Deltarune Chapter 2 – Genocide route: Methods to full bizarre route and defeat Spamton NEO defined

The Genocide route – also called the Bizarre or Snowgrave route – is the hidden route in Deltarune Chapter 2.

Unlocking this route includes finishing quite a lot of particular steps, however, for those who resolve to get lost from the world of ethics, there’s some fascinating plot implications and a battle towards Spamton NEO ready for you.

Beneath you will uncover methods to begin and full the Geoncide route in Deltarune Chapter 2 – simply remember that this web page is filled with spoilers!

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Methods to begin the Genocide route in Deltarune Chapter 2

To begin the Genocide route, also called the Werid or Snowgrave route, in Deltarune Chapter 2 it’s important to wait till you have teamed up with Noelle within the Cyber Metropolis.

You can begin the Genocide route as soon as Noelle joins your celebration.

Not like Undertale, you do not have to kill each enemy you encounter earlier than this level, however you’ll be able to for those who actually need that homicide vibe. Although, regardless of which route you resolve to take, you’ll by no means be capable of kill Candy Cap’n Truffles.

We suggest stocking up on therapeutic gadgets from Candy Cap’n Truffles at their store within the Cyber Subject earlier than beginning the Snowgrave route, as a result of, as soon as you have began strolling down this path, the store in Cyber Store will not be open.

You should buy CD Bagels from their store.

It is also a good suggestion to finish the traditional route for Deltarune Chapter 2 first, so that you already know the structure of Cyber Metropolis.

Genocide route in Deltrarune Chapter 2 defined

Your first step to finishing the Genocide route, additionally known as the Bizarre or Snowgrave route, in Deltarune Chapter 2 is to backtrack to the Trash Subject – the primary space you visited in Cyber Metropolis. Noelle will touch upon the way you’re heading the fallacious method, however ignore her and proceed on.

Selections do not matter in spite of everything.

Upon leaving the world the place you crew up with Noelle, you will encounter a Virovirokun and it is right here the place the Genocide route really begins.

This route’s first twist is that it is not Kris who will probably be doing the murdering, however Noelle. To attain this, we suggest making Kris defend in each flip or each match, as a result of this gives you the TP required for Noelle’s Iceshock spell.

Rise your TP, so Noelle can use Iceshock.

Noelle should use Iceshock on each enemy you encounter till they’re frozen stable and the battle ends. The enemy will then be frozen on the overworld display screen too, serving to you retain observe of which of them you have encountered.


The Genocide route will probably be aborted for those who defeat any enemy utilizing Kris or spare them, so it is best to have Noelle as your sole fighter.

We additionally suggest visiting the Equip menu, eradicating Noelle’s Silver Watch and reequipping it onto Kris. Doing so will unlock some fascinating dialogue later one, so do not take away it!

Keep in mind to offer Kris the Silver Watch.

If you return to the world the place Susie and Ralesi left, you will discover a Poppups hiding beneath a cone. Persevering with on, previous the trash pile you landed in, you will discover one other Virovirokun and a Werewire. You may, from some further dialogue, attempt to enter Spamton’s store, however this is not required.

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Again observe to seek out the entire enemies.

With these enemies frozen stable, return to the world the place you first met Noelle. Alongside the best way, you will encounter an Ambyu-Lane on the primary street and a Tasque on the second.

You’ll nonetheless have to resolve the primary mouse puzzle, however the answer stays the identical as a standard route via Deltarune Chapter 2 – push the block down as soon as after which to the best.

The place to position the block for the primary mouse puzzle.

With this puzzle accomplished, proceed on via the town, utilizing Noelle to freeze the 2 Ambyu-Lance you encounter. You’ll then attain two extra roads – on one you will discover a Virovirokun and a Werewire on the opposite.

After crossing these roads, you will attain the world persevering with the Ferris Wheel billboard. First, nonetheless, Noelle must freeze the Virovirokun and Ambyu-Lane. With these enemies trapped in freezing torment, now you can work together with the billboard and, when prompted, choose ‘I’ll experience with you’ and ‘Noelle will experience with me.’

Select these dialogue choices.

Subsequent, go to the shopkeeper on the right-hand facet of this space; be sure you’ve frozen the entire enemies on this space first although. When speaking to the shopkeeper, choose the proper dialogue prompts, as a result of, for those who do not, the Genocide route will probably be aborted.

Discuss to the shopkeeper and, when the time comes, choose the choice ‘We’re one thing else.’ As soon as this dialog ends, attempt to stroll away from the shopkeeper to make him give you the FreezeRing. Now you merely have to repeatedly choose ‘Get it’ when prompted, till Noelle does as she’s advised.

The FreezeRing will now be in your Weapons Stock and, earlier than progressing additional, it’s essential to go to the Equip menu to exchange Noelle’s SnowRing with the FreezeRing.

Equip the FreezeRing the second Noelle will get it for you.

Subsequent, proceed on via the town and, when the choice arises, choose the dialogue choice, ‘It is pure.’

Within the subsequent space, you will encounter a set of Tasques who will attempt to run away from you. Hunt them down. Different enemies will now attempt to keep away from Kris and Noelle, however they’re all straightforward to catch.

Within the part of the town previous the save level, you will discover a Werewire on the topmost path and one other Virovirokun within the backside nook close to the chest.

Discover these enemies and freeze them.

After leaving this space, you will end up on the final two roads in Cyber Metropolis. In the event you’ve been following the Snowgrave route accurately, then there will not be any automobiles on the street, permitting you to discover them freely.

