Eterna Forest and Previous Chateau Pokémon, trainers and gadgets in Pokémon Good Diamond and Shining Pearl

Eterna Forest and its hidden space, the Previous Chateau are the subsequent locations you may go to in Pokémon Good Diamond and Shining Pearl, following on from Route 205 in your journey.

Beneath we’ll take you thru all the important thing particulars for the placement, together with any Pokémon encounters, trainers, and gadgets that may be out there, plus a walkthrough of your key aims and the rest you may must know.

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Eterna Forest Pokémon, trainers and gadgets

Eterna Forest interrupts Route 205, appearing as your first correct “dungeon” of the sport. It is fairly easy to navigate by although, and options a couple of new Pokémon and useful gadgets to collect alongside the best way.

As quickly as you enter, you may be greeted by an individual referred to as Cheryl, who asks in the event you’ll assist her by the forest. All your battles will now be double battles together with her as your ally, utilizing her Chansey – she’ll additionally totally heal you after each battle as effectively, which could be very sort!

Within the north-west nook of Eterna forest there is a unusual mossy rock, which is for evolving an Eevee into Leafeon (you will not have the ability to get an Eevee for a short time but although). There’s additionally an space close to the north-east exit that is blocked off by cuttable timber. That is the Previous Chateau, a spooky home within the woods which you could return to upon getting Minimize, which will not be too lengthy!

For now, work your manner by Eterna Forest gathering every part you fancy, exiting to the north-east into Eterna Metropolis. If you return with Minimize, the part under particulars what’s out there.

Subsequent cease for now then: Eterna Metropolis!

Out there Pokémon

Pokémon Availability
Budew Grass
Wurmple Grass
Buneary Grass
Silcoon Grass (Diamond solely)
Beautifly Grass (Diamond solely, uncommon)
Dustox Grass (Pearl solely, uncommon)
Cascoon Grass (Pearl solely)
Murkrow Grass (Diamond solely, evening)
Misdreavus Grass (Pearl solely, evening)

There’s a Honey Bushes on this route, which has its personal Honey Tree Pokémon spawn checklist.


Objects Location
Antidote In patch of gress left of entrance
Paralyze Heal In north east previous Lass Briana and Bug Catcher Zack
Nice Ball Hidden – in backside left nook of enormous grassy patch south of the pair of Psychics
Potion By timber in lond grass in south-east nook of japanese space
Honey On the left in grass in northern space

Trainers and Opponents

Trainers Pokémon Degree
Lass Briana and Bug Catcher Zack Wurmple / Pachirisu
Lv.9 / Lv.14
Psychic Elijah and Psychic Lindsey Abra / Abra Lv.15 / Lv.15
Bug Cater Donald and Bug Catcher Phillip Wurmple / Burmy
Dustox / Kricketune
Lv.9 / Lv.12
Lv.12 / Lv.12
Psychic Rachael and Psychic Cody Meditite / Psyduck Lv.15 / Lv.15

Previous Chateau Pokémon, trainers and gadgets

The Previous Chateau is a spooky non-obligatory space which you could revisit upon getting the power to make use of the Minimize HM app within the wild.

There is a small patch of grass exterior, which has the identical Pokémon as the remainder of Eterna Forest, after which contained in the constructing there are some uncommon gadgets – and one Pokémon, Rotom, that may solely be caught right here!

The strategy for catching Rotom is a bit totally different – you want to go to the room with the flickering TV at evening, and work together with the TV. Rotom will soar out, and you may battle and catch it!

Out there Pokémon

Pokémon Availability
Gastly Strolling in Chateau
Rotom Work together with TV at evening


Objects Location
Ether In hole in fence to the precise of the mansion
Insect Plate Hidden – in hole in fence proper of the mansion, towards the again wall
Antidote In room with lengthy desk, far left, within the high bin
Previous Gateau In small room up the steps on the left
TM90 Substitute In small room, by central door upstairs, then room on the far proper
Dread Plate In small room, by central door upstairs, room on the far left
Secret Key After defeating or catching Rotom

Should you visited Previous Chateau proper after getting Minimize, your subsequent cease is south of Eterna Metropolis: Route 206 and Route 207!

For extra guides and hyperlinks to the remainder of our walkthrough pages in the meantime, return to our important Pokémon Good Diamond and Shining Pearl walkthrough hub.

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