Darkish Souls 3 – Estus Shard places

Upgrading your Estus Flask and bonfire via using Shards is essential for survival within the Kingdom of Lothric, and that will help you in your approach there are eleven Estus Shards and ten Bone Shards to be discovered as you progress. Some are tucked in out of the best way places and others in areas that require dispatching an enemy horde, however the detours and further fights are value your time – having that one final shot of therapeutic energy may make the distinction between success and failure. Learn on for the way to discover the Estus Shards – for those who’re on the lookout for the Bone Shards, jump over to our Darkish Souls 3 Bone Shards location information.

Estus Shard places

Firelink Shrine

This one is effectively hidden, and in addition requires an funding of Souls to achieve entry to the world. By the Key to the Tower for 20,000 Souls, and head to the higher proper walkway of the shrine to find the tower. Open the door and make your approach up till you attain a bridge with a roof under. Drop down and cross to the far facet and you will find the Shard nestled in an archway.

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Excessive Wall of Lothric

From the Tower on the Wall bonfire, head down the steps into the tower and down the ladder. Head out via the archway and onto the roof, and the down the ladder on the far proper. Head via the archway on the backside of the ladder, cope with the knight, and exit the opposite facet of the room. Observe the passage alongside and to the suitable to a big open room – the shard is positioned in the course of the room, so both do a smash and seize or take your time to cope with the opponents.

Foot of the Excessive Wall

After you cross via the primary constructing from the Undead Settlement bonfire you may discover an open space with a big bonfire in. Defeat sufficient of the assortment of enemies to present your self some respiratory room after which seize the Shard from the bottom of the fireplace.

Street of Sacrifices

From the Crucifixion Wooden bonfire head beneath the arch between the 2 buildings forward and comply with the trail to the left. You will must make it previous a few largish enemies in your approach, and the Shard is tucked away on the finish.

Cathedral of the Deep

As you head up the brief flight of steps in the direction of the graveyard from the Cleaning Chapel bonfire you may cross 4 enemies praying round an obelisk – the shard is positioned on a corpse on the base.

Farron Preserve

In the course of the marshy space is a collapsed tower subsequent to a small fireplace, and subsequent to the bottom of the tower is a corpse holding a Shard.

Catacombs of Carthus

From the Demon Ruins bonfire head down the steps. Flip proper, make your option to the tip of the room, flip left into the hall, and bounce throughout the hole on the finish to search out one other Shard.

Irithyll Dungeon

From the Dungeon bonfire head down the hall and switch proper. For those who’ve beforehand collected the Jailer’s Keys you possibly can open the door on the finish and drop right down to the platform under, however for those who’ve not but collected them you may need to go the good distance – cross the slender bridge to the left, flip proper on the opposite facet, cross via the collapsed cell, head down the steps, flip left, and comply with the trail till you find yourself outdoors. Whichever route you took to get right here, the following Shard is contained within the Mimic to the suitable as you cross via the arch forward.

Anor Londo

This shard will be discovered contained in the cathedral that stands between the bonfire and the Aldrich boss combat, in a chest reverse the lever you utilize to open the principle doorways.

Lothric Fort

After defeating the Dancer of the Boreal Valley head up the ladder and switch left. Struggle the knight on the finish of the stone walkway and get on the elevator. Bounce off onto the ledge about half approach down and head proper to search out one other Shard.

Grand Archives

From the Grand Archives bonfire, head as much as the roof and make your option to the massive domed roof. Flip proper simply earlier than the steps on the roof and comply with it spherical till you discover a hole between two stone pillars – the shard is on a corpse on the balcony forward.

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