How Do Snakes Poop and Pee? What You Want To Know!

Mexican Milk snake

Snakes do away with their waste equally to most different animals. As soon as every thing has been digested, the waste passes by a gap close to the tip of their tail, known as the cloaca. Each the feces and ammonia acid come out in a strong state.

Snakes don’t actually “pee” in the identical approach that different animals do. Nonetheless, they do produce ammonia like every other animal — it simply comes out strong.

A snake’s digestive course of varies considerably from species to species. A lot of a snake’s meal is prone to be indigestible and switch into feces. Nonetheless, since snakes eat such giant animals compared to their physique weight, as a lot as half of their physique weight could also be feces at anyone time.

Snakes additionally don’t get rid of as usually as most animals.  Many snakes can go a very long time with out consuming. As you may anticipate, snakes that don’t eat a lot often received’t defecate a lot both. If there may be nothing to digest, there may be nothing to return out.

Snakes solely have one opening on the finish of their tail, so that they use it to defecate, mate, and lay eggs. It’s multi-purpose!divider-reptile

Do Reptiles Poop?

cottonmouth snake
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On the whole, all reptiles move feces. Nonetheless, it doesn’t look precisely such as you may anticipate. All waste will get compressed into the identical feces, together with the ammonia that mammals usually expel as urine.

Often, a snake’s stool has two distinctive components: a yellowish-white half comprised largely of ammonia and a brown or black half that’s largely undigested hair and comparable supplies.

Birds produce comparable waste, possible as a result of they’re so intently associated to reptiles. Snakes produce comparable excrement to different reptiles, so you’ll often discover the 2 completely different components.

How Typically Do Snakes Poop?

It largely relies on the species and what the snake eats. Feces will likely be produced after the animal has been digested. How usually a snake must eat varies, so how usually a snake defecates additionally varies.

Some snakes might want to go shortly after they eat, whereas others doubtlessly received’t go for months. It additionally relies on how energetic the snake is. People who transfer extra often have sooner digestive programs, which signifies that no matter they ate will find yourself changing into feces sooner.

Regardless of the snake eats all the time comes out suddenly, and snakes usually don’t eat once more till it does. Due to this fact, how usually a snake eats will provide you with an correct estimate of the quantity of feces that it’ll go away behind.

Youthful snakes are inclined to eat extra incessantly than older ones as a result of they should fund their quick progress. Due to this fact, they may in all probability poop extra incessantly as nicely.

Do Snakes Pee?

Western Black-necked garter snake_Luis Mac_Shutterstock
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Sure and no. They’ve one opening that they use for every thing and all of the waste will get handed on the identical time. A lot of the ammonia will likely be a strong as nicely, so there often isn’t as a lot liquid as you’d anticipate. Due to this fact, snakes don’t actually urinate.

The quantity of liquid they move will largely rely upon how usually your snake drinks water. This varies relying on the species and age of the snake.

If a snake eats usually, they might get sufficient moisture from the animals that they devour. Due to this fact, a lot of their liquid waste will likely be launched similtaneously the strong stuff. It could seem that your snake doesn’t urinate in any respect in these conditions.

However, some snakes go lengthy instances between meals and have to drink loads of water. These snakes could move waste that’s simply liquid.

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Can Snakes Get Constipated?

Sometimes, sure. This could occur for numerous causes.

If a snake’s meal is simply too giant, they might be unable to digest it appropriately. It may get caught midway down, which might be just like constipation. This isn’t precisely the identical constipation that mammals expertise — it’s extra like a blockage.

Nonetheless, the waste from the animal may additionally get caught, which might be just like constipation.

For no matter motive, the meal may take too lengthy to digest. In some circumstances, this will make the feces dry and harder to move.

Dehydrated snakes can have comparable points. If the stool isn’t moist sufficient, they are going to be unable to move it.

For wild snakes, all these points might be doubtlessly deadly. There isn’t any approach for the snake to rectify the state of affairs. In lots of circumstances, they only have to attend for his or her physique to determine it out, if it could possibly.

Nonetheless, if the blockage continues, then the snake will likely be unable to eat and can ultimately perish. In spite of everything, they will’t take in any extra vitamins if their digestive tract stays full. In some circumstances, the useless animal may even begin decaying of their digestive tract, resulting in a comparatively fast dying for the snake.

In captivity, the percentages are a bit higher. House owners can provide their snake all types of remedy. Lukewarm baths usually assist for a lot of snakes, because it helps every thing heat up and get transferring. Medicines can be found in some circumstances.

Impacted eggs and a few blockages could require surgical procedure from a professional vet. Nonetheless, this selection is out there solely to our captive associates. These within the wild usually aren’t so fortunate!

Regurgitation and Feces

western worm snake
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Whereas we have now talked about snake feces particularly on this article, there may be one other perform that’s value discussing: regurgitation.

It is a bit completely different in snakes than folks, as snakes regurgitate out of their backends. In different phrases, it could possibly look like feces but it surely isn’t.

Often, snakes regurgitate their meal a lot sooner than it takes for them to digest it. If a snake passes the prey inside a day or two, they possible didn’t course of the vitamins from the meal.

Regurgitation can happen for numerous causes. Generally, the snake was dealt with too quickly after they ate. Most snakes are designed to lie round for a bit after every meal. In the event that they transfer an excessive amount of, their digestive tract can begin transferring a bit too shortly. Meals gadgets which might be too giant or inappropriate may additionally be pushed by shortly.

It’s the physique’s approach of serving to be sure that the meals isn’t going to get caught. Low temperatures or different environmental components may also trigger issues.

Telling the distinction between feces and a regurgitated meal might be troublesome.

Listed below are a couple of suggestions that will help you determine it out:

  • Time because the meal: If it’s solely been a day or two, it’s in all probability regurgitation. After all, you’ll be able to evaluate it to your snake’s regular time between a meal and defecation.
  • Regurgitation of the final meal: A snake that regurgitates their meal as soon as is more likely to do it once more. It is a signal that one thing is improper, and also you’ll possible maintain working into issues except one thing is modified.
  • Mucous: A considerable amount of mucous is an indication of an issue. Both it’s regurgitation or your snake is sick. Each require vet care and adjustments to your snake’s routine.


Snakes do poop, although they do it barely in a different way than mammals. They’ve one opening that they use for every thing, together with poop and pee. Typically, all their waste is launched on the identical time, so it might appear as if they don’t urinate.

Snakes poop far lower than most different animals. They’ll move all of a meal without delay, so their regularity usually relies on how a lot they eat. Younger snakes often eat extra, so they may usually produce extra waste.

There’s little motive to fret in case your snake hasn’t pooped shortly. That is usually regular.

Nonetheless, constipation is feasible. Some snakes find yourself with a caught meal of their digestive tract, which can depend as both a blockage or constipation. Make sure to sustain along with your snake’s bowel actions. If they’ve a blockage, you’ll need to discover it as shortly as doable.

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