Elden Ring Irina quest, Fortress Morne location and the right way to ship the letter to father Edgar

Fortress Morne is an non-obligatory dungeon in Elden Ring. It is situated in Weeping Peninsula, which is the southern space of Limgrave, and is the place it’s good to go to finish Irina’s quest

Alongside the best way there is a good quantity of things to gather, together with a number of Smithing Stones and the distinctive Grafted Blade Greatsword. Nevertheless, you may have to defeat the boss Leonine Misbegotten to finish the search.

This web page explains the right way to full Fortress Morne, together with the right way to discover the Fortress Morne location, the right way to begin and full Irina’s quest, the right way to discover father Edgar and all of the related objects’ places.

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In search of some route? Our what to do first in Elden Ring, Elden Ring walkthrough, Website of Grace places and predominant bosses so as pages may help.

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How one can attain Weeping Peninsula in Elden Ring

To begin with, it is value mentioning that Weeping Peninsula is an non-obligatory space considered visited early in Elden Ring. You will not have to have overpowered spells or tremendous robust weapons; you may be capable to expertise a good problem by getting right here at round Degree 20 to 30.

To enter Weeping Peninsula, it’s good to go to the south of Limgrave – Elden Ring’s starting space. There is a bridge that connects the peninsula with the remainder of Limgrave, proper subsequent to the Forlorn Hound Evergaol. The Agheel Lake South Website of Grace is the closest one to the bridge, and it’ll additionally point out to you the best way to the fort.

The trail to Bridge of Sacrifice is fairly easy; journey Torrent south from the earlier Website of Grace and you will find 4 towers and a number of troopers between barricades defending the bridge.

Whereas you can begin taking one or two enemies at a time should you strategy cautiously, and even summon Spirit Ashes to help you, you should not do it. The factor is, there is a soldier utilizing a heavy stationary crossbow behind the enemy traces. He’ll begin utilizing the weaponry as quickly as you get near the bridge, so that you may find yourself receiving a shot whereas specializing in the primary enemies.

As an alternative, it is best to rush into the bridge and kill this soldier whereas driving your horse. Then, the remainder of the battle might be extra manageable.

After cleansing the bridge, examine the left facet of it. There might be three Smithing Stones 1. There’s additionally a Stonesword Key on a corpse close to the barricades behind the crossbow.

On the finish of the bridge, you may have reached Weeping Peninsula. It’s also possible to see the primary Website of Grace from there, on the fitting facet of the trail.

How one can begin Irina’s questline in Elden Ring

To start out Irina’s questline in Elden Ring, it’s good to return to the primary street after lighting the Website of Grace. There you may see a blonde girl standing on a rock, close to a light-weight. That is Irina, and she or he’ll let you know about how she escaped Fortress Morne due to a riot. She’ll stress how she’s going blind.

Irina will end her first dialogue by talking about her father, the commander of the fort. Speak to her once more and she is going to ask you to ship a letter to her father. Select the dialogue choice to simply accept the duty. Irina will thanks and provide the merchandise.

Now it is time to go and discover the fort.

Fortress Morne location in Elden Ring defined

To seek out Fortress Morne in Elden Ring, it’s good to hold going ahead, on the primary street, to the far south of the Weeping Peninsula. There might be an open area with many canines wandering round, knights resting, and a troll sleeping. Right here you’ll be able to select to sneak in or defeat each enemy.

When you resolve to go stealthily, you simply have to go to the left facet of the damaged carriage – there are some bushes and canines right here. You will have to kill two canines, however that is about it.

Quite the opposite, if you wish to kill all of them, do not forget which you could summon your Spirit Ashes to even the chances. Earlier than doing that, nevertheless, journey Torrent and run between the enemies. The inhuman creatures will assault the knights, so you will not should beat all of them by your self.

By cleansing the place, you may discover the Iron Cleaver weapon on a damaged cart and two Smithing Stones 1 just a few steps forward.

Proceed the primary path and you will spot a Teardrop Scarab. Kill it and you will get the Ash of Battle Mighty Shot.

Maintain going ahead and when the trail opens in a number of methods, simply hold following the primary street in your map. After just a few, you may discover a Website of Grace and a Nomadic Service provider on the left.

Upon getting checked them, return to the primary street and proceed your method. Right here Fortress Morne might be at sight.

You will additionally see the world’s map fragment on the fitting, however do not hesitate an excessive amount of – choose it shortly and return to Torrent. There is a big archer distant, which is able to begin capturing big arrows at you.

