Community Health Nursing

Community health nurses play a crucial role in providing healthcare services to patients in society. Additionally, they provide community members with education on how to maintain their health status and decrease their prevalence of diseases and sickness-related deaths (Clark, 2015). The nurses organize educational forums, issue fliers, carry out health screenings, provide immunization services, as well as dispensing medications (Clark, 2015). Moreover, nurses provide community members with health-related items such as pregnancy test kits and condoms. Examples of health concerns addressed by community health nurses include obesity, smoking, poor nutrition, teen pregnancy, and substance abuse (Clark, 2015). Community health nurses offer their services in schools, community health centers, government health facilities, hospitals, and clinics. They are essential in areas with limited healthcare accessibility since they can reach isolated urban areas and other remote places (Clark, 2015). In essence, community health nurses act as a link between communities and the higher healthcare providers, and thus it is impossible to overlook their relevance in the public healthcare sector.

Several stakeholders participate in promoting and implementing community health services. They include healthcare organizations like federal health centers, hospitals, and other public health agencies (Clark, 2015). In some regions, private sector players such as community-based groups, academia, and education sector, public safety, philanthropy, business organizations, housing, planning and land use, justice, transport agencies, and faith-based organizations join these traditional health partners (Clark, 2015). These partners deploy their distinct capabilities and access resources necessary to serve several roles in a community-based solution for healthcare equity. For instance, a partner like a congregation or public health agency can act as the convener of partnerships as sources of information and analyses, a funder, or any of the roles mentioned above (Clark, 2015). As philanthropy plus, other supporters take part in acts, and healthcare interventions addressing underlying sources of health problems, innovative concepts from private entities serve to address health inequity. 

The American Psychiatric Nurse Association (APNA)

            The APNA has grown significantly as the largest professional membership organization that dedicates its efforts to specialty practice. The association provides care and treatment for individuals with psychiatric disorders, specializing in promoting the wellness of psychiatric-mental health (PMH) and the prevention of mental health problems. The APNA Board of Directors formulates the organization’s strategic direction, which is also informed by the membership. It offers continuing health nursing education in psychiatric-mental health. The APNA’s advocacy role entails developing positions on key issues and sharing of knowledge and developments relevant to PMH nursing. The organization collaborates with consumer groups to promote research-based developments in the management of mental and substance use disorders.

The American Nurses Association: ANA Enterprise

            The American Nurses Association, the American Nurses Foundation, and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) constitute the ANA Enterprise family of companies. The association is committed to excellent practice and ensures policy leaders, employers, and industry actors recognize the voices and vision of the nurses. ANA Enterprise equips the nurses with information, tools, and networks through professional development, financial aid, credentialing, and advocacy. The organization helps the members succeed across all specialties and practices and career stages, thus plays the role of a leader for professional success. It recognizes the critical role nurses play in the U.S. through engaging with members, consumers, and thought leaders on how to promote nursing excellence.


Clark, M. J. (2015). Community health nursing. Prentice Hall.

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