Elden Ring Commander Niall ideas and technique

Commander Niall is an non-compulsory boss in Elden Ring who will be present in Fort Sol at Mountaintops of the Giants.

You have to defeat him if you happen to’re seeking to get one half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion to be able to entry a secret late-game space, which is crucial to finishing each Latenna and Millicent’s questlines.

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The right way to put together for Commander Niall

Not solely is he a really hard-hitting human opponent with excessive defence, however he additionally summons two spectral knights at the beginning of the struggle.

It’s then extremely advisable that you just summon a spirit ash of your personal (you may summon different gamers too however remember that this raises the defence of Niall and his lackeys, which doesn’t occur with spirits).

Commander Niall is similar to one other non-compulsory boss, Commander O’Neill in Caelid’s Swamp of Aeonia, who it’s a must to struggle to progress Millicent’s quest.

Each assault with a halberd with enormous vary that may inflict elemental injury and standing illnesses and each summon different enemies into battle.

In the event you’ve fought O’Neill earlier you then’ll know what to anticipate, besides there’s no possibility so that you can get the soar on him first.

In addition to bodily robust assaults, Niall’s assaults can deal each lightning injury and frostbite.

In the event you’re to prioritise, frostbite is what it’s a must to be careful for because it not solely offers further injury when the standing gauge has been crammed, it then briefly lowers your injury absorption and stamina restoration.

Frost resistance is measured by the robustness stat. Equipping the Stalwart Horn Appeal Talisman or consuming the Flask of Wondrous Physick combined with Speckled Hardtear will assist enhance robustness, whereas you can too eat Thawfrost Boluses to alleviate frost buildup.

As a human enemy, Niall is weak to bleed injury so weapons like Bloodhound’s Fang might be very helpful for this struggle.

The Mimic Tear might be very useful on this struggle however so will spirit ashes that may make excellent tanks like Lhutel the Headless or Historic Dragon Knight Kristoff, who each bear nice shields.

Because you’re outnumbered to start with, spirit ashes that summon a number of spirits just like the Greatshield Troopers may also even the rating.

Whereas Niall is discovered close to the highest of Fort Sol, it is best to activate the carry close to the boss entrance in an effort to attain him from the Web site of Grace on the principal gate.

This may occasionally appear counterintuitive, however the Web site of Grace on the midpoint has extra annoying enemies en route who will comply with you all the way in which to the boss fog, and so they nonetheless poke via throughout the boss struggle, which dangers distracting your summoned spirit(s).

Commander Niall ideas: the way to beat Commander Niall

In the event you’ve already fought Commander O’Neill in Caelid, it is best to have an thought what to anticipate, although you’re in a smaller area and don’t have the aspect of shock.

Niall instantly summons two spectral knights to his aspect, one wielding two blades in every arm just like Banished Knight Oleg, whereas the opposite is supplied with a sword and protect.

Take this second to summon your personal spirit as nicely after which give attention to the knights. We advocate eliminating the dual-wielding knight first as he’ll go down faster.

The opposite knight could take longer on account of his protect, and he even has his personal frost-based assaults, however it’ll be alleviated in case your spirit takes him head on leaving his again uncovered to your assaults.

Niall shouldn’t be a lot of a risk at this stage however when each knights are gone, then he’ll correctly ramp as much as his second part.

You can even set off this part simply by attacking him to start with, at which level his knights will simply die, however it’s higher to get them out of the way in which first.

Whereas he’s a giant tanky boss with wide-ranging swings and thrusts, it’s doable to parry him and you may knock his poise with repeat assaults to stun him for a crucial riposte.

Getting the prospect to assault Niall is, nevertheless, a problem as a result of big selection of his halberd, whereas he may also take to the air to keep away from your assaults.

Extra annoyingly, it’s a must to take care of a blizzard whirlwind space of impact (AOE) he builds up round him, that means you may’t strategy him with out being inflicted with frost build-up.

Typically, this blizzard covers virtually your entire area supplying you with little house to work with. Ranged or magic casters may have some benefit right here by attacking exterior of this AOE vary, reminiscent of with the Sword of Evening and Flame’s night time comet.

His hard-hitting assaults imply that if he’s focusing in your spirit they won’t survive the struggle for very lengthy, however it is best to take any alternative for them to aggro him, however beware that even the swing of his halberd can catch you even if you happen to’re not approaching him head-on.

Protecting your distance is not going to do although as when he leaps within the air he’ll house in on you or one other ally, with a brief pause earlier than crashing to the bottom and releasing a lightning shockwave on impression, although this may be evaded with a well-timed dodge-roll.

In the event you’re pondering of casting a spell whereas he’s constructed up a frost whirlwind round him, you then additionally need to be careful as he can comply with by charging ahead then uppercutting you along with his halberd, which you can too dodge-roll away from.

When he’s not utilizing frost-based assaults he may also infuse his leg prosthetic with lightning after which stomp on the bottom to unleash a big AOE lightning assault, which will also be dodged with the correct timing.

Maybe essentially the most devastating transfer Niall has is a charge-up that sucks up the wind round him after which fires off three whirlwinds of frost at you, earlier than following up by charging at you from across the aspect for a devastating halberd uppercut.

In the event you handle to dodge the top of it, nevertheless, this may tire him out and go away him large open for a superb period of time so that you can simply lay into him.

After getting settled on a beginning class and beginning Memento merchandise,

it is best to first work out the way to degree up, the way to respec and use Ashes of Warfare.

Want some route from there? Our Elden Ring walkthrough and Elden Ring boss order may help with the place to go subsequent, however we additionally advocate searching down Golden Seeds, Sacred Tears, Crystal Tears, Talismans and a few of our greatest weapon and greatest armor selections.

If you’re approaching the top sport, we may help with the Volcano Manor quest and Rykard, Haligtree Secret Medallion places, fixing the Ordina, Liturgical City puzzle, the Millicent quest, Commander Niall, Morgott, Godskin Duo, Maliketh and Malenia.

Commander Niall reward

As soon as Commander Niall is defeated you’ll be rewarded with 90,000 runes in addition to Veteran’s Prosthesis, a fist weapon with lightning injury.

Extra importantly, the trail might be open so that you can retrieve the left half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, required to take the key path to achieve the Consecrated Snowfield and Miquella’s Haligtree.

Whether or not you determine to make your manner again to the Grand Carry of Rold to take action or proceed again on the story crucial path, you’re close to the top of the sport at this level – so that you’re in for a tricky time wherever you go.

Good luck!

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