20 Canine Breeds With the Strongest Chew Power (With PSI Measurements)

german shepherd dog biting on training

There are lots of myths and a ton of misinformation surrounding the controversial situation of canine bites. You might have heard issues like Chihuahuas are the breed more than likely to chew (not possible to say) or that Pit Bulls have locking jaws (completely not true).

That misinformation continues on the subject of the power that varied canine breeds can chew with. You’ll hear that one breed or one other has the strongest chew — Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers are the same old suspects — otherwise you’ll hear seemingly unbelievable figures listed for simply how exhausting these pups can chomp down.

Right here, we have a look at which breeds really chew the toughest and simply how exhausting (measured in kilos per sq. inch, or psi) that they’ll chew.

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A Be aware Earlier than We Start

Whereas the data on this checklist displays our greatest understanding of the subject, it’s necessary to appreciate that there have solely been a handful of respected scientific research which have checked out this situation, and nearly all of them have severe flaws.

For one factor, it’s exhausting to get a canine to chomp at full power on command. Some used measuring units hidden in rawhide to check the chew energy, however a canine will use a special quantity of power when biting on a tasty deal with than they may when attempting to inflict severe injury on one thing that they view as a menace. Others anesthetized canines after which stimulated their jaw muscular tissues with {an electrical} present. Once more, this removes the intention behind the chew, probably skewing the outcomes alongside the way in which.

The situation of the chew issues too. A canine that’s utilizing their entrance enamel can’t chew down with as a lot power as they might in the event that they bought their molars concerned. Additionally, needless to say a lot of the injury from a canine’s chew doesn’t come from the preliminary chomp a lot because the shake that follows it, so this would possibly all be a idiot’s errand, anyway.

We also needs to notice that as greatest we will inform, given the data that we’ve got now, breed is probably not probably the most dependable issue on the subject of predicting chew power (and there’s no information on mutts in any way). Reasonably, the scale and form of the canine’s head are extra helpful for figuring out how exhausting they’ll chomp; a giant canine with a large head will chew doubtless tougher than a smaller canine with a extra slender head, no matter breed.

With all that stated, let’s have a look at the breeds which have scored the best on many of those bite-force checks. Given the earlier info, although, it’s not exhausting to foretell which kinds of breeds can be on the high of the checklist.


The 20 Canine Breeds With the Strongest Chew Power

20. Belgian Malinois (195 psi)

Picture Credit score: Ekaterina Brusnika, Shutterstock

Also referred to as the Belgian Shepherd, the Malinois is a shepherding canine that’s a detailed relative of the German Shepherd. These are medium-sized canines, weighing in between 40 and 70 kilos on common, however they’re identified for being tenacious, athletic, and brave.

The breed is usually utilized by police and navy organizations around the globe attributable to their intelligence, obedience, and their fearsome bites. Many a fleeing prison has stopped and rethought their life decisions after seeing one in all these pups in scorching pursuit.

19. English Bulldog (210 psi)

olde english bulldogge laying down
Picture Credit score: Shawna and Damien Richard, Shutterstock

These lovely little pups have been initially bred for bull-baiting, which was a horrific apply wherein bulls have been tied to a stake and had canines unleashed on them. The canines could be anticipated to seize the bull’s nostril and maintain on, so a powerful chew was important within the formation of the breed.

As we speak’s English Bulldogs usually tend to sink their enamel into your sofa than one other animal, however they’re nonetheless able to producing large power behind their chomps.

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18. Chow Chow (220 psi)

chow chow_VKarlov_Shutterstock
Picture Credit score: VKarlov, Shutterstock

Chow Chows have been bred to be used as warfare and guard canines in historic China, and we will guess that many a soldier misplaced their will to struggle after seeing a pack of those vicious furballs headed their manner. They appear to be lions, and they are often simply as menacing in the event that they really feel prefer it.

Whereas Chow Chows might be fantastic pets, they have a tendency to cling to at least one proprietor and react suspiciously towards outsiders. When mixed with their highly effective jaws, that makes for a breed that wants a ton of obedience work and socialization for those who anticipate to maintain one in your house.

17. Dutch Shepherd (224 psi)

dutch-shepherd dog_mariuszopole_Pixabay
Picture Credit score: mariuszopole, Pixabay

The Dutch Shepherd is mainly a special iteration of the Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd. Like their cousins, Dutch Shepherds are sometimes utilized by legislation enforcement in varied international locations and for a similar causes.

