Elden Ring Sacred Tear places

Sourcing Sacred Tears in Elden Ring will enhance the restoration of no matter flask you might be utilizing.

There are two varieties of flasks you need to use, Flask of Crimson Tears (crimson) for recovering HP, and Flask of Cerulean Tears (blue) for recovering FP that’s used for skills like weapon expertise and summoning ash spirits.

There are two varieties of upgrades to get extra from these flasks – Golden Seeds to extend flask makes use of, and Sacred Tears to extend flask efficiency. It is the latter we’ll deal with with this web page, taking a look at Sacred Tear places – sufficient to fully improve them.

It is also price understanding there’s a third Flask kind, the Flask of Wondrous Physick, which requires Crystal Tears to customize.

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The best way to strengthen flasks with Sacred Tears

As you enhance your HP by growing your Vigor stat or your FP by growing your Thoughts stat, you may wish to guarantee your Flask makes use of are simpler – ideally you desire a single use to totally refill your gauges. To do that, you’ll be able to strengthen flask fees by discovering Sacred Tears.

Sacred Tears are fortuitously easy to find as they’re at all times present in a church on the foot of a statue in entrance. A few of these also have a helpful Website of Grace, though be warned that some might also be crawling with hazard.

After you have one, relaxation at a Website of Grace, choose Flasks from the menu and you will have an choice to completely enhance the quantity replenished by flasks.

Being an enormous open world, you possibly can attain a Sacred Tear in a unique order so we have divided their places up in every a part of the Lands Between…

Limgrave Sacred Tear places

Third Church of Marika

That is possible the primary you may come throughout though, quite than going alongside the principle path to Stormveil Citadel west, you may want to go east of Limgrave and cross a bridge. Carry on the principle path and you may attain the church and in addition a Website of Grace.

Callu Baptismal Church

South of Limgrave is Weeping Peninsula, head as much as increased floor and you may attain Ailing Village. To the south of the village you may discover Callu Baptismal Church, although it is also swarming with rats so you may wish to clear them out first.

Church of Pilgrimage

On decrease floor north of Ailing Village (South of the Lookout Tower Website of Grace is an effective place to begin) head west and you may cross a bridge. On the opposite facet, you may see the church within the north, so simply experience up there to get your subsequent Sacred Tear and in addition activate one other Website of Grace.

Fourth Church of Marika

This church is west of Weeping Peninsula you’ll be able to truly see its spire within the distance as you come out of Church of Pilgrimage and look south west. Trip straight for it, previous an evergaol and Witchbane Ruins, to achieve it. Simply be sure to maintain the 2 headless soldier spirits guarding the doorway. A Sacred Tear and Website of Grace awaits you additional in.

Liurnia Sacred Tear places

Church of Irith

Simply as you come out of Stormveil Citadel and head into Liurnia, there is a Website of Grace known as Lake-Dealing with Cliffs. Church of Irith is simply in entrance at decrease floor, the place you may discover your subsequent Sacred Tear.

Bellum Church

You will discover this church northwest of the woods on the principle path to the Grand Carry of Dectus.

Altus Plateau Sacred Tear places

Second Church of Marika

From the Altus Freeway Junction Website of Grace, head north (straight north quite than following the trail). You will quickly attain the church at decrease floor although it is protected to drop down. Be warned nevertheless that as you strategy you may be invaded by a bloody finger.

Stormcaller Church

From the Rampartside Path Website of Grace, which you may discover northwest of the Outer Wall, head southwest and you may come throughout a web site with stone sword graves and lighting storms. On the far finish, you may see the church. It is guarded by a pair grunt troopers, however they are not a lot of an issue.

After you have settled on a beginning class and beginning Souvenir merchandise,

it is best to first work out tips on how to degree up, tips on how to respec and use Ashes of Battle.

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Mountaintops of the Giants Sacred Tear places

First Church of Marika

This church could be discovered south of the massive frozen lake residence to spirit jellyfish and an enormous boss dragon that can obscure the realm with mist. However, except you wish to struggle it as you might be, you’ll be able to simply preserve heading south from the Freezing Lake Website of Grace to achieve the church.

Church of Repose

From the Foot of the Forge Website of Grace, as a substitute of heading to struggle the boss forward, head west the place you may see the church, though you may additionally have to struggle a reasonably tough crimson okina. Greatest him nevertheless and you will find the final Sacred Tear on the church in addition to a Website of Grace.

Good luck upgrading your flasks in Elden Ring!

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