Fallout 4: All Journal Places and Varieties

There are a ton of magazines scattered all through the wastelands in Fallout 4 for gamers to gather. Whereas it may be enjoyable to easily nurture our internal pack rat, it’s good to know that these distinctive collectibles additionally provide particular perks that may improve a participant’s current expertise, or implement totally new ones. This Fallout 4 Journal Places Information will let you know discover all of them.

There is usually a lot to get your head round in Fallout 4, so in the event you need assistance with the rest to do with the sport, then head on over to our Fallout 4 guides walkthrough hub.

For this Fallout 4 Journal Location information, we now have composed an entire record of the varied magazines gamers can discover all through the Commonwealth. The sections embrace particulars on discover every journal, and point out the particular perks that every publication presents.

Replace: This information has been up to date to incorporate movies from YouTube person PS4Trophies, who has created useful movies for locating these magazines as properly. The written descriptions are nonetheless out there to your comfort.

Fallout 4 Journal Places

You’re S.P.E.C.I.A.L.! Journal

Choose up this e-book in Shaun’s outdated room to earn a free perk talent level.

This small e-book is discovered within the ruins of your outdated home, on the ground of Shaun’s bed room on the foot of a dresser. This e-book immediately grants one free talent level to improve certainly one of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. perks the way you see match.

Astoundingly Superior Tales Journal Places(1-14)

Every copy of this publication has a singular perk to supply for its assortment. These perks are outlined within the entries under, together with directional assist for locating every journal.

Journal #1 – This journal is discovered on the workshop in Outpost Zimonja. Its perk permits gamers to regenerate 1 level of Well being per minute.

Journal #2 – At Skylanes Flight 1981, this journal is situated on prime of a restroom rest room under the cockpit of the aircraft. It permits gamers to do a further +5% injury with scoped weapons.

Journal #3 – Head to the Boston Mayoral Shelter to search out this collectible on a desk within the decrease stage bed room within the southwest nook. With this subject, gamers take 5% much less injury from robots.

Journal #4 – Search for this subject on the backside of the pit beneath terminal #3 at Dunwich Borers. Acquire the journal on the desk to do an added +5% Injury utilizing the Alien Blaster weapon.

Journal #5 – Discover this journal on the East Boston Preparatory College, upon a desk within the prime ground laptop room. Its perk presents +5 Poison Resistance.

Journal #6 – Journey to the Crater of Atom, and discover this subject on the highest ground of the center metallic shack constructed into the rocks. The perk supplies a further +5% injury towards Mirelurks.

Journal #7 – On the Sentinel Web site, go to the far finish of the tunnels and search the metallic hut overlooking the stockpile chamber. The journal situated right here has a perk that grants a further +5% Injury at night time.

Journal #8 – This subject is discovered on the Coast Guard Pier, on prime the bathroom within the locked cell beside the secured storage room. Acquire this copy to achieve +5 Motion Factors.

Journal #9 – Journey to The Institute, and head in the direction of the skin balcony by way of Holdren’s quarters to the north of the atrium. The journal is on a triangular desk close by, and has a perk that contains a +5 Injury improve when utilizing the Cryolator, present in Vault 111.

Journal #10 – Positioned in Trinity Plaza alongside the east aspect of the church inside, search for this journal upon the lectern close to the Steamer Trunk. Gamers achieve an added +5 Radiation Resistance as a perk for gathering this piece.

Journal #11 – Within the prime ground restroom of Hubris Comics, find this subject upon the desk by the Steamer Trunk. RadAway heals an added +5% radiation injury.

Journal #12 – This journal is discovered throughout the final tunnel chamber at Pickman Gallery, the place you initially meet Pickman. The perk for this copy permits your canine companion to completely take 10% much less injury.

Journal #13 – Find this subject contained in the Railroad HQ on the Outdated North Church. It’s on prime of a metallic desk within the brick crypt space alongside the western aspect of the room. This journal grants a perk that permits gamers to do a further +5% Injury towards Ghouls.

