51 Greatest Pet Rabbit Breeds (with Photos)

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Whether or not you’re already a glad rabbit proprietor or want to add one to your private home for the primary time, selecting the best breed in your private state of affairs is crucial! As a result of every breed of rabbit has its personal character quirks, well being points, and logistical issues, it’s going to do you effectively to review up on the almost 50 accessible breeds earlier than making a alternative.

The American Rabbit Breeder’s Affiliation (ARBA) is a “a non-profit group devoted to the promotion, growth, and enchancment of the home rabbit,” and is chargeable for setting out the rules of what constitutes a selected breed of rabbit. A particular thanks goes to the arduous work performed by the judges and college of the ARBA in ensuring all of us have our most beloved breeds of rabbits effectively into the long run!

This information will probably be protecting all 49 ARBA-recognized breeds, plus two extra lovable breeds, to point out you the 51 finest pet rabbit breeds on the earth. You’ll discover footage, historical past, and strategies for aspiring rabbit homeowners.

There are over 300 home rabbit breeds on the earth. Of these rabbits, solely a fraction meets the {qualifications} to compete as a present rabbit. Present rabbits are sometimes prized for his or her fur or wool, magnificence, use-value, and the way effectively they conform to the usual of the breed.

The American Rabbit Breeders Affiliation (ARBA) acknowledges 49 rabbit breeds eligible for present. We’ve listed all 49 kinds of present rabbit breeds that are additionally extremely good pet breeds. And scroll to the top for the 2 cutest (non-show) rabbit breeds!

With out additional ado, let’s get began on our final information to 51 nice pet rabbit breeds!


The 51 Greatest Pet Rabbit Breeds:

1. American Rabbits

First developed in Pasadena, California within the early 1900s, the American was initially named the “German Blue Vienna”; battle with Germany in World Battle I prompted its renaming to the breed we all know right now. Although initially bred for fur and meat, the enticing blue or white coats on this as much as 12-pound breed have led fans to incorporate it in exhibits, as effectively!

2. American Chinchilla Rabbits

One among three “chinchilla” selection rabbit breeds (alongside the Big and Normal Chinchilla), its wonderful earthen fur is extremely related in shade and texture to that of the wild chinchilla. Weighing as much as 12 kilos, this breed is taken into account endangered, with solely a handful of breeders nonetheless producing this calm and mild rabbit.

3. American Fuzzy Lop

Black American Fuzzy Lop
Picture Credit score: iStock

The lovable descendant of Holland Lop and French Angora mother and father, American Fuzzy Lops have been first bred within the Eighties to supply a compact, wooly rabbit breed with the unimaginable array of colours present in lops. Coming in at below 4 kilos, American Fuzzy Lops are sometimes pleasant and energetic, however require a good bit of grooming throughout their shedding season in the summertime!

4. American Sable

Descended from a curiously coloured American Chinchilla, the American Sable is coloured virtually identically to a Siamese cat! Whereas it’s by no means been a extensively unfold breed, the previous 40 years have seen a revival in its reputation attributable to being blended with Silver Marten and Rex rabbits.

5. Argente Brun

argente brun
Picture: kasiaczernik from Pixabay

Hailing from the late 1800s France, the Argente Brun is a blast from the previous rabbit breed. After falling out of favor in Nineteen Twenties America, an opportunity coloration of the breed from an Argente Champagne within the early 2000s sparked curiosity within the rabbit as soon as once more. Weighing as much as 10 kilos, their barely darkened muzzles, ears, and toes complement their chocolate to darkish brown coats.

6. Belgian Hare

Black and brown belgian hare
Picture Credit score: Cassidy Te, Shutterstock

With a slim, absolutely arched physique, the Belgian Hare most resembles wild rabbits seen in American prairie lands. Being the most well-liked rabbit breed in America from the early 1900s till the late Nineteen Twenties, their wealthy, deeply coloured coats and lengthy, skinny legs and ears are unmistakable. They make high-energy, curious pets that like to have room to hop across the house.

7. Beveren

These black, blue, or white coated beauties come from Belgium, the place they’re bred to be great outside pets. Their coats naturally develop thicker within the wintertime, defending them from the chilly in a means that many different rabbit breeds aren’t so fortunate to have. The white-coated Beveren is probably essentially the most excellent of the bunch, with strikingly blue eyes.

