Best 3 tools for convert Jpeg to TIFF

convert jpeg to tiff

Do you dislike the outdated JPG file formats? Do you wish to improve the visuals of your pictures by adding colors to them? Are you wondering how to convert jpeg to tiff online?

A tagged image file format called TIFF helps to store the highest-quality graphic images. Therefore, if you are a designer or photographer who enjoys playing with graphics, convert your photographs into the TIFF file format. You could be wondering how to convert your photos without spending a kidney. Read this article if you share that thought.

Here, we’ve gathered the top 3 free online tools that convert JPG to TIFF with the highest-quality images. Free online conversion is the best option out of all of them. You will learn in this article why converting your pictures to TIFF using Online Convert Free is the best option.

However, let’s understand the terms first before moving on to the top three tools:

What Is a JPG?

A compressed image format is called a JPG. Compared to the original file, a typical JPG file uses less space on your hard drive, but the image quality may suffer due to compression. Digital photography and photos seen in web browsers work best with JPGs because they load quickly.

What Is a TIFF?

Uncompressed picture formats include TIFF or Tagged Image File Format. The image doesn’t lose any quality when you save it as a TIFF file, but the additional space it takes up on your hard drive is greater than the original file.

Tools for converting Jpeg to TIFF 

Let’s discuss the three online tools.

Online Convert Free

Our list’s top spot belongs to! One of the most frequently given recommendations for new users unfamiliar with the fundamentals of file conversion has always been this utility. This utility excels in converting files into many formats, increasing demand for it further.

You will discover that the tool is free and won’t cost you anything to convert your files. This program is the best choice if you want to convert even your MS Word file into an Excel sheet. Try it today! You will have your file in front of you in seconds.


Zamzar is also in the top list of free online JPG to TIFF converters on the market. It is an online tool that enables users to convert files, including ebooks, audio, videos, and photos. Zamzar can convert between more than a hundred different file types.


How could we forget to mention PS2PDF, another industry-leading tool for online JPG to TIFF conversion? Regarding conversion, this tool is free to use and does not impose any fees. Additionally, it aids in the conversion of postscript files into PDFs.

One of its advantages is that it will never lose any of your data when you navigate to another page. The files from Dropbox or Google Drive are simple to upload. This utility is available under two different options: the monthly patron and backer plans.

The Bottom Line

You have already viewed the market’s top three JPG to TIFF converters online. Among them, Online Convert Free enjoys a competitive advantage. When it comes to quality, dependability, sustainability, and privacy, people trust Online Convert Free. Furthermore, it offers conversion services for any file format in a cost-effective yet comprehensive all-in-one bundle.

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