15 Greatest Egg Laying Rooster Breeds (with Footage)

Plymouth rock chicken

Whether or not you’re in search of an egg-laying monster that may common almost an egg a day over a 12 months, or one thing that may lay pastel blue eggs, there’s a hen breed for you. Selecting the best breed is barely a part of the battle. Your chickens have to be completely satisfied and stress-free and have the proper circumstances to enhance the percentages of them turning into considerable layers.

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The 15 Greatest Egg Laying Rooster Breeds

In addition to following the transient information above, and feeding to encourage laying, you may select one of many following hen breeds. We’ve included people who lay the best quantity, the most important eggs, and a few of the most unusual designs so that you may be positive of getting the eggs you’re in search of.

1. Golden Comet Rooster

Golden Comet Chicken
Picture Credit score: JACLOU-DL, Pixabay
Yield 280/12 months
Eggs Medium, Brown
Character Hardy

The Golden Comet is a hybrid, however a hybrid price mentioning particularly. They’ll lay as many as 280 eggs a 12 months, which is round 5 per week. Hybrids have been bred for the aim, which signifies that they’ve in all probability been bred to have a minimal urge for food, to be hardy, and to put a number of eggs over a 12 months. The Golden Comet is simple to take care of and regarded straightforward to get to put.

2. Rhode Island Purple Rooster

Rhode Island Red
Picture Credit score: tshatzel, Pixabay
Yield 250/12 months
Eggs Medium, Brown
Character Pleasant, Robust

The Rhode Island Purple is likely one of the hottest first breeds for egg lovers, and likewise for meat lovers, as they’re a typical dual-purpose chook. They’ll produce round 5 eggs per week, are straightforward to take care of, are usually pleasant, and their meat tastes good, too.

3. Leghorn Rooster

Leghorn Chicken
Picture Credit score: Ivdonata, Shutterstock
Yield 250/12 months
Eggs Medium, White
Character Shy, Impartial

The Leghorn is an efficient alternative for inexperienced persons as a result of they’re straightforward to take care of and can yield round 250 eggs a 12 months. The Leghorn’s eggs are additionally jumbo-sized. They’re additionally in style as a result of they’re a sexy hen breed with white feathers and a considerable purple comb on the highest of their head. Nonetheless, they are often onerous to tame and they’re shy so could not make the very best pet hen.

4. Sussex Chickens

sussex chicken
Picture Credit score: Erwin Bosman, Shutterstock
Yield 250/12 months
Eggs Brown, White
Character Tame

The Sussex is just not solely a prolific egg layer, producing round 250 a 12 months, however it’s a dual-purpose breed that produces great-tasting meat, too. This breed is available in any of eight colours and it’s a tame breed. You’ll be able to encourage the Sussex to eat out of your hand. It’s going to make a very good pet and it may possibly roam freely round your backyard with out inflicting an excessive amount of harm – an awesome alternative for the novice.

5. Plymouth Rock Rooster

Plymouth rock chicken
Picture Credit score: Ok Steve Cope, Shutterstock
Yield 200/12 months
Eggs Mild Brown, Medium
Character Very Pleasant

The Plymouth Rock, often known as the Barred Rock, is a big chook. The hen will lay, on common each different day. This barely much less relentless tempo could be a good place to begin for the first-time proprietor, and the Plymouth Rock’s completely satisfied outlook and unbiased nature additional cement its place as a very good starter chook.

6. Ancona Rooster

Yield 200/12 months
Eggs White, Small
Character Jumpy

The Ancona is a reasonably prolific layer, producing a mean of 200 eggs a 12 months. This chook, which was first bred in Italy however is now in style within the UK, is an efficient alternative as a layer, however his nervous and jumpy nature signifies that the Ancona is just not a good selection as a pet. It’s identified for escaping, too, so will want common clipping of its flight wings.

7. Barnevelder Chickens

barnevelder chickens
Picture Credit score: Jolanda de Jong-Jansen, Shutterstock
Yield 200/12 months
Eggs Speckled, Small
Character not nice at flying

In contrast to the Ancona, the Barnevelder is just not nice at flying, which negates the necessity to should clip feathers. The Barnevelder is a Dutch chook that was first created by crossing Dutch chickens with Asian inventory. The Barnevelder is appropriate for protecting in a backyard pen and may make a very good first hen.

8. Hamburg Rooster

Hamburg chickens
Picture Credit score: Amy McNabb, Shutterstock
Yield 200/12 months
Eggs White, Medium
Character Aggressive

Native to Germany, and aggressive when in a confined house, the Hamburg does have a very good yield, producing round 200 eggs a 12 months. It’s also in style due to its putting appears to be like, consisting of black dots on a white feather background.