8. Blanc de Hotot

blanc de hotot rabbit in vet clinic
Picture Credit score: LightField Studios, Shutterstock

Named for a village in northern France, the Blanc has an unmistakable look: each one in every of these rabbits is a frosty white coloration, with black circles across the eyes that some say resemble eyeliner. A big and pleasant breed, these thick-set rabbits can weigh as much as 11 kilos and make wonderful companions to households with youngsters.

9. Britannia Petite

britannia petite rabbit_Pixabay
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

Tied with the Netherland Dwarf for the title of smallest American rabbit breed, these feisty and high-energy rabbits typically weigh in below 2.5 kilos! Obtainable in six main colours in addition to mixture or “damaged” coats, Britannia Petite require minimal area and make energetic pets for residences. You may additionally hear them known as a “Polish”, their breed identify in England.

10. Californian

Californians are unmistakable for each their dense, muscular builds in addition to black and white shade distinction. Enticing and good-natured, they will weigh as much as 11 kilos. For present functions, search for rabbits whose black coloration is confined to the ears, nostril, paws, and tail.

11. Champagne d’Argent

Originating within the well-known glowing wine area of France, the Champagne d’Argent has a singular bluish-white coat with black “guard hairs” that give an virtually pewter tone to the fur. With a great weight of 10-12 kilos, they’re relaxed and pleasant rabbits to maintain as a pet.

12. Checkered Big Rabbits

Credit score: Lukasz Pawel Szczepanski, Shutterstock

With a equally arched physique to the Belgian Hare, the Checkered Big undoubtedly stands out in a crowd! With their 11 to 16-pound prime weight, these good-looking rabbits are excessive power and distinctly black and white-colored. They make wonderful companions for anybody who can provide them a big cage and loads of room to run round.

13. Cinnamon

Cinnamon brown bunny rabbit_Vezzani Photography_shutterstock
Credit score: Vezzani Images, Shutterstock

This uncommonly pleasant mid-size rabbit is the product of a posh household tree together with New Zealand, Chinchilla, Checkered Big, and Californian rabbits. The top result’s an unmistakably coloured, mild tempered pet with a good looking sheen to its luxurious coat.

14. Crème d’Argent

Creme d'Argent
Picture Credit score: Shane Fernando, Shutterstock

One of many oldest acknowledged rabbit breeds, cre ancestry goes again virtually 200 years in France. They’re most well-known for his or her beautiful coat coloration: golden white, with a virtually orange undercoat besides on its pure white stomach. Although by no means notably well-liked in America, this rabbit breed loves having its silky coat pampered and petted.

15. Dutch

dutch rabbit
Picture: Xaya from Pixabay

In the event you’ve ever heard the phrase “Dutch markings” when describing a rabbit, then you definitely’ll know the attribute black “masks” and white “saddle” which have made this breed’s coat so well-liked.

Coming to the U.S. by means of London and Belgium, these compact (solely round 5-pound) rabbits are hardy, adaptable, and caring. In truth, feminine Dutch rabbits are sometimes used as foster moms due to their agreeable temperament!

16. Dwarf Hotot

dwarf hotot
Picture: ahmed abdallah from Pixabay

The diminutive relative of the Blanc de Hotot, these black-eyeliner rabbits prime the scale-out at round simply 3 kilos. With the miniaturized physique of the Netherland Dwarf and distinctive eye coloring of the Hotot, these spunky little rabbits make for aesthetically pleasing, space-saving pets.

17. English Angora Rabbits

“The place did his face go?!?”, you might ask of this exceptionally long-haired breed! Usually trying like a furball with ears, the English is the smallest of 4 Angora breeds. It is available in a surprising number of colours, all full with characteristically fluffy coats.

In the event you’re contemplating retaining an Angora as a pet, simply know that you just’ll must spend so much of time grooming your bunny pal! Extra industrious pet homeowners can even trim the Angora’s fur and spin it into wool.

18. English Lop

English Lop Eared Rabbit
Picture Credit score: topimages, Shutterstock

Whereas all lop breeds have lengthy, droopy ears that hold beneath their chin, the English lop takes this to an excessive: Their ears could stretch virtually 2.5 toes from tip to tip when measured throughout the cranium! These mild giants of the lop household make doting pets, however require particular care to forestall them from injuring their monumental ears.

19. English Spot

One other of the mid-sized English rabbit breeds, the Spot was selectively bred from wild English rabbits someday within the late 19th century. They’re most noticeable due to their black and white noticed coloration, just like (however smaller than) the Rhinelander or Checkered Big. Their lengthy, lean our bodies and irritable temperaments could make them much less appropriate to being homed with different pets.

