How A lot Does A Horse Weigh? (Charts By Breed)

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Many individuals are obsessive about their very own weight, however they typically neglect that the burden of their pet is simply as vital. Although no animal advantages from having an unhealthy weight, horses particularly should be of a wholesome measurement. This makes it vital to understand how a lot your horse ought to and does means.

Horses usually weigh between 900 and a pair of,000 kilos, however the common weight to your horse will depend upon its breed, age, and a number of other different elements. To seek out out extra in regards to the common horse weight, in addition to the best way to weigh your horse, hold studying.


How A lot Does A Horse Weigh?

As a result of there are a selection of horse breeds and shapes, the common weight has a wide range. The typical-sized horse will weigh anyplace between 900–2,000 kilos. As you’ll assume, greater horse breeds are going to weigh greater than smaller horse breeds.

For instance, massive horse breeds will most probably weigh between 1,700–2,000 kilos. Massive horse breeds embody draft horses like Belgians or Percherons. Conversely, gentle horses, like Arabians, usually weigh 900–1,500 kilos. Ponies will weigh even much less.

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What Components Impression A Horse’s Weight?

Components that result in a horse’s weight are just like the elements that impression a human’s weight. How a lot meals the horse eats will largely contribute to their physique weight and physique fats. Most horses have to eat between 1.5% and three% of their physique weight every day.

As well as, horses want an entire lot of train. They’ve advanced in order that they’ll stand or transfer almost your complete day. In case your horse doesn’t train sufficient however nonetheless eats the beneficial proportion, it would rapidly turn out to be obese, resulting in well being and joint issues.

One stunning issue that impacts a horse’s weight is its oral well being. In case your horse rapidly loses weight, its enamel could also be responsible. When a horse has a pointy or dangerous tooth, they’re probably to not eat. Verify the dental well being of your horse when you discover their consuming habits altering.

Moreover, the season can impression your horse’s weight. Like many different animals, horses are likely to lose somewhat little bit of weight within the winter and achieve it again in the summertime. That’s as a result of horses eat extra in the summertime as a result of assets are extra out there. Every time forage decreases within the winter, they eat much less, and their caloric wants improve, resulting in much less weight.

Horse Breed Weight Chart

Horse Breed  Common Weight (lb)  Common Weight (kg)
American Warmblood 1,212–1,322 lb  550-600 kg
Arabian 793–992 lb  350-450 kg
Ardennes 1,543–2,205 lb  700-1000 kg
Cleveland Bay 1,212–1,543 lb  550-700 kg
Clydesdale 1,543–1,764 lb 700-800 kg
Connemara Pony 639–860 lb 290-390 kg
Dales Pony 882–1,102 lb 400-500 kg
Dartmoor Pony 441–705 lb 200-320 kg
Dutch Warmblood 1,212–1,322 lb 550-600 kg
Eriskay Pony 661–882 lb  300-400 kg
Exmoor Pony 661–882 lb  300-400 kg
Fell Pony 772–992 lb 350-450 kg
Hackney 882–1,212 lb 400-550 kg
Hackney Pony 551–772 lb  250-350 kg
Haflinger 772–1,322 lb  350-600 kg
Hanoverian 1,212–1,433 lb  550-650 kg
Highland Pony 1,102–1,322 lb  500-600 kg
Holsteiner 992–1,764 lb  450-800 kg
Irish Draught 1,322–1,764 lb 600-800 kg
New Forest Pony 507–728 lb  230-30 kg
Percheron 1,874–2,094 lb 850-950 kg kg
Shetland Pony 397–441 lb 180-200 kg
Shire 1,543–2,646 lb 700-1200 kg
Noticed Pony 441–882 lb 200-400 kg
Suffolk Punch 1,653–1,984 lb 750-900 kg
Swedish Warmblood 882–1,212 lb 400-550 kg
Thoroughbred 992–1,102 lb 450-500 kg
Welara 661–882 lb 300-400 kg
Westphalian 992–1,322 lb  550-600 kg

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How Can I Discover Out How A lot My Horse Weighs?

In case you are involved about your horse’s weight, it’s good to discover out precisely how a lot they weigh. Simply as with people, probably the most correct technique to decide your horse’s weight is to make use of an equestrian scale. If you realize a veterinarian with an equestrian scale, give them a name to see if you need to use the size to weigh your horse.

Sadly, these scale varieties are usually not out there to everybody. In case you are certainly one of these folks, there are different methods which you could estimate your horse’s weight. These methods gained’t be as correct as a scale, however they are going to be shut sufficient to gauge in case your horse is of a wholesome weight.


A weighbridge is a huge set of scales that’s primarily used for weighing massive transports like tractor-trailers and prepare automobiles. Taking your horse on certainly one of these scales is the best and most correct means to determine its weight, although not everybody will be capable to get entry to a weighbridge.

Weight Tape

Weight tape is a particular measuring tape that has items listed in kilos, not inches or ft. For this methodology, you will have to wrap the burden tape round your horse at its coronary heart girth. This gives you a tough estimate of your horse’s weight.

The principle draw back of this feature is that weight tapes are primarily solely helpful for horses which have a typical physique sort for his or her breed. In case your horse is notably smaller or bigger than different horses inside their breed, the findings is probably not as correct.

