Cashmere Lop Rabbit: Information, Lifespan, Traits & Care (with Photos)


The Cashmere Lop rabbit is a home breed that’s identified for its smaller, compact physique. These rabbits are very muscular regardless of their small dimension. They’re a number of the sturdiest home rabbits accessible, making them appropriate pets for first-time homeowners.

They’ve lop ears, as their title suggests, which suggests their ears grasp down. They’re lovable, fluffy rabbits, which is without doubt one of the causes they’re pretty common.divider-rabbitpaw1

Fast Information Concerning the Cashmere Lop Rabbit

Species Identify: Cashmere Lop
Household: Leporids
Care Stage: Reasonable
Temperament: Pleasant
Coloration Type: Many
Lifespan: 8 years
Dimension: 4-5 kilos
Weight loss program: Hay, veggies, fruits, and pellets
Minimal Cage Dimension: 12’ x 12
Cage Set-Up: Meals bowl, hay rack, water, litter field
Compatibility: Different rabbits, non-predator animals

Cashmere Lop Rabbit Overview

This home bunny is a more recent breed that was first developed by Miss Turner in Wales. She found this new breed of rabbit within the nest of a Dwarf Lop. The kits had longer, thicker coats than the others. She collected a few of these kits in 1980 and commenced a breeding program, which finally led to the Cashmere Lop rabbit that we’ve right this moment.

After six years, the Cashmere Lop rabbit started to achieve in recognition. It grew to become a part of reveals within the mid-Nineteen Nineties and the breed grew to become extra standardized. The Nationwide Cashmere Lop Membership was then based, which led to additional standardization. Ten years later, the Cashmere Miniature was bred and was standardized as nicely.

How A lot Do Cashmere Lop Rabbits Price?

Like most rabbits, Cashmere Lops should not notably costly. Most personal breeders will cost round $40. These breeders are sometimes the very best supply for rabbits, as they supply applicable well being care and monitoring of all of the kits. Usually, this produces more healthy rabbits that make higher household pets.

If the breeder breeds present rabbits, they could be extra standardized as nicely, which suggests they’ll extra carefully match all of the matters we talk about on this article.

Pet shops, county gala’s, and 4-H rabbits are sometimes cheaper, averaging at solely $20. Nonetheless, it’s tough to know the way a lot care these rabbits have acquired, which can imply that they’re unhealthy or not used to being dealt with.


Typical Conduct & Temperament

These rabbits have been bred to be household pets over a few years. They’ve been domesticated for a very long time, and are due to this fact appropriate household pets. They get together with adults and older youngsters, although they could be a bit too skittish for babies. Additionally it is not unusual for smaller youngsters to unintentionally injure them, even supposing they’re fairly hardy rabbits.

Cashmere Lop rabbits are pretty participating and good. They’re very pleasant and luxuriate in enjoying and spending time with their folks. They’re conscious of care and a focus, which is why they’re typically thought of one of many higher household rabbits. They are going to acknowledge folks and greet people.

These rabbits may even be taught just a few methods and acknowledge their very own title. It isn’t a matter of whether or not they’re good sufficient to do one thing typically, however whether or not you’ll be able to inspire them sufficient to do it. In contrast to canines, most rabbits aren’t notably food-motivated, which may make most types of coaching tough.

Look and Varieties

Cashmere Lop rabbits are identified for his or her compact, thick our bodies. They’re muscular little rabbits. Their chest is broad, and their rump is muscular. Their lop ears are fairly furry and thick. They’re stronger and extra muscular than you may count on.

Their coat is thick and silky. Their fur can measure as much as a few inches lengthy, however it’s not wooly by any means. They’ve an undercoat and a topcoat. They don’t want a lot grooming, in contrast to different breeds which have longer fur. Once they attain puberty, some rabbits could start to develop mats, and can must be groomed equally to canines.

Cashmere Lops don’t are available any particular varieties. Nonetheless, they do are available many various colours. Actually, these bunnies can are available virtually any colour a rabbit can are available.


How one can Take Care of Cashmere Lop Rabbits

Habitat, Tank Circumstances & Setup

Your rabbit will want a safe cage the place it might spend most of its time. Whereas these rabbits do love hanging out with their family and friends, they shouldn’t be allowed to roam the home with out supervision. You need to use both an indoor enclosure or an out of doors hutch.

In case you go for an out of doors hutch, you need to be sure that it’s waterproof and in a position to stand up to the climate. It must be positioned in an space that’s not in direct daylight or wind. For indoor hutches, you’ll be able to prepare your rabbit to make use of a litter tray. The hutch must be made from wooden, as wire can hurt your rabbit’s ft and trigger severe infections.

Your rabbit’s hutch must be saved clear and be stocked with contemporary water always.

Do Cashmere Lop Rabbits Get Together with Different Pets?

As prey animals, these rabbits normally go away everybody else alone. They do completely tremendous with most species. Nonetheless, it’s extra of a difficulty of the rabbit turning into injured by different animals that see them as prey. They shouldn’t be allowed round canines or something of that kind.