Journal #14 – Contained in the residing quarters at Park Avenue Station (Vault 114), search for this journal subject on a container beneath the “Laundry” signal within the blocked hall. Equally to #13, this journal has a perk that helps gamers do a further +5% Injury towards Tremendous Mutants.

LIVE & LOVE Journal Places(1-9)

Every copy of LIVE & LOVE presents a separate, distinctive perk for every journal. These perks are listed together with pointers for locating every subject.

Journal #1 – In Fiddler’s Inexperienced Trailer Estates, find the journal in a caravan trailer throughout the japanese part of the estates. Amassing this subject offers Companions a +10 Well being improve.

Journal #2 – On the Revere Seashore Station, discover this collectible contained in the higher ground of the promenade constructing, on prime of some concrete blocks close to the cooking pot. This journal causes Companions to do +5% Injury.

Journal #3 – This journal subject is discovered upon the desk close to the recording desk within the WRVR Broadcast Station, and its perk will increase Companion carry weight by +10.

Journal #4 – Contained in the station entrance at Faculty Sq., earlier than happening the steps, look on prime the protected behind the counter to search out this journal. This copy permits gamers to achieve an additional +25% XP from persuading girls.

Journal #5 – Discover this journal copy on the very prime of the monument at Bunker Hill. Amassing this subject grants gamers +1 Luck from alcohol when exploring with a Companion.

Journal #6 – Contained in the Diamond Metropolis Schoolhouse bed room on the bottom ground, find the journal atop the bedside desk. This journal presents a perk for Companions to achieve +5 Injury Resistance and Vitality Resistance.

Journal #7 – Ascend the primary staircase at Faneuil Corridor to search out this collectible sitting on prime a small desk on the attic stage. Just like #4, this journal permits gamers to achieve +25% XP from persuading males.

Journal #8 – Within the northern entrance of Goodneighbor, enter The Third Rail restroom to search out this journal atop the bathroom. This subject permits gamers to achieve +5% XP whereas exploring with a Companion.

Journal #9 – Whereas nonetheless in Goodneighbor, enter the foyer of Lodge Rexford and discover this journal atop a bar counter to the fitting of the doorway. Amassing this piece causes robotic companions to completely inflict a further +5% Injury.

Grognak the Barbarian Journal Location

Every subject of this comic-styled journal grants the identical perk: Essential Hits with unarmed and melee assaults completely inflict +5% injury per journal discovered, with 11 copies whole.

Journal #1 – This doubtless the primary journal you’ll gather, as it’s discovered on the kitchen desk of your outdated home the place Codsworth lives.

Journal #2 – Within the Depraved Transport Fleet Lockup, find a small workplace on the east aspect of the first warehouse. Discover the journal on this room on the desk close to the important thing.

Journal #3 – On the highest ground of Malden Center College (Vault 75), this journal is discovered upon the mattress contained in the Overseer’s workplace.

Journal #4 – On the Corvega Meeting Plant on the highest ground, search the metallic Raider hut that may be reached utilizing the catwalk bridge. This subject is contained in the hut close to a Steamer Trunk.

Journal #5 – This subject will be discovered on prime the bathroom contained in the Gunner Camp at Mass Pike Interchange. Search for a Energy Armor Station close by.

Journal #6 – In Vault 81, Katy the trainer will give this journal to the participant as a reward for finishing the Miscellaneous Quest: Brief Tales within the Classroom.

Journal #7 – Find the “dungeon” room on the higher ground of the Museum of Witchcraft, and discover the publication on the desk close to the south wall.

Journal #8 – Within the Raider camp at Hyde Park, search alongside the rooftops of the buildings south of the primary path to search out the journal.

Journal #9 – At Again Avenue Attire, head upstairs into the house, and find the collectible on a desk in the lounge, near the TV and protected.

Journal #10 – Close by the Park Avenue Station entrance in Boston Frequent, discover the journal throughout the bandstand by the skeleton.