20. Flemish Big

male brown Flemish giant rabbit
Picture Credit score: Veroja, Shutterstock

Weighing as much as 20 kilos, these Belgian-born beauties are true to their large identify! Light and loving, they’ve a singular semi-arched physique and are available seven colours: Black, blue, fawn, gentle grey, sandy, metal grey, and white. Imported to the US for the reason that Nineties, they’ve been equally prized as pets, present rabbits, or sources of meat and pelts.

21. Florida White

Florida white rabbit
Picture Credit score: AppleDK, Shutterstock

Lustrous and white with pink eyes, the Florida White is the breeding venture of a rabbit present decide (from Florida, as you may count on). Orville Milliken wished to supply a breed of rabbit that will be small, compact, and good for each meat and laboratory work. Whereas this rabbit by no means caught on for its supposed functions, it has turn into a well-liked possibility as a present rabbit attributable to its calm temperament.

22. French Angora

Credit score: Natalee Wright, Shutterstock

In the event you would favor your ball of fur with a visual face, look no additional than the French Angora! Whereas their coats are simply so long as their English brethren, these bigger rabbits (as much as 11 kilos) have way more cleanly trimmed faces. As with all Angora breeds, you have to be dedicated to constant grooming to maintain them wholesome as pets.

23. French Lop

French Lop rabbit sits on the green grass
Picture Credit score: Garna Zarina, Shutterstock

One other of the particularly well-liked lop household, the French Lop most intently resembles an English Lop – however with out the outsized ears. They’re on the heavier aspect of lop breeds, typically weighing near 12 kilos. They make wonderful, docile home pets and are available an exceptionally huge number of colours.

24. Big Angora

giant angora rabbit in the woods eating corn
Picture Credit score: BRAVO 2626, Shutterstock

Developed as a breed solely as not too long ago because the Eighties, the Big Angora is unimaginable to mistake for another breed. Seen solely in white and weighing almost 10 kilos or extra, they nonetheless possess the distinctive lengthy coat of different Angora breeds. As a pet, they’re slow-moving and mild, and require a lot grooming and particular care to maintain their coats in good situation.

25. Big Chinchilla

giant chinchilla
Picture: Annick Vanblaere from Pixabay

At a most of almost 16 kilos, these are the most important of the three Chinchilla breeds in North America. Whereas initially developed as a supply of fur and meat, present breeders and residential fans alike respect the mild large’s even method and delicate temperament.

26. Harlequin

male harlequin rabbit
Picture Credit score: LNbjors, Shutterstock

Having maybe essentially the most fascinating coloration patterns of any breed on this checklist, the Harlequin is called after an Italian clowning persona whose outfit it resembles. Sporting alternating bands of shade throughout its physique in addition to an evenly divided two-tone face, the Harlequin was initially often called the Japanese Rabbit (earlier than World Battle II soured U.S. and Japanese relations).

Of medium dimension and coming in quite a lot of colours, they make a really distinctive and easygoing home pet.

27. Havana

Whereas its identify may recommend an island birthplace, the Havana’s ancestry is Dutch in origin. As a result of the primary rabbits of this breed have been a wealthy black, they obtained the identify “Havana” in reference to the wealthy, darkish brown hues of tropical cigar tobacco. Rising to solely round 6 kilos, they’re on the smaller aspect of pet rabbits and are an ideal possibility for households with restricted area for cages.

28. Himalayan

Himalayan rabbit with daisies
Picture Credit score: Linn Currie, Shutterstock

As one of many oldest rabbit breeds identified, the Himalayan brings with it a decidedly relaxed and easy-going nature. Mix this with its modest weight (maxing out round 5 kilos) and distinctive coloration, and it makes for a great breed to decide on as your first rabbit. There’s good purpose it’s some of the widespread rabbit breeds on the planet right now!

29. Holland Lop

Picture Credit score: artemisphoto, Shutterstock

Probably the most Bulldog-like in look among the many lop household and the smallest (weighing solely 4 kilos at most), the Holland Lop has turn into one of many extra well-liked rabbit breeds of the final 50 years.

Combining the dashing beauty of French Lops with the convenience of possession of miniature rabbit breeds, Holland Lops are additionally accessible in an enormous number of colours. They make a great starter pet in virtually any house.

