13 Black and White Cat Breeds (with Photos)


There are a number of lovely black and white cat breeds. Typically, the markings on these cats are described as tuxedo or piebald. Regardless of this, the tuxedo cat isn’t a particular breed. It’s only a strategy to describe coloration. The feline seems to be like they’re carrying a proper swimsuit, therefore the time period.

Whereas many blended breeds can have this coloration, there are a couple of purebred cats with this coloration. We’ll check out a few of these standard breeds with this coloring.divider-cat

The 13 Black and White Cat Breeds

1. Maine Coon

young black and white Maine coon
Picture Credit score: Joanna Zaleska, Shutterstock
Weighs 9-18 kilos
Lives 13-14 years

The Maine Coon is slightly standard and customary within the US. They’re big cats with lustrous, lengthy coats. As their identify suggests, they originated from Maine, so their coat developed to maintain them heat from the colder temperatures.

Maine Coons can are available in all types of colours and patterns, together with black and white. Tabbies are frequent, although they’ll are available in just about any coloration.

These felines get alongside effectively with most animals and folks. They’re outgoing however not human-dependent like different breeds. They are often nice pets for youngsters and multi-animal households. They’re affectionate however don’t thoughts being left alone.

They’re additionally nice mousers, in order that they’re good for retaining rodents in examine as effectively.

2. Manx Cat

Picture Credit score: Seattle Cat Picture, Shutterstock
Weighs 8-12 kilos
Brief and long-haired
Lives 9-13 years

The Manx is a slightly dog-like cat. They’re identified for being energetic and playful. You need to plan on serving to them run off lots of power. In any other case, they’ll possible get into issues they shouldn’t. They’re clever as effectively, in order that they want loads of psychological stimulation. Puzzle toys and coaching could be important for these felines.

They’re generally tailless, however they’ll are available in tailed variations as effectively. The trait is recessive, so just some kittens find yourself tailless.

They arrive in quite a lot of colours, together with black and white.

These cats aren’t the healthiest due to their shortened backbone. Additionally they shed fairly a bit, even when they’re shorthaired.

3. Cornish Rex

Bi-color Cornish Rex
Picture Credit score: Jenni Ferreira, Shutterstock
Weighs 6-10 kilos
Brief, curly fur
Lives 15 years

These cats have a singular fur that’s brief and curly. This results in very tight rows of fur, which is exclusive within the feline world. Additionally they have giant ears and a trim physique. They give the impression of being lots like Siamese, besides their colorations are barely completely different.

They’re very people-oriented cats. They like to hang around with their people and be concerned in no matter they’re doing. They want fairly a little bit of consideration, which additionally means they require extra time than different felines. They are often skilled to carry out methods attributable to their excessive intelligence. Some may even stroll on leashes.

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4. Munchkin

Picture Credit score: MDavidova, Shutterstock
Weighs 6-9 kilos
Lives 12-15 years

Munchkins are a comparatively newer breed that’s distinctive. They’ve shorter-than-average legs, therefore their identify. That is the results of a genetic mutation that naturally occurred some years in the past. Since then, the mutation has been inspired to create this distinctive breed.

These cats are available in many various colours, together with black and white. Honestly, they’ll are available in virtually any coloration that another coat is available in. They’re enjoyable cats that make good companions for lively households. Regardless of their smaller legs, they don’t have a lot problem with mobility or something of that kind.

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5. Persian

Credit score: Eric Isselee, Shutterstock
Weighs 7-12 kilos
Lives 10-17 years

These felines are well-known all through the world. Their smooshed faces make them immediately recognizable. They arrive in many various colours, together with black and white. Their thick, lengthy coats require fairly a little bit of care and grooming, so be certain you have got the additional time earlier than you decide to adopting these felines.

This breed tends to be comparatively laid again and calm. They aren’t notably lively, nor do they require a lot psychological stimulation.

6. Oriental Shorthair

Picture Credit score: Seregraff, Shutterstock
Weighs 8-10 kilos
Brief and clean coat
Lives 15+ years

The Oriental Shorthair seems to be lots like a Siamese. They’re typically confused for a Siamese, possible as a result of the latter is best identified. These felines typically have inexperienced eyes, however their coats are available in a variety of colours. They are often black and white, although they are often practically another coloration as effectively.

These felines are very sensible and loud. They prefer to meow lots and can let you realize after they want consideration. They’re even-tempered and make good household cats if in case you have the time to dedicate to them. Their brief coats aren’t very protecting in opposition to the chilly, so they like hotter areas. There’s a long-haired model of this breed, however it’s categorized as a very separate breed.