Journal #11 – On the Bus and Condo Wreckage close to Andrew Avenue Station, search for this journal on the comedian e-book fan’s mattress within the busted house.

Weapons and Bullets Journal Places

Discovering copies of this journal publication offers the participant a perk that will increase the Essential Injury of Ballistic weapons by +5%, which stacks for every copy discovered. The perk stat can attain as much as 50% if the participant collects all 10 points.

Journal #1 – On the prime ground stage of Fort Hagen, discover the journal on the oval desk within the kitchen.

Journal #2 – Within the Rook Household Home, find Barney’s bunker to find the journal sitting on a metallic desk beside the submitting cupboard and lantern.

Journal #3 – Enter the South Boston Navy Checkpoint. Search for a duplicate of this publication on prime of a metallic desk by the east wall.

Journal #4 – Head over to the Gunners Plaza and find a number of mezzanine places of work within the southern space. This subject can be on a desk surrounded by sofas within the lounge on the highest ground.

Journal #5 – This journal is situated within the elevated freeway Gunners camp at Quincy ruins, between a pair of big-rig trailers. Discover the collectible on prime the desk close to the pc terminal.

Journal #6 – On the Cambridge Police Station, anticipate the Brotherhood reinforcements to reach, then look within the station chief’s workplace inside a locked protected to search out the journal.

Journal #7 – This journal is discovered on prime a lectern within the stage space of Fraternal Publish 115, close to an American flag and a few sandbags.

Journal #8 – Within the Ticonderoga Safehouse, head as much as the northwest nook workplace on the highest ground and find the journal on a desk inside.

Journal #9 – On the BADTFL Regional Workplace, discover the Chief’s workplace within the bullpen room on the western aspect of the constructing. This journal subject is on the chief’s desk.

Journal #10 – Journey to the Citadel, and head to the middle of the Citadel grounds. The journal is discovered on prime the radio operator’s desk outdoors.

Massachusetts Surgical Journal Journal Places

This publication presents a perk that permits the participant to completely inflict +2% limb injury for every journal subject discovered. Discovering a number of problems with this publication will stack the perk as much as +18% for a complete of 9 magazines.

Journal #1 – On the Parsons State Insane Asylum, head right down to the underside stage of the ability. This journal is discovered inside Lorenzo’s quarters.

Journal #2 – At Medford Memorial Hospital, find the balcony on the west aspect, a ground up from the bottom stage. Search contained in the submitting and storage room for the collectible.

Journal #3 – Journey to Med-Tek Analysis and go to the bottom ground the place the Stop is situated. The journal is discovered on a big lab desk within the middle.

Journal #4 – On the Better Mass Blood Clinic, use the terminal to entry the analyst’s room and find the journal on the desk inside.

Journal #5 – In Sandy Coves Convalescent Residence, find a safety door near the reception space. Look behind the door to discover a copy of this publication close to the wall of safes.

Journal #6 – At Cambridge Polymer Labs, the Director’s workplace is situated above the reception space. Enter the workplace to search out this collectible on prime the desk inside.

Journal #7 – Journey to Greenetech Genetics, and find a protracted room about midway up the northern part of the constructing. Search for a pair of purple sofas with a desk in between to search out the journal right here.

Journal #8 – This copy requires gamers to have 50 Tokens to spend. Collect overdue books to commerce for tokens, then find the overdue e-book merchandising machine within the southeast part of Boston Public Library. Spend 50 Tokens to buy and purchase a duplicate of this journal.

Journal #9 – Within the prime ground bed room of the Cabot Home, this journal is discovered upon the picket desk on the western aspect of the room.

Tumblers Right this moment Journal Places

Amassing these magazines offers gamers a lockpicking bonus. Every subject grants the identical perk, as much as 5 instances for 5 points whole.

Journal #1 – Journey to Malden Heart, and head to the Raider camp deep into this location. This subject is discovered inside one of many cargo carriages on the station, close to a guard submit.