30. Jersey Wooly

jersey wooly rabbit_laurendotcom_Shutterstock
Picture Credit score: laurendotcom, Shutterstock

One other of the adorably fluffy rabbit breeds, the Jersey Wooly is the invention of a New Jersey breeder who wished a pint-sized, wool coat breed that was simpler to keep up than an Angora.

The product of a breeding venture involving Angoras, Chinchillas, Netherland Dwarves, and a Silver Marten, this miniaturized rabbit has a pleasant disposition and is available in all kinds of colours. They are perfect for anybody who loves the look of Angoras however is afraid of the grooming necessities.

31. Lilac

rabbit outdoor
Picture Credit score: GLady, Pixabay

So named for the pinkish hue of its grey coat, the Lilac has been a acknowledged breed by the ARBA since 1928. Initially developed for meat and fur, their lovely coats led them to being saved as present and pet animals as effectively. Capping out at 8 kilos, they make wonderful pets for individuals who prize a shiny coat.

32. Lionhead

Lionhead Rabbit
Picture: NewWorldPics from Pixabay

As you may count on, the diminutive Lionhead is most simply acknowledged by its crested mane of fur extending from its head and chest. A well-liked small breed (not often exceeding 4 kilos), it’s accessible in ruby-eyed white or tortoiseshell coat colorations. Although not almost as grooming intensive because the Angora, potential homeowners ought to be ready to do gentle trimming round their manes.

33. Mini Lop

mini lop rabbit
Picture Credit score: FiledIMAGE, Shutterstock

Whereas actually not a big rabbit, the Mini Lop could also be higher acknowledged as an average-sized breed – particularly compared to the tiny Holland Lop. Their added weight (roughly 2 kilos heavier than Holland Lops) could contribute to their total calmer and extra sedentary demeanor. Like all different lops, they’re accessible in a large palette of shade decisions.

34. Mini Rex

Miniature rex rabbit
Picture Credit score: Rita_Kochmarjova, Shutterstock

All hail the king! This 5-pound rabbit is provided with wealthy, velvety fur and a pleasant disposition. Because of their advanced breeding historical past, the accessible colours for a Mini Rex proceed to multiply, with hues from chocolate to Himalayan to blue-eyed white and every part in-between.

35. Mini Satin

mini satin rabbit
Picture Credit score: Eric Isselee, Shutterstock

One of many extra not too long ago developed “mini” breeds, the Mini Satin is understood for its brilliantly lustrous and glossy coat. Weighing in below 5 kilos, these rabbits have solely been round for the reason that Seventies and possess a variety of temperaments; it’s really helpful to fulfill every rabbit individually to find out compatibility.

36. Netherland Dwarf

netherland dwarf rabbit
Picture Credit score: RATT_ANARACH, Shutterstock

Because the guardian inventory of many “mini” breeds, the Netherland Dwarf holds a particular place within the rabbit breeding world. Certainly, due to their characteristically aggressive angle, many mini breeds show their similar zest for all times and excessive power! Famend for his or her extremely small dimension (round 2.5 kilos at most) and lovable look, the Dwarf is available in all kinds of strong and damaged colours, making it a family favourite.

37. New Zealand

new zealand red rabbit
Picture Credit score: Irina Kozorog, Shutterstock

Maybe the most well-liked multipurpose rabbit that America has ever produced, the New Zealand has been used for meat, fur, laboratory, and present functions since its inception. In truth, most business rabbit meat manufacturing right now comes from the New Zealand breed. Fairly easy-going, additionally they make improbable home pets.

38. Palomino

Palomino rabbit
Picture Credit score: Sheila Fitzgerald, Shutterstock

Named for its resemblance to the attractive golden coloring of Palomino horses, this rabbit breed was established within the Forties in Washington state. Averaging round 11 kilos, they’re stated to have a nice disposition and be readily trainable.

39. Polish

Contending with the Netherland Dwarf for “cutest tiny rabbit breed”, the Polish rabbit typically weighs not more than 3.5 kilos. They’re accessible in black, blue, chocolate, blue-eyed white, ruby-eyed white, or a damaged white dappled with any of the earlier colours. In contrast to the Netherland Dwarf, they don’t have a repute for being fairly so feisty!

40. Rex

Castor rex rabbit
Picture Credit score: HolySource, Shutterstock

The unique “king” of rabbits, the almost 11-pound Rex was initially bred for meat and fur in France. As soon as they have been launched to the U.S. present circuit within the Nineteen Twenties, although, the Rex took on new fame as a present and family pet worthy alternative of rabbit.