As an alternative of going in direction of the enormous, go to the left of the world, by means of a forest. You will find yourself in a small swamp with some enemies, however you’ll be able to simply keep away from them. Following this street, there will be fewer possibilities for the archer to get you.

The entry to Fortress Morne might be guarded solely by the archer. Fortunately, you do not have to kill the enormous – simply go run to the fort’s door and you will be positive.

If you wish to attempt your luck, nevertheless, discover that the enemy will not assault you with its bow at a close-combat nor take out one other weapon. The enormous will solely assault utilizing stomps, which makes the battle simpler than those towards different giants within the recreation.

When you’re contained in the fort, you may discover a Website of Grace in a room filled with fallen troopers.

How one can discover Edgar in Fortress Morne

Now you’ve got reached Fortress Morne in Elden Ring, it is time to discover Edgar – Irina’s father. Begin by going ahead and utilizing the raise. You will find yourself on the door of a giant courtyard filled with enemies. Earlier than getting into, discover that there is a Summoning Pool in your proper. It’s also possible to summon Spirit Ashes on this first space.

Once more, you’ll be able to select to both keep away from each enemy right here or go ballistic. When you resolve the previous choice, crouch and undergo the center of the courtyard – nearly touching the creature on the fitting. It’s also possible to keep away from the Mad Pumpkin Head enemy resting in entrance of you, simply go away him to relaxation and sneak to the fitting.

There will be a single enemy on the best way, working the bottom, however simply cross by means of him whereas crouching and it will not even blink. There will be a ladder on the finish of the trail.

When you resolve to sneak in, nevertheless, you may miss some vital objects. To begin with, go to the left till you enter a platform. There might be a single canine wandering round. Kill it and get the Smithing Stone 2 within the place.

Then, as a substitute of attacking the enemies on the fitting, bait them to observe you and make them the Mad Pumpkin Head. This huge creature will get up and begin attacking the opposite beasts. Solely after the Mad Pumpkin Head is finished, step in and kill the remaining enemies – do not forget which you could summon Spirit Ashes right here.

It is time to acquire objects. On the left facet of the place the Mad Pumpkin Head was resting, you can find three Smithing Stones 1. Subsequent, close to the fireplace pits and mountains of corpses, you may discover a number of Smoldering Butterflies and two Hearth Grease.

When you proceed on this route (previous the fireplace pit), you’ll be able to enter a brand new room contained in the fort. There will be a chest with a Claymore on the left.

After amassing the loot, go down the steps. There will be two inhuman enemies killing a knight that has surrendered. Take benefit and begin hitting them from distant with a ranged weapon.

Use the ladder on the fitting and you may arrive on the prime of one of many fort’s towers. Right here might be a battle towards human and non-human enemies. Allow them to beat one another and assault the one soldier free – the one with the crossbow.

On the opposite facet of the hanging platform in your proper, there might be a Furcalling Finger Treatment. After amassing it, you’ll be able to clear the remaining enemies.

Now go to the one path accessible, the place there are two enemies. Kill them and choose up the Metal-Wire Torch.

Then, you may should stroll some steps again and fall from the platform with the facet destroyed.

Go ahead and one inhuman enemy will come to you. Take care of them and proceed close to the hanged folks. Three enemies will come out, an everyday one and two that flies. They don’t seem to be rather more sophisticated, and you may make them fall with one or two leaping assaults.

Now you should have 3 ways accessible (the left one is roofed with bins).

First, go to the fitting. You will descend a bit, after which discover one other small passage with two enemies – watch out for certainly one of them hiding in your proper. Kill them and take the collectible on the finish of the trail: two Smithing Stones 2.

Return and go to the left (the beforehand blocked ladder). Descend and, relying on how a lot time it took you to succeed in right here, you may see people and non-humans preventing once more.

Let’s repeat the identical technique: look forward to them to kill one another, defeat the remaining ones, after which transfer ahead. You will see a ladder that can lead you to the place Edgar, the lord of the fort and Irina’s father, is standing.

Delivering the letter to Edgar and finishing his activity in Elden Ring defined

Once you speak with Edgar for the primary time in Elden Ring, he’ll communicate concerning the riot he and his troopers suffered. He’ll additionally provide you with a Sacrificial Twig.

An choice to provide Irina’s letter to him will pop up. Settle for it and he’ll learn it. Nevertheless, he’ll let you know that may’t go away till the fort and a mysterious sword are secure.

How one can full Fortress Morne

Now it is time to discover the Grafted Blade Greatsword in Elden Ring, so return to the three-ways path for the final time and select the remaining one. You will have to leap to the one potential route, the place there’s land under. Right here might be a brand new Website of Grace.

