use of: Pet
Boar (Male) Dimension: 20 – 60 kilos
Sow (Feminine) Dimension: 20 – 60 kilos
Colour: Silver, black, cream, crimson, or white physique
Lifespan: 10 – 15 years
Local weather Tolerance: 50°– 80° is right
Care Stage: Average to excessive

Juliana Pig Origins

Juliana pigs usually are not acknowledged as a real breed, which signifies that their origins usually are not really recognized. Nonetheless, it’s broadly accepted that these painted miniature pigs have been first bred in Europe. They have been bred to accompany homeowners, as pets, on farms, and have been created by selectively combining different small pig breeds. Their tiny dimension signifies that they’re hardly ever farmed as a result of they might produce minimal meat.

Nonetheless, their meat is alleged to style like some other pork, and their small dimension signifies that they might be straightforward to farm.

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Juliana Pig Traits


The Juliana pig often weighs between 20 and 40 kilos. They’re known as painted as a result of they’ve spots or markings that seem painted and are a special coloration to their coat. Frequent colorings embrace black spots on a white coat, however there are a lot of variants. They’re nearer in construct and look to a wild pig than a pot-bellied pig.


There actually isn’t any assure {that a} small piglet will grow to be a small pig. Whereas most Juliana pigs high out at 40 kilos and can’t be thought-about a Juliana if it weighs greater than 65 kilos, any particular person pig can develop a lot greater than this.

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Are Juliana Good for Small-Scale Farming?

Juliana pigs are bred as pets and usually are not saved as livestock. Though their small dimension signifies that they might be saved in a yard or small area, they want common human interplay, and they might solely yield a small quantity of produce.

Do Juliana Pigs Make Good Pets?

This sort of pig has been bred particularly as a companion pet. As such, they’ve been bred to be sociable and pleasant. Like all pigs, they’re very clear animals that may be home skilled and that may get together with folks except they’re threatened or endangered. They do require lots of consideration, nonetheless, they usually do have average care necessities, together with hood administration and common feeding wants. If shopping for a Juliana piglet, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a assure it’s going to stay a small pig and you possibly can find yourself with a full-size pig.

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Are They Trainable?

Miniature pigs, together with the Juliana, are mentioned to be as trainable as canines. Some homeowners attest to the truth that they’re extra clever and might be taught extra instructions than the common canine. They reply to optimistic physique language and reward and are particularly prone to food-based coaching utilizing excessive reward food-based treats.

Can Juliana Pigs Be Home Skilled?

Juliana pigs might be skilled to go to the bathroom exterior, inside, or a mixture of the 2. That is achieved utilizing the identical optimistic coaching strategies as talked about above.

Do They Make a Mess?

Like all miniature pigs, Julianas are thought-about very clear animals, though they’ve a repute for being soiled as a result of they get pleasure from wallowing in mud. They do that as a result of pigs can’t sweat, they usually use the mud to chill down. As soon as potty skilled, the Juliana can get upset if it makes a multitude indoors.

How Lengthy Can You Go away a Mini Pig Alone?

It is very important do not forget that a mini pig is a pet and, very like some breeds of canine or cat, they require human consideration and common care. This sort of pig shouldn’t be left alone for longer than 4 hours, so in the event you repeatedly exit to work all day lengthy, you must rethink getting a mini pig as a pet.

Do Mini Pigs Prefer to Cuddle?

One of many causes that mini pigs, just like the Juliana, have grow to be such widespread pets, is as a result of they get pleasure from cuddling they usually get pleasure from receiving love and a focus. House owners usually present their Julianas with blankets and cuddly toys for his or her pigs to like.

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Do Pigs Get Connected to People?

Pigs are very sociable animals and when saved as pets, they’ll kind a detailed bond with their people. They wish to be stroked and petted and particularly get pleasure from being massaged. They’ll get upset and undergo separation anxiousness if left alone for lengthy intervals.

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Weight loss plan

Mini pigs like to eat and are omnivores. They’ll naturally forage for bugs, and you may feed them bugs your self. In addition they like greens and fruit. You’ll be able to feed leafy greens sparsely. Most homeowners supply a eating regimen that consists of round 50% business pig pellets, with the rest made up of fruit, greens, and occasional treats. It’s best to anticipate to feed roughly 2% of the pig’s physique weight, every day.


Guarantee your own home is pig proofed earlier than bringing a mini pig house. In addition to hiding chemical substances and different potential toxins, you will want to discover a safe place for trash cans, and you might need to keep away from maintaining meals in low cabinets as a result of these are clever animals that may shortly grasp the door to a dependable meals supply.

Present common playtime, ideally day by day. Pigs will play with canine toys and in the event you don’t present toys your self, your Juliana might decide up something it deems to be enjoyable.

Present a nook of a room that may belong to your pig. Put a blanket in a canine mattress, put money into a litter pan, and use giant canine bowls for meals and water. In case you hold your pig indoors, it’s going to want common time outdoor to get enough vitamin D. In addition they respect time foraging and simply digging round in dust and grass.

Though it needs to be carried out solely when vital, you possibly can bathe your pig if it will get smelly. Attempt to discover a floating toy or two to maintain them busy, as a result of few pigs get pleasure from bathtime.

Hooves want trimming yearly and this may be carried out by the vet or you possibly can be taught to do it your self.

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The Juliana pig will not be a acknowledged breed of pig however is a kind of mini pig that weighs round 40 kilos and is saved as a pet due to its cute look, loving nature, and modest care stage. Though small, the Juliana does require common contact with people and you will want to make sure that its meals and water necessities are met, but when you are able to do so, and you’re at house sufficient to supply the social interplay a pig like this requires, the Juliana pig could make an pleasant home pet.

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