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7. Siberian Cat

young black and white Siberian cat
Picture Credit score: Nynke van Holten, Shutterstock
Weighs 8-15 kilos
Lives 12-15 years

As their identify suggests, these cats developed to outlive the cruel winters of Siberia. They’ve lengthy, triple coats that do a superb job of retaining them heat within the components. They will survive in forested, freezing areas because of their coat.

They’ve turn out to be extra prevalent within the US through the years, primarily attributable to their people-oriented nature. They love spending time with their people. They like cuddling and playtime, making them match for a lot of completely different households. They’re clever and lively, in order that they do require some enrichment. Their coat just isn’t vulnerable to mats, but it surely does shed recurrently.

These felines are present in a variety of colours and patterns. They arrive in a black and white coloration, although brown tabby is the most typical.

8. Scottish Fold

Picture Credit score: mdmmikle, Shutterstock
Weighs 5-11 kilos
Lives 11-15 years

The Scottish Fold is most well-known for his or her folded over ears, the place they obtained their identify. They’re fairly uncommon to have a look at, which is without doubt one of the causes they’re so standard. Laidback and pleasant, these felines are nice housecats. They will stay simply alongside different pets and even youngsters.

Attributable to their folded-ear mutation, these cats are at a higher danger for cartilage and bone issues. Their coat could also be fairly brief, however additionally it is very dense and requires common grooming. They could require a bit of additional time and care.

9. Turkish Angora

black smoke with white Turkish Angora cat
Picture Credit score: Nynke van Holten, Shutterstock
Weighs 5-9 kilos
Lives 12-19 years

As soon as identified for his or her white coats, this breed has developed different coat colorations through the years—together with black and white. They nonetheless are primarily obtainable in white coats, nonetheless. As affectionate cats, they like to be with their folks the vast majority of the time. They don’t like being left alone, in order that they do finest in households the place they are going to have firm all through the day.

They’re additionally extra lively than most cats, so bodily train is required. Plenty of toys and climbing buildings are essential to hold these felines busy. In any other case, they might get into bother attempting to make their very own enjoyable.

10. British Shorthair

british shorthair cat in litter box
Picture Credit score: Nils Jacobi, Sutterstock
Weighs 7-17 kilos
Lives 15-20 years

The British Shorthair is without doubt one of the hottest cats in England. They arrive in a couple of completely different colours, although blue (or gray) is the most typical. Black and white choices can be found, however they’re rarer. They had been initially bred and saved for sensible functions, like looking mice. Their dense coat retains them heat and protects them from the weather, although it doesn’t require a lot grooming.

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They’re unbiased cats that don’t thoughts being left alone, although they are going to cuddle with their folks. They take pleasure in playtime however aren’t excessively lively. General, they’re fairly typical felines that make good household pets.

11. Cymrics

Cymric Cat
Picture Credit score: PxHere
Weighs 7-13 kilos
Lives 9-13 years

Very like the Manx cat, Cymrics are utterly tailless—more often than not. As a result of their tail is managed by difficult genetics, they arrive in quite a lot of lengths. Some don’t have tails in any respect, whereas others have a tiny stump. Their lack of a tail is the results of a genetic mutation. As a result of they developed on the Isle of Man, which is a comparatively small space, this genetic mutation unfold till it affected a lot of the felines on the island.

These cats are available in many various colours at the moment, together with black and white. They’re people-oriented and don’t prefer to spend an excessive amount of time alone. They do finest in households the place there may be all the time somebody to maintain them firm. They will get lonely when left by themselves, which may end up in damaging behaviors.

12. Ragamuffin

Picture Credit score: Kill_Baal, Shutterstock
Weighs 10-15 kilos
Medium-length hair
15-18 years

Like their identify may recommend, these felines share an advanced historical past with the Ragdoll, which is a way more standard cat breed. They’re fairly giant with a muscular and rectangular physique. They’re lap cats and spend most of their time lazing round. Nevertheless, they do prefer to play often.

These cats do like fairly a little bit of consideration, often via cuddling. They are going to greet sure folks on the door and are well-known for following their house owners round the home.

13. Devon Rex

Picture Credit score: Jagodka, Shutterstock
Weighs 6-9 kilos
Very brief hair
Lives 10-15 years

The Devon Rex is a extremely lovable cat. They’re very affectionate with nearly everybody and like to cuddle. They aren’t tremendous lively and like to lounge round as an alternative. Their distinctive look has made them slightly standard all through the years.

These felines have extraordinarily brief hair. This implies they require some particular care, like sunscreen in the summertime if they’re allowed outdoors. They arrive in black and white, in addition to quite a lot of different colours.

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