This breed almost went extinct following WWII, as many animals both starved or have been confiscated by the German navy to be used of their armed forces. Whereas the breed remains to be uncommon, their usefulness — together with their highly effective bites — is what has stored them round to today.

16. Alano Español (227 psi)

alano espanol
Picture Credit score: miguel curiel mena, Shutterstock

Many individuals have by no means even heard of the Alano Español, not to mention know sufficient about them to be frightened about their bites. Referred to as the Spanish Bulldog, this breed traveled the world with Spanish explorers from the 14th century on, they usually have been prized for his or her courageousness in battle.

This can be a massive breed, usually tipping the scales at 90 kilos. They’re identified for having dominant personalities however being submissive to their homeowners, they usually’re greatest left to these with important expertise coaching massive breeds.

15. Doberman Pinscher (228 psi)

Doberman Pinscher
Picture Credit score: DragoNika, Shutterstock

There was a time when Dobermans have been regarded as probably the most intimidating, vicious canines on the earth. That popularity was largely unearned (and the mantle has largely been usurped by Pit Bulls, which can also be unfair), however there’s no denying that these canines are able to severe chomping motion if correctly motivated.

These canines are extremely clever and fiercely loyal, which makes them among the finest guard canine breeds on the earth. Nevertheless, they can be fairly loving and affected person with their households, they usually have a candy coronary heart beating beneath that menacing exterior.

14. Boxer (230 psi)

Picture Credit score: Michal Vitek, Shutterstock

Boxers are large, athletic canines, so it is sensible that they’d carry out nicely on a check like this. Nevertheless, they’re nowhere close to as large or intimidating as among the breeds on the high of this checklist.

Most of the breeds proven right here have reputations for being violent or harmful, however that’s largely unfaithful of Boxers. Nevertheless, given the appreciable quantity of power that they’ll apply in a single chew, you need to nonetheless deal with them with respect, as they’re able to doing severe injury in the event that they really feel prefer it.

13. Pit Bull (235 psi)

american pitbull terrier
Picture Credit score: Anna Krivitskaya, Shutterstock

This rating could come as a shock to some folks, because it’s usually thought that Pit Bulls have probably the most highly effective chew of any breed. The reality is that whereas they’re able to placing severe power behind every of their nibbles, they don’t even crack the highest 10.

Nevertheless, it’s necessary to do not forget that many “Pit Bulls” are literally mixes, and people mixes could embody breeds which might be able to even tougher bites than Pibbles can muster. Consequently, until you’re coping with a purebred Pit Bull, chances are you’ll by no means know simply how robust the canine’s chew might be.

12. German Shepherd (238 psi)

aggressive german shepherd dog
Picture Credit score: Victoria Antonova, Shutterstock

Just like the Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd, German Shepherds are large and athletic, they usually’re prized by militaries and legislation enforcement organizations around the globe. Whereas these might be intimidating working canines, they’re additionally widespread as household pets attributable to their goofy and loving nature.

If German Shepherds are so carefully associated to the Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd, why are their bites extra ferocious? For one factor, they are typically a tiny bit greater than their cousins, however there’s additionally the likelihood that the information is flawed, so take that info with a grain of salt.

11. American Bulldog (305 psi)

Picture Credit score: R.M.T, Shutterstock

American Bulldogs are mainly the bigger cousins of Pit Bulls and English Bulldogs, and as we’ve talked about, measurement appears to be the most important issue when figuring out chew energy. Like their smaller counterparts, although, American Bulldogs are typically candy, amiable canines.

Nevertheless, that does depend upon how they’re raised. If you happen to don’t prepare and socialize these pups from an early age, they could possibly be harmful, as they’re strong-willed. You completely don’t need to personal a strong-willed, disobedient canine that’s able to producing 305 psi with every chew, so take their coaching critically.

10. Rottweiler (328 psi)

Picture Credit score: Ricantimages, Shutterstock

Of the three breeds (Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and German Shepherds) which might be mostly suspected of getting the strongest bites within the canine world, it’s really the Rottweiler that may put probably the most oomph behind every nibble. They nonetheless barely cracked the highest 10 total, although.

Rotties are large and intimidating animals, and they are often harmful (particularly towards strangers) if not correctly educated and socialized. That is additionally a clingy breed, nevertheless, and proudly owning a Rottie might be very like having a 100-pound child that cries each time you permit the room.