Journal #2 – Find Poseidon Vitality Turbine #18-F. Within the northwest nook of the ability, search for the journal close to a Steamer Trunk on a metallic shelf within the management room.

Journal #3 – On the southwest aspect of the racetrack at Straightforward Metropolis Downs, discover this subject on a chest close to the black couch within the commentator’s space.

Journal #4 – On the West Roxbury Station, find the upkeep room on the japanese platform to search out this journal in an open locker..

Journal #5 – Within the Fens Avenue Sewer, search across the cell-like space across the northwest tunnels and catwalks. This subject can be sitting close to a Holotape on the metallic drawers.

Tesla Science Journal Places

Every subject of this publication presents the identical perk: vitality weapons will completely inflict +5% Essential Injury for every journal discovered, as much as +45% for 9 magazines whole.

Journal #1 – At Arcjet Programs, head as much as the second ground the place the CEO’s workplace is situated. Discover the journal close by his laptop terminal.

Journal #2 – Find the filleting room on the bottom stage of Mahkra Fishpacking, under the room with the Steamer Trunk. The journal is on prime of a desk within the north east nook of the room.

Journal #3 – This subject is discovered at Reeb Marina within the warehouse kitchen, on prime of a picket bench close to a sweetroll.

Journal #4 – Journey to the Rocky Cave, or Virgil’s Laboratory. Find the journal on the damaged fridge to the left of Virgil’s terminal.

Journal #5 – At Poseidon Vitality, search the central metallic catwalk hut for a desk close to a Steamer Trunk. This subject is on prime of the metallic desk the place a Bobblehead can be discovered.

Journal #6 – Head to HalluciGen, Inc. On the primary ground Weaponization Analysis Lab, find the journal within the northeast nook.

Journal #7 – Within the higher places of work above the glass ground contained in the Mass Fusion Constructing, search for the journal on a pc financial institution within the southeast mezzanine.

Journal #8 – On the Normal Atomics Manufacturing facility, discover this subject on a metallic desk towards the japanese wall within the higher ground workplace, above the doorway foyer.

Journal #9 – Head to the highest ground at College Level. Entry the northern laptop room by way of the open curtains, and find the journal on a small desk within the nook.

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor Journal Places

This publication permits gamers to obtain higher costs when buying from distributors. Every subject grants the identical perk, as much as 8 magazines whole.

Journal #1 – Contained in the pipe tunnel of the inside cave at Walden Pond, find this subject on the barrel with the lantern on prime.

Journal #2 – Enter the constructing at Mystic Pines. Search alongside the western wall north of the primary entrance inside. The journal is on a aspect desk close to the TV set.

Journal #3 – Journey to the Tremendous Duper Mart. To the fitting of a Milton Normal Hospital poster, search for {a magazine} stand alongside the wall to discover a copy of this publication.

Journal #4 – At Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery, search the metallic catwalk hut within the higher space of the primary cannery room. The journal is discovered right here together with a Bobblehead collectible.

Journal #5 – Inside a caravan on prime some containers at Massive John’s Salvage, the journal is discovered on prime a small desk with a lantern, considerably close to the Steamer Trunk.

Journal #6 – Journey to the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star. On the higher stage of the ship on the northern aspect, search for a parasol desk about mid-deck to search out this subject.

Journal #7 – On the 4 Leaf Fishpacking Plant, head to the basement locker room on the western aspect of the plant to find this journal on a close-by bench.

Journal #8 – On the Gwinnett Brewery, go as much as the metallic catwalk hut alongside the higher stage. Climb the pipes and catwalks to succeed in the journal close to the northwest wall.

U.S. Covert Operations Guide Journal Places

Discovering these magazines permits gamers to turn into completely tougher to detect whereas sneaking. Every copy grants the identical perk, and the perk stacks for every copy discovered, as much as 10 instances.

Journal #1 – At USAF Satellite tv for pc Station Olivia, find a room within the southeast inside that may be unlocked by way of the pc terminal. Hack the terminal and unlock the door to search out this journal on the desk beside the miniature nuke.