Weight Calculations

One other technique to estimate your horse’s weight is to do weight calculations by yourself. You will want a calculator and measuring tape for this system. In case you are not superb at math, don’t fear. This system is actually easy to do.

To measure a mature horse, merely measure their coronary heart girth and physique size. The center girth will probably be measured on the base of the mane and down under the rib cage. As for the physique size, place the measuring tape between the hind thigh and heart of the chest.

Then, insert these numbers into the next formulation: (coronary heart girth x coronary heart girth x physique size) / 330. The consequence will probably be your horse’s weight in kilos.

For calculation functions, this formulation relies on inches and is just appropriate for grownup horses. For yearling horses, substitute 330 with 301. Equally, substitute 330 with 280 for weanlings and 299 for ponies.

Why Do I Have to Know How A lot My Horse Weighs?

You will need to know your horse’s weight for a few causes. Most significantly, it will probably let you know in case your horse is of a wholesome weight. It’s crucial that horses don’t get obese or underweight. Each might result in severe points in a brief matter of time.

Even for horses of a wholesome weight, monitoring their weight tells you ways a lot you have to be feeding them. As soon as once more, horses have to eat 1.5% to three% of their physique weight a day. You possibly can’t give them the right amount of meals when you don’t understand how a lot they weigh.

Extra so, it’s vital to understand how a lot your horse weighs if you wish to trip it. Horses can carry about 15% to twenty% of their physique weight. For instance, a 1,000-pound horse ought to solely carry a rider that’s 200 lbs. or much less. Understanding the horse’s weight ensures you don’t put an excessive amount of on its again.

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Physique Situation Rating

One of the best ways to find out in case your horse is of a wholesome weight is to make use of the physique situation rating (BCS). The BCS evaluates how a lot fats is positioned underneath your horse’s pores and skin in six completely different areas. This contains underneath the neck, withers, behind the shoulder, again, rib, and tail head.

The BCS will use the Kenneke Scale, which ranges from 1 to 9. 1 implies that the horse is underweight, whereas 9 means the horse is extraordinarily obese or overweight. It’s best to your horse to fall between the 4 to six vary.

What to Do If Your Horse Has An Unhealthy Weight?

In case you calculate your horse’s measurement and it seems to be of unhealthy weight, you will need to speak to your veterinarian in regards to the difficulty. A veterinarian will be capable to weigh the horse extra precisely to make sure that all of the calculations had been performed proper.

For obese horses, you will have to chop again on their meals and train them extra. You will need to mix these two methods for optimum outcomes. Your vet ought to provide you with extra ideas and recommendation for serving to your horse shed some pounds.

Horses might be underweighted, too. In case your horse is simply barely underweight, it could be as a result of it isn’t getting sufficient energy. Make it possible for they’ve 24/7 entry to hay. You may additionally want so as to add grain to their eating regimen. Change the feed step by step in order to not upset the horse’s abdomen.

Different elements can impression an underweight horse as effectively. Age, local weather, well being, and setting can all result in a horse reducing weight. Discuss to your veterinarian about any doable well being points resulting in your horse’s underweight standing.

Learn how to Look after An Chubby Horse

In case you decide that your horse is obese, you’ll want to offer particular care to assist handle its weight and get it again all the way down to a wholesome degree. Listed here are some ideas that will help you alongside the way in which.

  • Guarantee your horse has easy accessibility to an limitless provide of fresh consuming water and salt, reminiscent of a salt block.
  • Take away high-calorie feeders and dietary supplements from the eating regimen because the horse doesn’t want the additional power.
  • Cut back the period of time the horse has entry to the pasture; 4 hours per day is an effective place to start out.
  • Begin slowly growing train every day. Start with simple train and improve the depth and length over time.
  • In case your horse is consuming legumes, change to grass forages as they’ve considerably decreased caloric impression.
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Learn how to Look after An Underweight Horse

Chubby horses are usually a bit extra frequent than underweight horses, but when a horse is underweight, it might be prone to a litany of well being issues just like an obese horse. Fortunately, it’s often not too tough to assist an underweight horse achieve just a few kilos. If you end up caring for an underweight horse, strive these steps:

  • Present fixed entry to hay or a pasture for grazing so your horse can eat at any time day or evening.
  • Change to a extra calorically dense sort of forage, reminiscent of alfalfa, which usually has extra energy and protein than other forms of forage.
  • Add grain into your horse’s eating regimen if it’s not consuming grain already. Attempt utilizing a grain that’s meant for efficiency or workhorses as these include extra energy to assist your horse achieve weight sooner.
  • In case you’re already feeding grain to the horse, then strive switching grains to 1 that’s meant for efficiency. You need one thing that’s excessive in fats; 10%-12% is an effective place to start out.
  • Add a high-fat complement into your horse’s every day eating regimen, reminiscent of flaxseed, vegetable oil, or rice bran.


Last Ideas

As soon as once more, the common horse weighs between 900 and a pair of,000 kilos. Understanding your horse’s weight might help pinpoint any well being points to make sure that your horse resides its greatest life doable. Pay most consideration to the physique situation rating and speak to your veterinarian if you’re involved about your horse’s weight.

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