9. Leonberger (399 psi)

Leonberger with foilage backdrop
Picture Credit score: shesheta, Pixabay

These shaggy, goofy giants aren’t probably the most well-known breed, however given their measurement (they usually weigh greater than 150 kilos), it’s no shock that they’ll pack a wallop with every chew. Not like most of the different breeds on this checklist, although, Leonbergers are primarily used for search-and-rescue functions quite than guard obligation or police work.

They have been doubtless initially bred to protect livestock, and that will entail preventing off bears, wolves, and different scary beasts (therefore their large measurement). As we speak, although, they’re usually used as water rescue animals, and all that energy is useful when it’s essential pull a drowning human out of a lake.

8. Dogo Argentino (500 psi)

Dogo Argentino in the woods
Picture Credit score: Lunja, Shutterstock

This South American pup is usually confused with Pit Bulls or American Bulldogs, however they really have little in widespread with both breed. They have been initially created when the now-extinct Cordoba Preventing Canine was mixed with different massive breeds, like Nice Danes, Dogues de Bordeaux, Irish Wolfhounds, and Pyrenean Mastiffs.

The breed was created in 1928 by a physician named Antonio Nores Martinez. Martinez wished an animal that was able to each helping on large sport hunts and defending his house, all whereas serving as a loyal, loving companion. The outcome was a extremely social breed that’s now usually used as a remedy canine (though additionally they do police work on the aspect).

7. Presa Canario (540 psi)

Presa Canario in beautiful park outside
Picture Credit score: Eve Images, Shutterstock

The Presa Canario, or Spanish Mastiff, has lengthy been prized for his or her fearsome stature. These canines usually weigh greater than 150 kilos, they usually’ve been used as warfare canines, guard canines, and even preventing canines over their lengthy historical past. These canines might be candy, loving, and obedient, however they want a substantial amount of coaching and socialization to make sure that they keep that manner.

6. English Mastiff (552 psi)

English Mastiff
Picture Credit score: Michal Ninger, Shutterstock

The English Mastiff is normally simply known as “the Mastiff” by most kennel golf equipment, in order that they’re usually used because the baseline of what a Mastiff-type canine ought to be. That is doubtless attributable to the truth that kennel golf equipment began in England quite than any kind of historic declare to primacy by the breed, nevertheless.

English Mastiffs are loving, even-tempered canines, and whereas they’re able to placing a hurting on somebody with their jaws, they’re typically detest to take action. Consequently, you’ll hardly ever see these canines utilized by militaries or legislation enforcement, though they’ll make nice guard canines by advantage of their intimidating measurement alone.

5. Tosa Inu (556 psi)

Tosa inu male dog closeup
Picture Credit score: acceptphoto, Shutterstock

The Tosa Inu, or Japanese Mastiff, is each bit as massive and intimidating as any of their cousins. Nevertheless, these canines are typically reserved and watchful, whereas many different Mastiff-type canines are goofy and playful.

Tosa Inus have largely even temperaments, however they want fairly a little bit of socialization and obedience work all the identical. It’s best to pay explicit consideration to how they work together with different canines, as they are often violent and short-tempered with canines that they regard as threats to their households or property.

4. Dogue de Bordeaux (556 psi)

pregnant Dogue de Bordeaux
Picture Credit score: Jan Dix, Shutterstock

The Dogue de Bordeaux (the French Mastiff) is an previous breed that dates again to a minimum of the 14th century. These enormous canines have been put to work doing all kinds of issues on farms, together with pulling carts, and guarding livestock.

This is among the oldest Mastiff-type breeds on the planet, with many individuals believing that they descended immediately from the Greek Molossus, which was an enormous warfare canine regarded as the forebear of all fashionable Mastiffs.

3. Cane Corso (700 psi)

cane corso resting at the beach
Picture Credit score: Sbolotova, Shutterstock

Our tour of the world’s Mastiff inhabitants brings us to Italy and the Cane Corso, or Italian Mastiff. These canines have been as soon as extremely widespread all all through the nation, however now they’re principally relegated to the southern area of Puglia.

Cane Corsos aren’t fairly as large as different Mastiff-type breeds, as they normally weigh “solely” 110 kilos or so. Nevertheless, they are typically way more muscular than their cousins, which explains why they’re able to placing a lot power behind their bites.

