Crimson Useless Redemption 2 Jack Corridor Gang Treasure Map areas

The Crimson Useless Redemption 2 Jack Corridor Gang Treasure Maps is an non-compulsory side-quest you’ll be able to decide up early on within the recreation.

Beginning by discovering one of many Strangers, the path you lead you to 3 maps and a wide range of areas, and offer you varied rewards alongside the best way, in addition to progressing one among your many Challenges.

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The best way to begin the Jack Corridor Gang Treasure Map quest

The Jack Corridor Gang Treasure Map quest might be began just about as quickly as you start Chapter 2, the place the sport begins to open up.

Doing so is not going to solely offer you an excuse to discover the wilderness and degree up your Explorer Problem progress, however offer you plenty of rewards (a Pearl Necklace, $15 in money and within the closing stage, two Gold Bars value $500 every).

In Chapter 2, you’ll find a Stranger location on some cliffs west of Flatrock Station and north of the railroad.

This explorer will promote you the primary Jack Corridor Gang Treasure Map for $10 – fairly good worth for the quantity you will get in the long run.

You possibly can, after all, resolve to say no and rob him – we determined to pay the cash, however the name is finally yours.

Nonetheless you resolve to get the map, you’ll be able to then progress to the primary location.

Jack Corridor Gang Treasure Map 1 location

Have a look at the map by opening your satchel (maintain proper on the D-Pad, then Paperwork) to see buildings on the backside and a few rocks above.

The city is Valentine, and the rocks are Caliban’s Seat, to the south of the city:

Method Caliban’s Seat from the south-east, the place you’ll be able to climb up on foot.

Progress alongside the plateau and you may come to a camp on the suitable. Simply earlier than that, the mountain high slopes right down to the suitable. Progress down there.

Go alongside the cliff edge till you come to a spot, in addition to a taller rock. You have to run and soar (press Sq. or X on Xbox) to leap, and the identical button to vault over.

On the finish of this cliff is a crevice within the wall you’ll be able to search. Doing so gives you a Pearl Necklace, which you’ll promote at a Fence, and the Jack Corridor Gang Treasure Map 2.

Jack Corridor Gang Treasure Map 2 location

Jack Corridor Gang Treasure Map 2 exhibits a number of geysers. These are positioned at Cotorra Springs, which is within the far north of the map (simply north of Fort Wallace, which needs to be in your map:

If you get there, you wish to stand within the second ‘O’ or Cotorra. Right here is the place you will note a circle of cairns, with the three geysers on the map to the north-east:

Stand on the rock formation closest to those geysers (it is the one with the flat high) and you need to get a immediate to look.

Doing so nets you $15, and Jack Corridor Gang Treasure Map 3. Nearly there!

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Jack Corridor Gang Treasure Map 3 location

Jack Corridor Gang Treasure Map 3 factors to an island with a trio of mountains behind it. That is O’Creagh’s Run, a lake within the north-east of the map.

It is just about immediately north of Emerald Ranch and Emerald Station, should you’ve reached these areas already.

When you’re on the lake, it is easy to identify the placement it is suggesting:

Swim over there, and on the south-east grass-covered facet of the island, you’ll be able to uncover a rock. Search it.

Doing so reveals the treasure – two Gold Bars. These might be offered for $500 every at a Fence, making this side-quest a fairly profitable exercise.

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