Far Cry 6 GDP Oil Platform location and methods to get oil platform gun Supercharger defined

Far Cry 6’s GDP Oil Platform is among the extra distinctive places within the sport.

Located on the nook of the map, you will go to this location through the Diesel Daisy mission from the Monteros storyline.

That mentioned, it is price visiting sooner to choose up probably the greatest distinctive weapons in Far Cry 6, the Supercharger.

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Far Cry 6 GDP Oil Platform location

To seek out the GDP Oil Platform, you will need to go to the Aguas Lindas space within the north-west of the map.

Showing as an island simply outdoors of Aguas Lindas in Madrugada, as talked about you’ll go to this location as a part of the Monteros storyline – however you may go to it at any time from leaving the beginning island to choose up the Supercharger everytime you space prepared.

Learn how to use the GDP Oil Platform crane and get the gun

To get the Supercharger, you will need to activate a crane to elevate a container by discovering a change.

Begin by heading southwest of the oil platform:

Now, discover the white room with the quantity ’16’ on the facet.

Contained in the room, discover the pink button however the window, and press it.

Look out of the window. You may see how the crane lifts a container.

We’re nearly achieved. Head over to those containers – you will wish to head to the south-eastern facet, if you’re wanting on the map – and go inside.

That is the place you will discover the chest with the Supercharger.

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What’s the GDP Oil Platform gun, the Supercharger?

This is what you’ll want to know concerning the reward, the GDP Oil Platform gun, the Supercharger:

  • Attachment mods: Buckshot Rounds (high-damage close-range excessive unfold pellets), X-Massive Traditional Suppressor (drastically reduces weapon noise and impairs efficient vary)
  • Mods: Quick Reload (improves reload velocity), Hold it Cool (improves suppressor cooling charge)

In the event you’re a agency believer that shotguns can be utilized at long-range and for stealth, the Supercharger approves this concept. It does not have the attain of a rifle, however it would take down enemies in each quick to mid distances with no downside – making it an excellent addition to your arsenal.

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