The very first thing it’s essential to do on this space is freeze the Ambyu-Lances on the primary street and the Virovirokun, together with the Tasques on this battle, on the second. After this, head to the underside of the second street the place you will discover an alleyway on the left-hand facet of the street.

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Head down this alleyway.

Strolling to the very finish of this alleyway will carry you to a dead-end and a dumpster. Interacting with the dumpster will result in a mysterious voice informing you of what number of enemies are left to be frozen in Cyber Metropolis.

In the event you’ve been following the Snowgrave route accurately, the voice will inform you that there are 4 enemies left. If this quantity is increased, then it’s essential to do some backtracking to seek out the enemies you have been lacking.

Maintain the situation of this dumpster in thoughts, since you’ll be returning to it later. For now, nonetheless, it’s essential to proceed shifting via the town.

The following space incorporates the second mouse puzzle and Noelle will helpfully clear up it for you so long as you retain choosing ‘Proceed.’

Past this puzzle you will encounter two units of Maice, which, like all continuing them, have to be frozen.

Noelle will clear up the following puzzle with out prompting and, within the space past it, you will discover a Poppup hiding beneath a garbage can within the prime right-hand nook. The final enemies which want defeating are the Poppups within the backside left-hand nook.

Discover the ultimate Poppups.

With these enemies defeated, you now want to go again to that dumpster and choose ‘Sure’ twice to obtain the ThornRing. Subsequent, head into the Equip menu and provides Noelle the ThornRing, earlier than travelling ahead via Cyber Metropolis till you attain Berdly.

When speaking to Berdly, be sure you choose ‘Proceed,’ as a result of the opposite choice will abort the Genocide route.

Like in a standard run of Deltarune Chapter 2, you will now end up in a battle with Berdly. It is vital to notice that, because of the ThornRing, Noelle’s well being will drop all through the battle, but it surely ought to cease at 55.

For this battle, it’s essential to attain 100 TP, which is finished by having each Kris and Noelle defend and grazing Berdly’s assaults. Don’t be concerned if this takes you many turns!

Attempt to graze a few of Berdly’s assaults.

As soon as you have reached 100 TP, choose the Snowgrave spell from Noelle’s magic menu. She is going to, at first, refuse to make use of the transfer, however carry on choosing it till she relents!

Congratulations – you have now effectively and really set on the Genocide route! Now you’ll be able to benefit from the modifications you have wrought upon your self…

Spamton NEO in Deltarune Chapter 2 defined

Strolling down the Genocide route in Deltarune Chapter 2 not solely modifications your relationship with Noelle, however your journey via the Queen’s Fort as effectively.

Not like the traditional route, you will start this journey within the lobby of the fortress, however the butler’s cafe and nearly all of the staircases will probably be blocked. Although you’ll be able to head down the right-hand hall for some further dialogue.

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You continue to want to achieve the highest of the fortress, so head up the open stairwell and discover the open flooring. Alongside the best way, you will encounter new enemies known as Pipis, which can assault you as soon as and, in doing so, destroy themselves. Additionally, you will have a compulsory battle with Mauswheel and Tasque Supervisor, alongside two Tasques. There may be additionally an elective battle with a Werewerewire.


The Genocide route culminates with a troublesome boss battle towards Spamton NEO, so be sure you fill up on CD Bagels earlier than the battle.

It is unimaginable to spare Spamton NEO, so it’s essential to defeat him via violence. The easiest way to do that is to spend your TP on X-Slash, which will be discovered within the Acts menu and offers extra injury than an everyday assault. Alongside X-Slash, you will discover FriedPipis which restores 120 HP and is nice for emergency heals.

Throughout Spamton NEO’s assaults, your coronary heart will flip yellow and you can shoot bullets from it. Holding down the Z button can even mean you can cost larger, extra highly effective, bullets – an enormous shot one might say.

Do not you wish to be an enormous shot?

In every assault spherical you employ the bullets to battle off Spamton NEO – this might be destroying incoming Pips, pushing again Spamton NEO in his cellphone kind or destroying the blue floating variations of his face earlier than they assault you.

These bullets may also be used to destroy Spamton NEO’s nostril, eyes and mouth when he assaults you face on, which can make a later assault spherical far simpler to finish.

When Spamton NEO is right down to 10% well being, he’ll increase his defence to such a level it’s going to make attacking pointless. As an alternative, it’s essential to head the assault menu and name upon your numerous celebration members 5 instances till one arrives that can assist you.

In the event you’re having hassle defeating Spamton NEO and enjoying Deltarune Chapter 2 on both PC or Mac, there may be, fortunately, a glitch you’ll be able to exploit.

By holding down X and urgent Enter, you can repeatedly fireplace the Massive Shot with out having to cost it. Toby Fox has been very sort to us and never disabled this glitch, however has, with the 1.06 patch, allowed Spamton NEO to fume when this glitch has been activated. An act which can trigger the injury you obtain from him to extend.

He is fuming.

Fortunately, this elevated injury will reset for those who lose the battle, so you’ll be able to at all times use this glitch to scout Spamton NEO’s assault patterns earlier than defeating him by yourself phrases.

As soon as Spamton NEO is defeated, you will be returned to Hometown. Sure issues, nonetheless, will probably be completely different due to you finishing a genocide route – we suggest checking in with Berdly and visiting Rudolph within the hospital.

Hope the Genocide route is an expertise.

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