Transfer ahead and fall once more a few instances. You will attain one other fork with two methods. This time, nevertheless, you may solely choose the left one (the opposite one is a lure). Go left and fall close to some planks. It comprises a Stonesword Key.

Fall yet one more time, everytime you need, and transfer ahead. There might be a number of enemies on the left, however they are going to be on their backs. You’ll be able to back-stab them simply or simply sneak round.

In your proper, there will be a door. Contained in the room, there will be one other enemy on his again. Then, on the left, there will be an merchandise (a Pickled Turtle Neck). Earlier than amassing that, nevertheless, examine the blob above and assault it.

Return outdoors and observe the one path. You’ll be able to sneak your method ahead, avoiding the enemies and the black slimes.

Nevertheless, once you attain the tip of the street, there will be a much bigger enemy ready. Defeat it and climb the ladder on the left. Go round and open the chest with Twinblade Talisman.

Now, you may have to return just a few steps, to the bridge, and fall ahead a number of instances. First on a tower, then on a bit of land.

There might be Tarnished Golden Sunflowers and a Well being Scarab on this small space.

After beating the scarab, go to the fitting and leap. Maintain going till you attain the highest of a tower.

You have to go all the best way down from right here utilizing the open roof, however watch out; should you do the fallacious leap, you may lose HP and be at drawback with what lies under. As an alternative, it’s good to fall into each single plank – the primary one comprises a corpse with one Smithing Stone 2.

When you descend into the second single plank, use any ranged weapon you may have. There will be 5 rats under, and you may snipe those which can be close to.

After you attain the ground, you may discover a Whip on a corpse on one of many partitions.

Now get outdoors and switch left twice. You will discover the final Website of Grace in Fortress Morne.

Once you’re prepared, use the bridge. There will be one of many larger non-human enemies from earlier than and a flying one. They may appear to be sleeping, however they are going to get up as quickly as you go close to them.

Kill each of them and choose up the Throwing Daggers round. Then, go to the fitting and use the ladder to descend.

There is a method to keep away from the battle towards these two enemies – which is able to turn out to be helpful should you die on this final zone -, and it consists of falling from the bridge, everytime you need. You will not obtain injury, though I would attempt to miss leaping right into a jellyfish as a result of they are going to turn out to be hostile.

Once you’re under, on the water stage, go behind the constructing with the 2 enemies. You will discover a Somber Smithing Stone 1.

Warning: whilst you’re on this zone, please take note of the bottom. When you see any form of land, you’ll step on it. However it’s very straightforward to overlook and fall to your demise.

Return to the entrance of this constructing and go to the opposite one, on the left. You will discover small crabs chilling. Take just a few steps, nevertheless, and a large crab will seem from under the bottom. Beat it, observe the trail, and choose up 15 Hearth Arrows.

The one factor lacking now could be the boss, Leonine Misbegotten. Undergo the golden fog and defeat the beast. You will get the Grafted Blade Greatsword, 3800 runes, and a bronze trophy.

Upon getting settled on a beginning class and beginning Souvenir merchandise,

it is best to first work out the right way to stage up, the right way to respec and use Ashes of Battle.

Want some route from there? Our Elden Ring walkthrough and Elden Ring boss order may help with the place to go subsequent, however we additionally suggest looking down Golden Seeds, Sacred Tears, Crystal Tears, Talismans and a few of our greatest weapon and greatest armor selections.

In case you are approaching the tip recreation, we may help with the Volcano Manor quest and Rykard, Haligtree Secret Medallion places, fixing the Ordina, Liturgical City puzzle, the Millicent quest, Commander Niall, Morgott, Godskin Duo, Maliketh and Malenia.

How one can full Irina’s quest in Elden Ring

As soon as the boss is overwhelmed and also you get the blade, it’s good to communicate once more with Edgar to finish Irina’s quest in Elden Ring. Sadly, you may have to fast-travel to the primary Website of Grace of the fort – the one earlier than the elevator.

Repeat all of the instructions and meet Edgar on the similar actual spot. He tells you he’ll be again to his daughter.

Lastly, return to the Bridge of Sacrifice Website of Grace and head the place you met Irina for the primary time. You will discover his father right here. Nevertheless, she might be lifeless.

When you speak to Edgar, he’ll lament himself and let you know about his want for vengeance.

When you adopted this walkthrough appropriately, you may have acquired all its vital objects and accomplished Irina’s quest.

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