12 Finest Pet Chook Species (With Photos)

domestic budgie playing with bell

Birds have lengthy been a preferred companion to people, notably massive species of parrots, and an estimated 5 million birds are stored as pets in america alone. Earlier than selecting a pet hen, it is important to do analysis, as some species require an enormous quantity of consideration and particular care, and a few are even more likely to outlive their house owners!

Smaller hen species, like budgies, doves, and canaries, are nice choices for inexperienced persons, as they’re straightforward to take care of and don’t require large quantities of human consideration and interplay. These birds are additionally straightforward to feed and home and usually don’t stay so long as Macaws and different massive parrots, a few of which might stay for nicely over 60 years.

Birds are very smart creatures that have to have their bodily and psychological wants met. Massive parrots particularly are a major duty that shouldn’t be entered into frivolously. You probably have the time and dedication and are able to convey dwelling a pet hen, listed below are 12 of one of the best kinds of birds for pets.


The 12 Finest Kinds of Pet Birds

1. African Gray Parrot

African Grey Parrot
Picture Credit score: Capri23auto, Pixabay

The African Gray is likely one of the most clever parrots on the planet, with an astounding means to be taught and imitate speech that has earned them the nickname, “The Einsteins of the Chook World.” There are two distinct subspecies of African Greys: the Congo, with a bigger physique and black beak, and the Timneh, with a smaller physique, darker gray feathers, and maroon tail feathers. Whereas these birds are a reasonably high-maintenance species and might stay for over 50 years, they bond strongly with their house owners and are affectionate companions, making them probably the greatest kinds of pet birds you may get.

2. Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrot on branch
Picture Credit score: fiz_zero, Shutterstock

Amazon Parrots are some of the common medium-sized finest pet birds stored as pets resulting from their playful and outgoing natures. They’re daring and comical birds that take pleasure in being the focus and are recognized for his or her speaking and singing. Whereas they modify nicely to captivity, these birds require an excessive amount of consideration and psychological stimulation, with out which they’re liable to behavioral issues. Amazon Parrots usually stay for 40-50 years and in some instances, past 80.

3. Budgerigar

Picture Credit score: Lichtsammler, Pixabay

Also referred to as parakeets or just as “budgies,” Budgerigars are clever little birds which might be decrease upkeep than greater parrots and require much less house, making them a preferred alternative for newbie hen fanatics. They’ll speak simply as nicely or higher than bigger parrot species, and a few have been recognized to develop pretty complicated vocabularies. They arrive in all kinds of gorgeous colours and usually stay for 12-14 years, and are among the finest pet birds yow will discover.

4. Canary

Picture Credit score: RoyBuri, Pixabay

Canaries have been stored and bred for tons of of years by hen fanatics and have been developed into over 200 totally different subspecies, every with their very own distinctive character and look. They’re well-known for his or her detection of noxious gases in coal mines within the late 1800s, in addition to for his or her depiction as the favored cartoon character “Tweety Chook.” They’re nice for inexperienced persons, as they’re straightforward to for and have a pleasant disposition and usually stay for 5-15 years when nicely cared for.

5. Cockatiel

Picture Credit score: 995645, Pixabay

The medium-sized Cockatiel is a member of the Cockatoo household and is usually described by their house owners as comical, outgoing, and cuddly — these birds take pleasure in snuggling into their proprietor’s shoulder, for instance. They’re recognized for his or her whistling and singing greater than speaking, in addition to their spectacular head crest, as they’re the one small parrots to characteristic one. They arrive in a various vary of gorgeous colours and usually stay for 15-20 years.

6. Cockatoo

Picture Credit score: Buntysmum, Pixabay

Cockatoos are nice companion birds and are recognized for his or her affectionate, comical, and mischievous characters. These birds demand an excessive amount of consideration and are generally known as “Velcro birds” as they love being near their house owners. The cockatoo species is made up of round 21 totally different birds, most recognizable for his or her distinguished crests and curved payments, and they are often noisy at instances. Whereas these parrots make nice pets, they’re one of many tougher hen species to take care of, and a few varieties can stay for as much as 60 years.

7. Conure

Picture Credit score: BioBush, Pixabay

Conures are comical and fun-loving birds and common pet companions. They’re small to medium-sized parrots that vary extensively in vivid coloring, much like that of the bigger Macaw. They’re social birds that like to be near their house owners and are recognized for his or her gentleness and endurance with kids. They’re additionally recognized for being connected to and pleasant with the whole household and don’t get connected to 1 proprietor, as many different parrots do. There are virtually 100 totally different subspecies of Conures, making them some of the various parrot species. They’ve a lifespan of 20-30 years.

8. Doves

Picture Credit score: Aruns212, Pixabay

Maybe a stunning addition to this listing, Doves make nice companion birds when raised and cared for correctly. They’re good-natured and pleasant, straightforward to take care of, and quieter than parrots. Doves are a fantastic alternative of hen for inexperienced persons for these causes and can fortunately perch in your shoulder as parrots do. When raised correctly, they’re extremely affectionate birds that take pleasure in human interplay, together with petting and cuddling. The most well-liked pet doves are ringnecks, which have a mean lifespan of 12-15 years.

9. Finch

Picture Credit score: minka2507, Pixabay

The tiny Finch has develop into a preferred pet hen species resulting from its quiet nature and hands-off upkeep. There are tons of of various subspecies of Finches, the most well-liked pet varieties being the Zebra Finch, Owl Finch, and Society Finch. Whereas Finches are simpler to take care of than parrots, as they don’t require human interplay, they do require a big aviary and are happiest when stored in pairs or teams. They’re unlikely to be skilled to perch in your shoulder, though some could be skilled to with endurance. Finches usually stay for as much as 10 years.

10. Lovebird

Picture Credit score: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

One of many smaller species of parrot generally stored as pets, Lovebirds get their identify from the loving bond that they kind with their mates. There are 9 totally different subspecies of lovebirds, every with their very own distinctive traits and coloring, however they’re all lively and loving parrots. Lovebirds are finest stored in pairs, and there’s a widespread fantasy that they’ll die of melancholy if stored alone. Whereas this has been proved largely unfaithful, these birds ought to be given ample alternative to stay as much as their identify!

11. Macaw

Macaw Parrot
Picture Credit score: 192635, Pixabay

The Macaw is likely one of the most well-known of all parrots and for good motive. They’re extremely stunning, brightly coloured birds with massive beaks and lengthy tails. Whereas there are a number of small subspecies, Macaws are usually massive and intensely vocal birds that require a ton of consideration and residing house and are an enormous duty. Macaws are playful and lively birds that make common pets. These birds can simply stay for 50 years or extra in captivity, so they’ll seemingly be a lifelong dedication.

12. Parrotlet

Picture Credit score: klickblick, Pixabay

Parrotlets are the smallest species of the parrot household that like their bigger cousins, kind robust bonds with their house owners and are common pets. Though they’re small, Parrotlets can stay for 20-30 years if correctly cared for and have large personalities. They’re recognized for his or her feisty and generally mischievous characters that demand a ton of consideration. They’re additionally extremely lively birds that like to discover their atmosphere, so they need to be set free of their enclosures as a lot as doable.

Featured Picture Credit score: Vyaseleva Elena, Shutterstock

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