Do Bobcats Make Good Pets? What You Have to Know!

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Increasingly more, we see folks in search of uncommon, unique pets. Whether or not it’s as a result of they’re uninterested in the traditional canine and cat choices, or they’re in search of social media clout and a spotlight, many individuals discover themselves trying to find irregular pets. This has led to an uptick in folks buying pets that shouldn’t be pets within the first place and that aren’t authorized to personal in lots of areas.

Due to the rise of social media, our every day lives have gotten inundated with cute movies of those uncommon pets residing their finest lives. There’s a video that floats round infrequently of a bobcat making “biscuits” on a pillow. It’s an lovable video that actually catches your consideration, however is it really a good suggestion to maintain a bobcat as a pet? The reply isn’t any. Hold studying to seek out out why.

  • Disclaimer: Pet Eager doesn’t endorse the follow of holding bobcats or different wild animals as pets. This text is for informative functions solely.


Do Bobcats Make Good Pets?

Some folks argue that bobcats could make nice pets for the suitable house, however when it comes all the way down to it, they’re wild animals. Bobcats aren’t home cats and being stored as a home pet can create a tense and downright harmful setting. Lots of the movies we see of untamed animals doing cute issues are movies of animals which can be within the care of rehabs and rescues. These amenities typically absorb wild animals that have been inappropriately stored as pets, so now they’ll’t be let out into the wild, though the proprietor doesn’t need the animal anymore.

Bobcat eating
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Wild Animals Don’t Belong in a Residence

Whereas bobcats could also be affectionate, fascinating pets when hand raised from a really younger age, they’re nonetheless wild animals. Consider all of the interactions you’ve gotten with home pets that will go rather a lot in a different way if a wild animal have been concerned. Once you stroll via the home and by accident kick your cat, they normally run away. Should you catch your canine consuming your dinner, they sulk out of the room as you scold them. Nevertheless, even the tamest wild animal will reply in a different way. Should you by accident kick your pet bobcat, you may develop into the topic of a vicious assault. Should you attempt to pull your pet bobcat out of your plate of meals, you may out of the blue be nose to nose with a wild animal that feels prefer it wants to guard that treasured useful resource.

Cats and canine have been domesticated for about 10,000 and 11,000 years, respectively. That’s a actually very long time the place selective breeding has been at play to develop the pets we all know and love as we speak. Should you get a wild animal that may be a second or third technology domesticated animal, or a wild-caught animal, then you might be coping with a wild animal. You might be coping with a handful of years of domestication, on the most. You might be coping with an animal that hasn’t had undesirable qualities in a pet bred out of it. In relation to bobcats, you’re coping with about 30 kilos of offended enamel and claws in case you make a mistaken transfer.

bobcat by the water in the wild
Picture Credit score: Marg Strickland, Pixabay

Main Security Considerations

Clearly, none of this has even taken into consideration the hazard that these animals pose to youngsters, guests, and home pets. Even bobcats which were hand reared should still see small animals or youngsters as a menace or prey. Kids particularly have a tough sufficient time understanding correct interactions with animals, particularly if there isn’t vital grownup oversight when youngsters and pets are collectively. This results in youngsters being harm or maimed by docile home animals. Think about what a wild animal may do to a toddler.

Is it Authorized to Hold a Bobcat as a Pet?

The reply to that query is absolutely depending on the place you reside. Some states enable for the possession of untamed animals, like bobcats. Some require possession to happen exterior of metropolis limits or solely enable for wild animal possession with permits and licenses. Some states flat out ban the possession of bobcats exterior of rescue and rehab amenities and licensed zoos, like Connecticut and Illinois. Though it’s extremely unadvisable to aim to maintain a bobcat as a pet, if you’re trying to take action, it’s necessary that you just examine your state legal guidelines. If you find yourself illegally proudly owning an animal like a bobcat, then you definitely may be topic to excessive fines and even jail time if caught, and your bobcat could also be rehomed to a rescue or destroyed.


In Conclusion

In relation to bobcats, they’re finest left within the wild. They might appear cute and cuddly, however their wild nature and instincts may cause them to activate a dime, even in probably the most mild house. Bobcats needs to be handled with respect and given area. Within the wild, bobcats, actively keep away from people. In search of out bobcats can result in pointless stress for the animals and hazard to you. Preserving a bobcat as a pet is setting the animal as much as fail and also you to doubtlessly be in a nasty scenario the place somebody or one thing was injured or killed by the wild animal you selected to maintain as a pet.

Featured Picture Credit score: Eszter Miller, Pixabay

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