Journal #2 – Journey to Lexington, and enter Slocum Joe’s constructing. Go right down to the basement, and take the elevator additional right down to the bottom stage. Head by means of the hallways till you attain the chief workplace, on the prime of the double stairwells. The journal is on the desk beside the terminal.

Journal #3 – On the Nationwide Guard Coaching Yard, head to the cafeteria contained in the Barracks. This journal is discovered beside a cooler on prime of a desk.

Journal #4 – Within the Revere Satellite tv for pc Array within the east, find the satellite tv for pc within the middle space that doesn’t have a dish on prime. Ascend the staircase up the satellite tv for pc tower till you attain the hut on the prime. The journal is on a small desk beside a lantern.

Journal #5 – Journey to the Federal Ration Stockpile. Search for Purple Tourette’s base up a staircase within the southeast tunnels, near the exit. Discover the journal on the primary desk in entrance of the couch.

Journal #6 – Within the Fort Hagan Command Heart, find a bed room to the east of the armory. This subject is discovered on prime the nightstand beside the mattress, in entrance of the radio.

Journal #7 – This journal copy is present in Libertalia. Climb about midway up the primary shanty ship, and search for a purple chair close to the sting of a walkway. The journal is on the small desk beside the chair.

Journal #8 – At Fort Sturdy, choose the locks on a pair doorways within the southeast nook of the bottom stage to achieve entry to Normal Brock’s workplace. The journal is on the desk beside the terminal.

Journal #9 – Find an Deserted Shack to the southwest. Enter the ground hatch and descend to the Federal Survival Heart on the bottom stage. The journal will be discovered on prime the sunshine blue laptop financial institution beside a terminal and Steamer Trunk.

Journal #10 – On the USS Structure, this subject is discovered throughout the Captain’s cabin contained in the ship, on a nook desk. This may increasingly require the completion of a quest to entry this room.

Unstoppables Journal Places

The copies of this journal all provide the identical perk: completely achieve +1% probability to keep away from all injury from an assault. It will stack with every journal discovered, permitting for as much as a +5% probability for 5 magazines whole.

Journal #1 – On the Westing Property, discover this subject on prime the shack close to the river that has a lantern on the ground by the mattress.

Journal #2 – Head over to Shaw Excessive College. Enter the Library workplace within the north space, and find a Steamer Trunk on the decrease stage. The journal needs to be close by.

Journal #3 – Journey to the Suffolk County Constitution College. The problem is discovered within the higher ground library room, close to a Holotape and steamer trunk.

Journal #4 – On prime the store counter of Hubris Comics, you’ll discover this subject simply in entrance of Grognak’s Axe within the show case.

Journal #5 – At D.B. Technical Excessive College, head to the basement stage swimming pool and search close to the northwest nook wall. The journal is on a desk above the Fats Man.

Wasteland Survival Guides Journal Places (1-9)

Every of those magazines provide particular perks, apart from points #4-5, that are listed within the “Different Magazines” part under.

Journal #1 – Discovered atop the sideboard desk contained in the Ranger Cabin. This subject will increase the quantity of therapeutic from vegatables and fruits by 50%.

Journal #2 – Contained in the underground bunker of Gorski Cabin, discover this journal on a metallic desk close to the journal terminal. This subject permits gamers to take 5% much less injury from bugs.

Journal #3 – On the Sunshine Tidings Co-op, this subject is discovered on the ground inside a locked cabin close to the silos. It is beside the mattress and Steamer Trunk. This journal grants 50% therapeutic from irradiated packaged meals & drinks.

Journal #6 – On the western aspect of the crater at Crater Home, find this subject on a desk on the decrease stage of a stilt shack. Discovering this journal reduces the worth of meals and drinks from distributors by 10%.

Journal #7 – Head to the Nahant Oceanological Society. Within the entrance room on the bottom ground, look on the metallic desk with the typewriter. This subject permits gamers to swim 25% sooner.

