7 Korean Canine Breeds (With Footage)

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Though many individuals would anticipate that such a good looking nation as Korea has loads to supply, most don’t find out about its distinctive canine breeds.

South Korea is a small nation, totaling solely 38.691 sq. miles to America’s 3.8 million sq. miles. Its dimension and historical past are a few causes that there will not be as many distinctive Korean canine breeds, particularly in comparison with China or Japan.

That doesn’t make them any much less distinctive, although. Seven breeds are thought-about Korean. Most of them will not be well-known exterior of Korea’s borders. A number of of them are going through extinction, whilst organizations across the nation work to deliver again their bloodlines.

Though a lot of the canine breeds in Korea weren’t native initially, many imagine that the primary of those came visiting to the nation within the thirteenth century from Mongolia. At this level, they’re firmly thought-about to be part of Korea’s nationwide historical past.

Most of those canines have bloodlines which have ties to widespread ancestors of untamed canines, resembling coyotes and wolves. So, what are these Korea-specific breeds? They’re the Korean Jindo, the Korean Mastiff or Dosa canine, Sapsali, the Nureongi canine, the Pungsan canine, Donggyeongi canine, and the Jeju canine.

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The 7 Korean Canine Breeds:

1. Korean Jindo

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The Korean Jindo is essentially the most well-known of the Korean breeds by far. The story of Baekgu, a loyal canine who traversed 186 miles over seven months to seek out his grasp launched these pups into the worldwide scene. After this, the federal government in South Korea listed them as their 53rd nationwide monument, and protections have been put as much as improve the breed.

They’re usually white, brown, or cream-colored. Jindos are a Spitz-like breed who focus on pack searching, with or with out a hunter at their lead. They weigh 40 to 55 kilos and stand at a most of twenty-two inches from their shoulder.

With a Korean Jindo, you possibly can anticipate unflagging loyalty, bonding particularly shut to 1 individual particularly. They’re extremely lively pups and wish loads of train to stay glad. They’re mild canines, variety and affectionate with their homeowners. They’ve a excessive prey drive and don’t do properly residing round different animals until they obtain high-quality and early socialization.

2. The Korean Mastiff (Dosa/Tosa Canine)

Korean Mastiff
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The Dosa Canine is among the many rarest breeds on the planet. They continue to be unrecognized by kennel golf equipment in America and the U.Okay. because of this. They’re a big breed canine with options and a dimension typical to different mastiffs.

The Dosa will not be an historical canine breed, with breeders estimating that they hint their origins again to the early 1900s.

The Dosa canine has a wrinkly face and a candy nature. They make glorious companion canines as a result of they naturally behave properly round different animals and youngsters. They’re usually used as a present canine in Korea.

The Korean Mastiff weighs between 132 and 154 kilos and stands round 28 inches tall from the shoulder down. They’ve simply as massive of a coronary heart. Don’t overlook in regards to the drool!

3. Sapsali Canine

two sapsali dogs
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The Sapsali is a fortunate Korean attraction, bringing about luck since their theoretical starting within the first century A.D. Through the time of struggle in Korea within the 1900s, the Sapsali reached the brink of extinction. Nonetheless, they’ve now grow to be protected by nationwide monument standing.

Throughout historical instances, the Sapsali have been the canines of royalty. They’ve a lion-like look as a consequence of their shaggy fur. Their laidback temperament and good-natured, comical methods maintain them a favourite household breed to today.

They want loads of train and constant grooming to maintain them wanting clear and freed from tangles.

The Sapsali is a medium-sized canine, weighing between 40 and 55 kilos. They stand at round 20 inches, however their fuzz makes them look a lot bulkier.

4. Nureongi Canine

Nureongi dog
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The Nureongi canine is a Spitz-like breed, barely smaller than the Jindo however comparable in look.

Nobody is aware of the precise origin of those canines, however some imagine them to be an historical Korean landrace, ancestors to the Jindos. They’re athletic and was used as searching canines due to their agility and intelligence.

The Nureongi canine weighs 40 to 55 kilos and stands round 20 inches tall, much like the Sapsali. Nonetheless, they’ve low-maintenance, dense coat. With pointed ears and an ever-friendly face, what isn’t to like?

5. Pungsan Canine

A canine that appears much like the Jindo is the Pungsan canine. They are usually a bit fluffier than their counterparts.

The Pungsan canine got here to South Korea by the use of a present from the chief of North Korea. In return, North Korea acquired a present of the Jindo. They’re well-loved in North Korea and have grow to be a staple of comparable standing to the Jindo.

The Pungsan canine is ever alert and able to go. They’re pack hunters and work properly inside searching situations with none human assist. They make for an exquisite companion canine due to their loyalty and intelligence.

Even with all of this, mixed with a degree temperament, they’re uncommon to see exterior of Korean borders.

Pungsan canines are one other Spitz-like breed, with a square-shaped physique and erect ears. They’re an analogous dimension too, weighing between 40 to 55 kilos and standing about 20 inches tall. They’ve a muscled and agile type.

6. Donggyeongi Canine

Donggyeongi dog
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The Donggyeongi is a protected breed in Korea. These canines are well-known for his or her short-bobbed tails. Their historical past includes important roadblocks, although, for the reason that Japanese almost destroyed them throughout their colonial interval in Korea. They’re an historical Korean breed, however too carefully resembled the Komainu in Japanese collectible figurines.

Since no canine breed likes to be with out a goal, these canines excel at searching. They’ve a small however muscular body that provides them nice agility. In a pack, they perform seamlessly.

The Donggyeongi canine weighs between 40 to 55 kilos however stands a bit taller than common at about 22 inches. They are often brown, black, cream, and typically white. Their historical bloodline maintains a wild streak in them that may make them difficult to coach in a family setting.

7. Jeju Canine

jeju dog
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Jeju is among the bigger Korean islands, situated past its southern tip. The Jeju canine is a local to the island and is a particularly uncommon breed even inside Korea.

They have been virtually delivered to extinction within the Nineteen Eighties when solely three have been left as survivors. After that interval of struggle, the Korean government-generated revitalization efforts to revive the bloodline. They’ve met with success, since there at the moment are greater than 100 pure Jeju canines within the nation.

A lot of the canine breeds coated have been comparable in dimension, however the Jeju canine is among the largest native pups. They’re taller and muscled, weighing round 55 kilos and standing at a most of 25 inches from the shoulder.

These are one other Spitz-like canine that appears much like a white or grey wolf. They’re cautious of strangers and all the time alert to their environment. The mixture makes them glorious guard canines.

Korea is dwelling to a few of the world’s most unique and uncommon canine breeds. They’ve acknowledged this during the last 40 years and have instated restoration teams for a lot of of them. Hopefully, these pure and historical bloodlines will proceed lengthy into the long run as a mark of their historical past.

Featured Picture Credit score: jamongcreator, Shutterstock

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