COVID-19 vaccines aren’t referred to as ‘Luciferase’

CLAIM: COVID-19 vaccines are referred to as Luciferase, have the patent quantity 060606 and are available from a digital program referred to as Inferno.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. COVID-19 vaccines aren’t named Luciferase, nor do they include an enzyme often called luciferase. As a substitute, that light-producing enzyme has been utilized in some COVID-19 analysis. The patent utility and digital program talked about in viral posts aren’t associated to COVID-19 vaccines.

THE FACTS: A protein utilized in some COVID-19 vaccine analysis is stirring up bogus conspiracy theories on social media as widespread posts declare the innocent enzyme luciferase has satanic associations.

“Are you going to get the shot referred to as LUCIFERASE with a patent quantity 060606 and digital program referred to as INFERNO????” learn a viral publish on Fb. 

“The CV-19 VAXX has LUCIFERASE (Lucifer Race) DNA in it,” an Instagram person wrote. “You’ll free your salvation eternally!!!”

The posts misrepresent the enzyme, which is accountable for bioluminescence in some organisms. Luciferase just isn’t an ingredient in any of the COVID-19 vaccines.

As a substitute, luciferase is a generic time period for a bunch of enzymes that set off the oxidation of chemical compounds referred to as luciferins, producing a visual glow. The enzyme interacts with luciferins in fireflies, inflicting them to mild up. 

The phrase luciferase has roots within the Latin phrase lucifer, that means light-bearing. So, whereas it has an analogous identify to the fallen angel in many spiritual tales, the one connection between luciferase and Lucifer is the origins of their names.

Whereas luciferase just isn’t present in COVID-19 vaccines, the enzyme has been utilized in some COVID-19 analysis, as its potential to launch mild might help scientists visually observe how viruses and vaccines have an effect on cells. On the College of Texas Medical Department at Galveston, luciferase has helped velocity up diagnostic COVID-19 testing, as a result of it permits researchers to see the presence of antibodies extra rapidly than they might utilizing different strategies. On the College of South Florida Faculty of Public Well being, luciferase helped researchers see how nicely a coronavirus proxy invaded cells, and which cells have been most susceptible.

Of their makes an attempt to forged luciferase as diabolical and anti-Christian, social media customers additionally referenced a patent with the quantity 060606 and a “digital program referred to as Inferno.”

There’s no likelihood any U.S. patent for a COVID-19 vaccine would precisely match the quantity 060606, as a result of U.S. patent numbers have contained eight digits ever because the nation issued its 10 millionth patent in 2018.

A few of the social media posts tried to hyperlink the COVID-19 vaccines to an worldwide patent utility filed with the World Mental Property Group by Microsoft Expertise Licensing, LLC. That patent has the quantity WO2020060606, which incorporates 060606. However the utility consists of no point out of vaccines or injection, as a substitute coping with a cryptocurrency system that makes use of physique exercise information. What’s extra, the patent utility was filed in June 2019, lengthy earlier than COVID-19 started its international unfold.

As for a digital program referred to as Inferno, an web search revealed no program associated to COVID-19 vaccines by that identify. Some social media customers spreading false claims in regards to the coronavirus talked about an working system referred to as Inferno created within the Nineteen Nineties by Lucent Applied sciences. There’s no foundation for the declare that the working system has something to do with COVID-19 immunizations.


That is a part of The Related Press’ ongoing effort to fact-check misinformation that’s shared extensively on-line, together with work with Fb to establish and cut back the circulation of false tales on the platform.

Right here’s extra data on Fb’s fact-checking program: https://www.fb.com/assist/1952307158131536   

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