Boys T-Shirts – The Biggest Success in Fashion?

Boys T-Shirts - The Biggest Success in Fashion?

Boys T-Shirts – The Biggest Success in Fashion?

The majority of boys own a wide selection of t-shirts in various styles and various different colors. They are a staple of most people’s wardrobes, providing a practical, comfortable and fashionable upper-body garment. The T-shirt first became popular in the 1950s and prior to this, they were really only worn as an undergarment, similar to a thermal top. In the 50s however, companies started making T-shirts with their logos printed on them as a form of marketing and they soon took off on a big scale! Nowadays, T-shirts come in all different shapes and sizes and can be found in any clothes shop on the high street. They have remained fashionable since their invention and will remain so well into the future. Although T-shirts can be worn by both males and females, they are definitely worn more by males, and in particular, they are worn by young boys and teenagers. The light airy cotton that the majority of T-shirts are made from offers the perfect protection from the sun whilst also remaining loose and breathable. T-shirts are not just summer garments however, they can be layered up under a jumper or hoodie in the winter to provide some extra heat. The range of designs on boys’ T-shirts is spectacular, they come embroidered, appliqued, printed, and painted and each T-shirt allows its wearer to make a statement. In recent years “slogan” T-shirts have become very popular and these T-shirts have a short phrase written on them (usually humorous or rude!) which again, allows the wearer to put their personality across through fashion. This particularly appeals to teenagers. An infamous example of this is French Connection’s FCUK T-shirts (FCUK stands for French Connection United Kingdom, but is also an anagram for something rather less innocent!). These T-shirts came in either plain black or white and in simple text, they had a phrase written on the front which played on the anagram. Now, many shops sell similar T-shirts for boys – plain except for a short phrase, however, none have managed to incorporate their brand name into the concept so well, or gained the notoriety that the FCUK T-shirts had.

Final Thoughts:

There are also many T-shirts with cartoon characters on them or famous faces from the past in a retro style with a comic slogan printed underneath. T-shirts will remain popular for the foreseeable future simply because they do such a great job of providing a comfortable, fashionable garment. They can provide warmth when needed, or they can provide a loose, light cover from the sun. The massive range of styles and designs means that everyone can own many, many T-shirts and never get bored of the way they look. It also means that there is something out there to suit everyone’s tastes, and anyone can make a statement through their choice of T-shirt.

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