Fortnite – Downed black helicopter location: Investigating the downed black helicopter defined

Investigating the downed black helicopter, alongside repairing the broken telescopes, is among the challenges foreshadowing upcoming storyline occasions in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

To finish this problem, that you must go to the downed black helicopter’s location and tune its radio by investigating the destroyed car.

Finishing this Fortnite problem will reward you with 24k XP, which can provide help to climb the Season 6 Battle Go.

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Word this specific problem is now not in a position to be accomplished.

What’s new? Chapter 3 Season 3 has arrived! New additions embrace Actuality Seeds and Saplings and using animals, together with the brand new Battle Go, characters assortment and map adjustments.

It is a good suggestion to know tips on how to get XP quick in Fortnite.

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Downed black helicopter location in Fortnite defined

Right here is the situation of the downed black helicopter on the Fortnite map:

The situation of the downed black helicopter in Fortnite.

The downed helicopter could be discovered within the woods to the west of the Guardian Spire positioned on an island within the southern lake, which is, itself, immediately north of Misty Meadows.

You will simply spot the downed helicopter as you glide down from the Battle Bus due to the tracks it is crash has created within the grime.

We suggest touchdown at a distance from the downed helicopter, as it is going to help you see whether or not some other gamers are planning on visiting it at the start of a match.

Merely discovering this helicopter, nonetheless, will not full this problem.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is right here and with it comes a brand new Battle Go!

This season has launched EvoChrome weapons, Chrome Splash areas and the flexibility to section by partitions. There are additionally new vault areas and map adjustments.

The Paradise quests are this season’s storyline challenges, together with destorying Chrome objects to gather Chrome anomalies. Be certain that to take a look at the upcoming The Herald pores and skin too!

In the meantime, learn to get XP quick, earn the Victory Umbrella and Victory Crowns.

Methods to examine and tune the downed black helicopter in Fortnite

As soon as you have discovered the downed black helicopter in Fortnite, you may want to analyze and tune its radio.

You do that by interacting with the helicopter, which can trigger choices, much like these you obtain from NPCs, to look on display screen.

These choices might be a plus and a minus signal and that you must push them till the message on the helicopter’s radio turns into readable. You possibly can mark your progress by how a lot of the message is seen on the display screen – if a phrase disappears as soon as you have pressed an possibility, then that you must press the alternative one.

In line with our analysis, the order by which that you must press these choices seems to be random. We accomplished this problem by choosing the plus signal 3 times and the minus as soon as, however some gamers have solely needed to press plus after which minus.

Both approach, it will not take you very lengthy to tune the radio after which you may get pleasure from a small piece of foreshadowing for upcoming storyline occasions!

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