9. Maran Chickens

Maran chicken
Picture Credit score: Irina Kozorog, Shutterstock
Yield  200/12 months
Eggs Darkish Brown, Medium
Character Light

Though Marans are identified for being mild chickens, they don’t seem to be thought-about good pets as a result of they don’t seem to be straightforward to tame. They do make good first chickens, although, as a result of they don’t want a number of room to roam.

10. Buff Orpington Rooster

Buff Orpington Chickens
Picture Credit score: Racheal Carpenter, Shutterstock
Yield 200/12 months
Eggs Mild Brown, Medium
Character Pleasant

The Orpington, which is on the market in Buff or Black, makes an awesome pet hen. They not solely tolerate being petted however genuinely benefit from the consideration. Orpington hens can get broody, which is beneficial if you need extra chicks however can result in sickness and forestall laying throughout laying season. Regardless of the propensity for broodiness, the Buff Orpington is an efficient alternative for novice house owners.

11. Easter Egger

Yield 250/12 months
Eggs Mild Blue, Medium to Massive
Character Non-Aggressive

The Easter Egger is one other hybrid breed and justifies its inclusion because the second hybrid in our record not simply by advantage of the amount of eggs it lays but in addition the standard of these eggs. The Easter Egger produces a number of blue eggs a 12 months, and they’re an honest measurement. The chook itself is just not aggressive, may be stored within the backyard, however they could not need petting.

12. Minorca Chickens

Yield 200/12 months
Eggs White, Very Massive
Character Pleasant

The Minorca is proof that it isn’t nearly amount: high quality issues, too. The Minorca produces a greater than respectable 200 eggs a 12 months, or one egg each two days, however they’re very massive eggs and they’re a sexy white colour. The Minorca is a pleasant breed, too, which makes it a good selection for house owners.

13. Lohmann Brown Rooster

Lohmann brown chicken
Picture Credit score: ABC images, Shutterstock
Yield 280/12 months
Eggs Brown, Jumbo
Character Pleasant

The Lohmann Brown is a highly regarded breed, though it’s extra in style in South Africa. Bred by a German genetics firm, this breed will lay as much as 280 very massive and really brown eggs yearly. They’re additionally thought-about pleasant and are appropriate for residing with different animals and round youngsters.

14. Welsummer

Welsummer chickens stepping out in the snow
Picture Credit score: Lonny Garris, Shutterstock
Yield 180/12 months
Eggs Chocolate Brown
Character Candy Natured

The Welsummer is a multipurpose hen. It’s good at foraging so is good for residing outside or in pens. The hen’s eggs are a good looking darkish, chocolate-brown colour, too, with even darker speckles. The breed can survive equally properly in cold and warm climates and is taken into account a superb alternative of hen for the house.

15. Penedesenca Rooster

Yield 200/12 months
Eggs Darkish, Darkish Purple Brown
Character Alert

The Penedesenca is an alert and even cautious chook. She gained’t be as loving as a number of different pet breeds, however she is going to come to you with common and affected person encouragement. She may even lay as much as 200 eggs a 12 months, and the eggs are a surprising and pure darkish red-brown colour.


Present the Greatest Laying Situations

To make sure the very best possibilities of your chickens laying ample eggs, it is best to guarantee the next:

  • Nest Packing containers – On common, you want a nest field for each fourth laying chook. The bins must be in a darkish place that provides a bit of privateness and they need to be just a few inches off the bottom. Clear the nest bins and ensure they’re safe and cozy on your chickens.
  • Accumulate Eggs – It is best to get into the behavior of accumulating eggs a few times a day, relying on the laying charge. One or two eggs gained’t put a hen off laying, however a field filled with eggs will.
  • Present A Nest Egg – With that mentioned, providing a nest egg within the nest field guides your hens to the place they need to be laying and convinces them that it’s a great spot. Use a golf ball or purchase a pretend egg.
  • Roosting Spots – Nest bins must be used for laying, and never sleeping. Present roosting spots so your birds don’t should sleep within the nest field, placing them off laying there.
  • Preserve Them In – In case you run out and open the roosting spot door too early, your hens gained’t have had an opportunity to put and will get side-tracked with different actions. Preserve them locked up till late morning in order that they probability to put their eggs.
  • Let There Be Mild – Quite a lot of chickens will cease laying throughout winter, and so they acknowledge the season by the truth that there’s much less daylight. Present synthetic mild that mimics that of daylight and you possibly can persuade your hens to put all 12 months.

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Precisely which breed can be greatest for you will depend on greater than your need for egg amount or look. It is best to contemplate how a lot room you can provide to the hens, whether or not you’ll allow them to roam and forage, and whether or not you have got any environmental issues that will exclude sure breeds.

Above, nevertheless, you will see that an intensive record of hen breeds for egg manufacturing. Some provide a prolific laying charge of as many as 300 per 12 months, some provide jumbo eggs which might be equal to 2 medium eggs, and a few provide stunningly lovely blue or intense chocolate brown-colored eggs.

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