Journal #8 – On the Egret Excursions Marina, find this subject atop the diner counter close to the coolant recharge station. This journal causes gamers to take 5% much less injury from melee assaults.

Journal #9 – Contained in the wreckage of the USS Riptide, you may discover this journal on a desk beneath the bridge on the water’s stage, which lets you gather extra meat from animal kills.

Different Magazines – Places

Relatively than perks, these magazines permit gamers to unlock enjoyable bonus content material.

RobCo FUN!

These magazines include enjoyable Holotape mini-games to gather and play.

Holotape #1 – Contained in the cafeteria space within the northeast a part of Vault 111, entry the pc terminal to play and gather the Purple Menace Holotape recreation. Solely the Holotape is offered, no journal.

Journal #2 – On the highest ground of the Museum of Freedom the place you meet Preston Garvey and his crew, discover the journal on Sturges’ desk beside the terminal, unlocking the Atomic Command holotape.

Journal #3 – Discovered on the Fort Hagen Command Heart, within the room the place you converse to Kellogg. Look behind a desks the place the white laptop terminal is situated to search out the journal on the ground with the Pip Fall holotape.

Journal #4 – Head to Diamond Metropolis and enter Valentine’s Detective Company. Sitting on the desk on the again proper nook is the journal and Zeta Invaders recreation.

Journal #5 – Head to Goodneighbor and go contained in the Reminiscence Den. Go right down to the Reminiscence Lounger room within the basement to search out the journal on a metallic desk alongside the again left wall. This contains the Grognak & the Ruby Ruins Holotape.

Scorching Rodder

Unlock new customized paint jobs to your Energy Armor go well with.

Journal #1 – Contained in the concrete hut at Robotics Disposal Floor the place the pc terminal is situated, on prime the desk.

Journal #2 – Discovered inside Zeke’s trailer at Atom Cats Storage, on prime the bedside desk.

Journal #3 – Within the parking zone Funhouse west of the Hospital on the West Roxbury, discovered within the prime ground sleeping quarters subsequent to the prize cells.

La Coiffe

These two magazines unlock new hairstyles to your character.

Journal #1 -. Head towards the roof exit on the west aspect of Fallon’s Division Retailer. Search for the journal on the higher ground within the octagonally formed room, close to the Steamer Trunk.

Journal #2 – At Charlestown Laundry, discover this subject inside a procuring basket on prime the washing machines.

Picket Fences

These magazines unlock new gadgets to construct in settlement workshops, together with statues, picket fences, high-tech lights, potted crops, and patio furnishings.

Journal #1 – Within the Blast Furnace space of Saugus Ironworks, look on the catwalk just under the place you discovered the Bobblehead and Steamer Trunk.

Journal #2 – Previous to descending into the primary remedy chamber of Weston Water Remedy Plant, find the journal contained in the metallic workplace that overlooks the generator room.

Journal #3 – In the primary room of Beantown Brewery with the vat, this subject is situated within the foreman’s concrete wall places of work on the higher walkways.

Journal #4 – Within the middle of the constructing in {Hardware} City, head upstairs to the workplace to search out this journal on the desk with the important thing.

Journal #5 – Within the Fight Zone in entrance of the primary stage, discover this subject on a formica desk close to the bar on the bottom stage.

Taboo Tattoos

These magazines unlock totally different tattoos to your character.

Journal #1 – Close to two trailers within the Thicket Excavations space, search for this journal contained in the metallic trailer caravan within the excavation space on the marble edge.

Journal #2 – Discovered within the scavenger’s sleeping space of Harmony Civic Entry, within the western space beside the steps. It’s on the ground subsequent to the Steamer Trunk.

Journal #3 – Head to the Irish Satisfaction Industries Shipyard and enter the docked ship to search out this journal on the metallic bench inside.

Journal #4 – Find this journal inside Horatio’s barber store on the essential atrium space of Vault 81.

Journal #5 – Discover this journal throughout the central inside tunnels of the Mass Pike Tunnel, subsequent to a skeleton close to the Energy Armor station.