41. Rhinelander

rabbit eating_ Beachbird, Shutterstock
Picture Credit score: Beachbird, Shutterstock

This German-born breed is most well-known for its very particular shade sample: A white physique is house to two-color markings alongside the edges, a streak of shade down its backbone, darkish eye bands, and a darkish snout. A medium-sized rabbit, it’s an unusual breed in the US.

42. Satin

white satin rabbit lying on green grass field
Picture Credit score: Katesalin-Pagkaihang, Shutterstock

Satins are the unintended offspring of a Havana breeding program, which occurred to supply an incredible shine and texture to the rabbits’ coats. Most Satins will weigh in below 11 kilos and are sometimes used to “satinize” different breeds of rabbit, making their fur glossier and extra richly textured.

43. Satin Angora

Owing to its Satin and French Angora heritage, the Satin Angora could have essentially the most plush and opulent coat of any rabbit breed right now. Of medium dimension, they’re prized for his or her wool manufacturing. Potential homeowners ought to be ready to probably spend hours every week grooming, trimming, and gathering the wool from a Satin Angora.

44. Silver

a silver rabbit
Picture Credit score: NanaSod, Pixabay

On the smaller aspect of medium, most Silvers weigh solely round 6 kilos. Whereas it is likely one of the oldest identified rabbit breeds, it is usually one of many rarest to seek out in North America right now. Their silver guard hairs distinguish their in any other case plain black, brown, or fawn-colored coats, making them immediately recognizable.

45. Silver Fox

Silver Fox rabbit on teal green background
Picture Credit score: Linn Currie, Shutterstock

The Silver Fox is likely one of the solely identified rabbit breeds whose fur will get up slightly than fly again when brushed towards the grain. Massive (as much as 12 kilos) and mild in nature, they have been initially often called the “American Heavyweight Silver” earlier than a reputation change in 1929.

46. Silver Marten

Although typically undesirable as offspring of Chinchillas, Silver Martens have dense, darkish fur with white-tipped guard hairs (giving them their identify). Firmly medium-sized, their distinctive coloration across the eyes, nostril, and chin have given many homeowners purpose to like them.

47. Normal Chinchilla

Third within the Chinchilla group and hottest as present animals or pets, the Normal Chinchilla’s coat has a wealthy mix of earthy colours. Weighing round a most of seven.5 kilos, they’re a hardy and adaptable breed to maintain as pets.

48. Tan

tan rabbit with grass on wooden background
Picture credit score: Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova, Shutterstock

So-called “Full Arch” rabbits show the excessive again and lengthy, slender legs harking back to wild hares. The Tan’s spectacular coloration features a tan collar on brief, extremely lustrous fur. Their eye-catching two-tone coats and reasonable weight (round 6 kilos at most) have made them a well-liked possibility as a present rabbit or pet.

49. Thrianta

Bred from Tans, English Spots, and Havanas, the Thrianta is distinctly pumpkin-colored – an absolute rarity amongst rabbits. With a brief, compact physique and weight below 6 kilos, they stand out from different equally sized rabbits attributable to their vibrant coats.

50. Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit

Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit Foraging_Randy Bjorklund_shutterstock
Credit score: Randy Bjorklund, Shutterstock

One of many cutest rabbit breeds on the earth is the Columbia Basin Pygmy. This isn’t solely the smallest rabbit on the earth but in addition the rarest. They almost turned extinct within the Nineteen Nineties, however have managed to make a comeback. They’re tiny, tender, with lengthy ears, and a tiny nostril.

51. Dwarf Lop

Talking of dwarf rabbits, you’d actually be lacking out if we didn’t point out the dwarf lop. Final, however most actually not least, this tiny treasure has tender fur and floppy ears. Their coat is available in many alternative colours and patterns, plus as talked about, they’re some of the well-liked rabbit breeds for pets.



Massive or small, feisty or mild, and with any shade you can probably need, rabbits make wonderful pets. We hope that this final information to 51 well-liked rabbit breeds has given you loads of assist and nice concepts in selecting the best rabbit in your house!

A particular thanks goes out to the ARBA in addition to Lynn M. Stone’s improbable guide “Rabbit Breeds: The Pocket Information to 49 Important Breeds”; they supplied a lot of the historic data discovered on this article, and thanks to the group at RabbitSpot for serving to us supply the entire lovable photographs.

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