2. Bandog (730 psi)

Picture Credit score: ChameleonsEye, Shutterstock

This breed (also called the Bandog Mastiff) dates again to England someday across the 13th century, they usually’re believed to be a mixture of the Pit Bull Terrier and Neapolitan Mastiff. It’s doubtless that there’s different DNA combined in there, nevertheless, with Bullenbeissers being one of the generally cited potentialities.

This breed is uncommon, and it’s not normally acknowledged by kennel golf equipment or different governing our bodies. The title comes from the truth that they have been “banded up” — or chained — till they have been wanted as guard or warfare canines, in order that they have fairly the fearsome historical past. Regardless of that terrifying backstory, although, this may be an emotionally needy breed, so don’t be shocked when you’ve got a 125-pound lapdog in your fingers.

1. Kangal (743 psi)

Picture Credit score: Marry Kolesnik, Shutterstock

The Kangal, or Kangal Shepherd, is the one breed within the high seven that isn’t a Mastiff of some type; quite, it is a Turkish canine whose origins are believed to hint again to central Asia. They’ve lengthy been used as herding canines, they usually’ve been anticipated to struggle off lions, wolves, bears, jackals, and extra, so it’s no shock that their jaws are lethal weapons.

These are working canines by way of and thru, and whereas they’ll make good pets, they’ll at all times be on obligation. They’re protecting of their households and might be aloof towards strangers, however for those who socialize them correctly, they are often loving, loyal guardians.



Placing These Numbers in Perspective

Itemizing the chew power {that a} canine can generate could not assist a lot for those who don’t have a good suggestion of simply how a lot 743 psi is. With that in thoughts, let’s have a look at what another members of the animal kingdom can do with their enamel.

People aren’t identified for being notably menacing biters (however don’t say that to a toddler), as we will solely generate a measly 120 psi on common with our chompers.

Surprisingly sufficient, whereas canines can definitely chew down with some energy, not even the mighty Kangal would make the highest 10 of all animal species by way of chew power.

Listed below are the animals that will, nevertheless:

  • Hyenas (1,110 psi)
  • Grizzly Bears (1,160 psi)
  • Polar Bears (1,200 psi)
  • Gorillas (1,300 psi)
  • Bull Sharks (1,350 psi)
  • Jaguars (1,500 psi)
  • Hippopotamuses (1,800 psi)
  • American Alligators (2,125 psi)
  • Saltwater Crocodiles (3,700 psi)
  • Nile Crocodiles (5,000 psi)

So the subsequent time your canine bites your hand whereas attempting to get a deal with, you possibly can at all times take a second to be grateful that you simply don’t have a Nile Crocodile as a pet.

nile crocodile
Picture Credit score: Hervé Clootens, Pixabay

Does a Stronger Chew Make for a Extra Harmful Canine?

It’s straightforward to routinely assume that this checklist would additionally double as a rating of the 20 most harmful canine breeds. In any case, the tougher {that a} canine can chew, the extra harmful they should be, proper?

Issues aren’t that easy. Whereas it’s true that the canines on this checklist can theoretically do extra injury with a chew than any breed not listed, that’s solely a part of the equation.

You additionally should consider the probability {that a} explicit breed will chew, and sadly, we don’t have a lot dependable information on that. It additionally will depend on whom they’re chomping down on, as a Jack Russell Terrier could not pose a lot danger to a full-grown grownup, however they’ll doubtlessly kill a child.

A lot of the information on canine assaults is from eyewitness experiences, nevertheless, and that makes for extremely unreliable info. Additionally, most canine assaults which might be reported are going to be extreme in nature, so there are doubtless tens of millions of situations of canine bites that aren’t reported (and due to this fact, aren’t tabulated in aggression research) yearly.

Primarily based on what we all know, mutts are the canines more than likely to kill or maim people. Nevertheless, mutts are additionally by far the most typical breed, in order that doesn’t essentially make them extra harmful than purebred pups. You additionally should take into consideration the breeds concerned in a mutt’s genetic background, how they’re raised, and a complete host of different components.

On the finish of the day, any canine can chew, and a few canines can chew tougher than others. Which will make them extra harmful in concept, however in apply, issues are considerably extra difficult than that. So, if you wish to undertake a Kangal, by all means, accomplish that. Simply remember to totally prepare and socialize them.

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