Complete Hack

Permits gamers to hack Protectrons, spotlights and turrets.

Journal #1 – This journal is discovered beneath the tree within the middle of the Wildwood Cemetery, and permits Protectrons to be hacked.

Journal #2 – At Wattz Client Electronics, find this subject on the terminal desk alongside the north wall of the basement server room. It unlocks the flexibility to hack spotlights.

Journal #3 – On the Shamrock Taphouse, a feminine model standing atop the desk within the so known as “recreation” room can be holding this journal. This unlocks gamers to hack turrets.

Wasteland Survival Guides #4-5

Problem #4 – This subject unlocks new settlement decorations. It’s discovered inside the primary shack at Lynn Woods, atop a sleeping bag close to the Steamer Trunk.

Problem #5 – This subject permits Diamond Metropolis to be completely marked in your map. On the Outdated Gullet Sinkhole, search contained in the sinkhole itself to search out this subject subsequent to the cooking pot station on a concrete block.

Hopefully this information has helped you monitor down all of the magazines you have been searching for.

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//# sourceMappingURL=
window ._sp_ = window ._sp_ || {};
window ._sp_.config = window ._sp_.config || {};
window ._sp_.config.account_id = 347;
window ._sp_.config.content_control_callback = perform () {
//console.log( 'CONTENT LOCK' );
window ._sp_.config.mms_domain = 'usgamer-us.usgamer.web' ;
window ._sp_.mms = window ._sp_.mms || {};
window ._sp_.mms.cmd = window ._sp_.mms.cmd || [];
window ._sp_.config.mms_client_data_callback = perform (o) {};
window._sp_.config.fsm_endpoint = "//usg-p2.usgamer.web";
window._sp_.config.enable_fsm_detection = true;
window._sp_.config.enable_fsm_network_detection = true;
window ._sp_.mms.cmd.push( perform () {
window ._sp_.mms.setTargeting( "logged-in" , "false" );
window ._sp_.mms.setTargeting( "show-ads" , "true" );
window ._sp_.mms.cmd.push( perform () {
window ._sp_.mms.startMsg();
window ._sp_.bootstrap( '/static/scripts/musgamer-fsm.js' );
window ._sp_.config.mms_choice_selected_callback = perform (choiceID) {
window ._sp_.config.mms_client_data_callback = perform (dataObject) {

perform runFacebookPixel() {

fbq('init', '686233492142124');
fbq('monitor', 'PageView');

const frames = window.frames;
for (let i = 0; i < frames.size; i++) { frames[i].cease(); } perform sandboxIframes() { const iframes = jQuery('iframe[src]'); jQuery.every(iframes, perform() { const iframe = jQuery(this); // Youtube iframes are exempt from being sandboxed // so long as we swap them for the Privateness Enhanced participant if(iframe.attr('src').match(/youtube(-nocookie)?.com/embed/i)) { iframe.attr('src', iframe.attr('src').change('', '')); } else { iframe.attr('data-src', iframe.attr('src')); iframe.attr('alt', 'Please settle for cookies to see this iframe.'); iframe.removeAttr('src'); } }); } perform sandboxScripts() { const scripts = jQuery('script[src]:not(.ignore-script)'); jQuery.every(scripts, perform() { const script = jQuery(this); script.attr('sort', 'textual content/plain'); script.attr('data-src', script.attr('src')); script.removeAttr('src'); }); } perform runIframes() { const iframes = jQuery('iframe[data-src]'); jQuery.every(iframes, perform() { const iframe = jQuery(this); iframe.attr('src', iframe.attr('data-src')); iframe.removeAttr('alt'); iframe.removeAttr('data-src'); }); } perform runScripts() { const scripts = jQuery('script[data-src]:not(.ignore-script)'); jQuery.every(scripts, perform() { const script = jQuery(this); script.attr('src', script.attr('data-src')); script.attr('sort', 'textual content/javascript'); script.removeAttr('alt'); script.removeAttr('data-src'); }); }

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