How A lot Does a Cow Weigh? (Calf, Beef, & Dairy Cows)

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Though all cows are massive, the precise weight differs from cow to cow, herd to herd, and breed to breed. Due to this reality, there isn’t any one dimension matches all reply to how a lot a cow weighs. As an alternative, you’ll want to have a look at the age of the cow, its breed, and its gender. Solely by taking a look at many elements will you get a very good estimation of how a lot a specific cow might weigh.

An grownup bull weighs on common 2,400 kilos, whereas an grownup cow weighs on common 1,600 kilos. To be taught in regards to the common weight of a wide range of cows, together with calf, beef, and dairy cows, maintain studying. This text explains the elements that impression a cow’s weight and provides instance weights for a number of breeds. Scroll down for extra.

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How A lot Does A Cow Weigh?

Sadly, there isn’t any one reply about how a lot a cow weighs. A number of elements will impression the load of a cow, reminiscent of its breed, age, and gender. Consequently, there’s a variety of weights for cows, even cows inside the identical herd.

For instance, the heaviest cow is the Chianina breed, and they’re usually round 3,500 kilos. Compared, the smallest cow on this planet is just 20 inches tall and weighs solely 57 kilos. For sure, cows fluctuate vastly in dimension and weight.

Nonetheless, we can provide averages. The common weight of an grownup bull is 2,400 kilos, whereas the common weight for an grownup cow is 1,600 kilos. These numbers are simply averages, however they do present the variations in weight between gender.

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Elements That Impression A Cow’s Weight

As talked about above, many elements impression a cow’s weight. The obvious embrace breed, gender, and age. Past that, meals sources and particular person genetics impression the load too, which explains why cows of the identical age and herd can have wildly completely different weights.

An important elements to think about when taking a look at a cow’s weight embrace:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Breed
  • Location
  • Meals sources and vitamin
  • Particular person traits
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As a result of all these elements impression a cow’s weight, the weights we offer under are averages. What this implies is that the weights supplied are solely estimations. Though these weights give a good suggestion in regards to the weight of cows, they shouldn’t be seen as concrete proof about how heavy a cow ought to be.

How A lot Does A Calf Weigh?

A calf is a cow or bull that’s not but a 12 months previous. As a result of these cows are so younger, they’re much smaller and weigh lower than their grownup counterparts.

At start, most calves weigh round 82 kilos. Inside the first month of life, you’ll be able to count on bull calves to realize rather less than 80 kilos. Heifers placed on rather less weight however nonetheless placed on fairly a bit throughout the identical period of time. As they proceed to develop, they placed on increasingly weight. Calves can find yourself gaining a whole lot of kilos inside the first 12 months of life.

The calf breed can largely impression how a lot the calf weighs upon start and the way a lot they placed on in the course of the first 12 months of life. For instance, a Jersey calf might weigh as little as 93 kilos throughout its first month in life, whereas a Brown Swiss can weigh as a lot as 163 kilos.

Cameron Watson
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Age Jersey  (lbs.) Holstein (lbs.) Guernsey (lbs.) Brown Swiss (lbs.)
1 month 93-108 119-136 122-143 134-163
2 months 122-146 161-189 166-193 187-223
3 months 155-177 211-234 203-233 240-283
4 months 183-217 258-284 255-299 293-343
5 months 233-278 311-339 299-354 345-403
6 months 259-321 369-422 366-434 396-462
8 months 335-412 468-530 433-503 498-580
10 months 391-483 575-653 511-588 597-694
12 months 471-548 682-760 576-674 693-805

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How A lot Does a Beef Cow Weigh?

Compared to calves, beef cows weigh much more. In reality, many beef cows are used for beef particularly as a result of they’re very massive and provide extra meat. Consequently, even beef cow calves weigh greater than a few of the breeds talked about above.

One of the vital in style beef cows is the Angus cow. When the Angus beef cow is just six months previous, it usually weighs between 450 and 550 kilos. Mature heifers usually develop to be between 800 and 1,400 kilos. Different beef cows, such because the Shorthorn, are even heavier than the Angus.

Likewise, the load of male beef cows is quite a bit larger than the feminine counterparts. Whereas mature Angus heifers are sometimes 1,400 kilos max, Angus males are on common 1,870 kilos. In the meantime, the Shorthorn males common out at 2,100 kilos.

Lowline angus cows grazing
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Breed Male (lbs.) Feminine (lbs.)
Hereford 1,800 1,200
Angus 1,870 1,210
Shorthorn 2,100 1,760
Brahman 2,100 1,320
Simmental 2,500 1,300
Limousin 2,530 1,650

How A lot Does A Beef Cow Weigh At Slaughter?

At slaughter, most cows weigh between 900 and 1,350 kilos, however the actual weight will depend on the shopper’s calls for.

It’s necessary to remember that not all cows are slaughtered at maturity. Some shoppers choose extra tender meat, which is most definitely taken from calves. Consequently, calves which might be slaughtered will weigh a lot lower than mature cows which might be slaughtered.

Be aware that the quantity of flesh used for meals shouldn’t be equal to the general weight of the cow. As an alternative, solely about 65% of the carcass weight is used for meals. Let’s take an instance. Let’s assume that an Angus feminine is slaughtered at 1,200 kilos. It’s most definitely that the hanging carcass weight will solely be about 750 kilos.

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How A lot Does A Dairy Cow Weigh?

Similar to beef cows, the load of a dairy cow will depend on its breed. Dairy cows aren’t usually as heavy as beef cows just because they don’t want to provide as a lot meals. In fact, dairy cows are at all times feminine, which additional results in dairy cows weighing lower than beef cows.

Breed Common Weight (lbs.)
Jersey 900
Guernsey 1,050
Ayrshire 1,150
Brown Swiss 1,350
Dairy Shorthorn 1,450
Holstein-Friesian 1,600
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Ultimate Ideas

For sure, cows can are available many sizes and styles. Whereas apparent elements like breed, age, and gender impression the load of a cow, so too do the placement of its herd and food regimen. Clearly, cows with fixed entry to meals might be heavier than these with strict consuming regimens.

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