Moreover, rabbits generally is a bit territorial. That is extra of a persona factor. Some rabbits are completely tremendous hanging round different rabbits, whereas others would like to not. Often, the rabbits that get alongside the very best are these which are saved collectively from a really younger age. Due to this fact, if you wish to preserve a number of rabbits, we advocate adopting two kits collectively.

Picture credit score: Antonio_CSI, Shutterstock


What to Feed Your Cashmere Lop Rabbit

Cashmere Lops have related dietary necessities to most different rabbits. They need to eat principally high-quality hay, which must be made accessible typically. Hay helps cut back blockages and hairballs, which may often be lethal. Lucerne hay shouldn’t be supplied, as it’s wealthy and may trigger digestive issues. Nonetheless, most different kinds of hay are completely appropriate.

On high of a daily food plan of hay, your rabbit must also eat rabbit-specific pellets. These are stuffed with all of the nutritional vitamins and vitamins your rabbit wants. It is very important buy pellets which are made for rabbits particularly, because the seeds, dried fruit, corn, and nuts present in some mixes might be fattening and are completely pointless. Select a well-formulated pellet model as an alternative.

You must also feed your rabbit a wide range of wholesome veggies and fruits. Many alternative types of greens and fruits are appropriate for rabbits. Be sure you feed them a big selection in order that they eat many various nutritional vitamins and minerals. Rabbits have a candy tooth, however they need to be fed berries and related fruits solely often.

Protecting Your Cashmere Lop Rabbit Wholesome

Cashmere Lop rabbits are fairly hardy. Like most different breeds, their enamel develop repeatedly. Because of this, they need to be given loads of hay and fibrous inexperienced veggies to assist put on their enamel down – similar to they’d be naturally within the wild. Overgrown enamel might be uncomfortable and can result in different well being issues, a few of which might be lethal.

Your rabbit must be saved at a wholesome weight. Obese rabbits can develop all types of issues, a lot of that are lethal. For instance, if the rabbit can not groom themselves appropriately, they’ll develop infections. Obese rabbits additionally put pointless stress on their ft, which may trigger joint and ft issues.

Improper feeding may cause digestive issues, like diarrhea. Diarrhea might be very harmful in rabbits because of the excessive quantity of water loss. In these conditions, it is very important be sure that your rabbit is correctly rehydrating.


Breeding rabbits is an enormous duty and will take extra work than you’d like. Usually talking, you’ll need to attend for the rabbits to turn into mature. Lop rabbits could attain maturity at an early age, however they shouldn’t be bred till they’re not less than 6 months previous. Youthful rabbits don’t make nice moms and could also be negatively impacted by giving start earlier.

Nonetheless, later isn’t at all times higher. Rabbits that aren’t bred by the point they’re one-year-old could also be at the next danger for issues. There’s a candy spot in between.

Usually, it’s endorsed to solely breed pedigreed rabbits to lower the possibility of start defects. These rabbits have a registered ancestry and traits, serving to be sure that the kits produced are additionally wholesome.

In contrast to their status, rabbits should not able to breed on a regular basis. Even with the right pair and the right age, the doe could merely not be “within the temper” on a regular basis. It is best to plan on introducing the rabbits to one another a number of occasions earlier than breeding really takes place. Correct breeding not often occurs on the primary introduction. Rabbits should not have warmth cycles. They ovulate after breeding. Due to this fact, they’ll technically be bred at any time when – however the doe does must be within the temper.

Determining whether or not or not the doe is pregnant is a matter of ready – similar to with folks. You have to to attend for about two weeks, which is across the time infants might be felt via palpitating. This takes a little bit of persistence and follow, although. In any other case, you’ll need to attend till there’s weight achieve, which is an honest signal that there are infants on the best way.

Rabbits are normally pregnant for 28-34 days, although they virtually at all times give start on the 31st day. A nesting field must be supplied round day 26 in order that the doe has time to get comfy. There are a lot of nesting packing containers on the market, together with metallic ones and DIY wood choices. It is best to select one that’s simply sufficiently big for the doe to show round in. It’s a cozy den, not a spot the place the doe ought to spend a lot time.

Fill the field with hay and wooden shavings. The doe will instinctively pull out a few of her fur to maintain the infants heat. This doesn’t damage, as her hormones make the fur very unfastened. The world across the rabbit’s hutch must be quiet and calm.divider-multiprint

Are Cashmere Lop Rabbits Appropriate for You?

These rabbits are all-around nice household pets. They’re affectionate and simple to deal with. Their sturdiness additionally makes them typically simpler to maintain than different breeds. Plus, their ears are lovable.

They do greatest in houses with older youngsters that should not have any predatory pets, like cats or canines. They are often simply startled or damage by younger youngsters.

Earlier than adopting, remember that rabbits aren’t notably simpler than canines or cats. They aren’t a pet you’ll be able to merely neglect about for many of the day. They require consideration, common grooming, and a time-consuming food plan.

Featured picture credit score: Antonio_CSI, Shutterstock

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