12 Charming Dwarf Rabbit Breeds (With Photos)

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If you happen to assume there may be nothing cuter than a cute, fluffy rabbit, wait till you get a take a look at these dwarf breed bunnies. Not solely are they lovable, however every one has its personal traits, character, and magnificence.

Beneath, we have now discovered the highest 12 dwarf rabbit breeds. We are going to discuss every one to provide you a greater understanding of those miniature thumpers. Plus, we may even embrace photos on your ooh and ahh pleasure. Preserve studying for all of the mini-size enjoyable.


The 12 Dwarf Rabbit Breeds Are:

Mini bunnies have turn into increasingly widespread for his or her lovable stature and pet-friendly skill. Rabbit breeds vary from giant to dwarf, and researchers consider it’s the deactivation of the HMGA2 gene that causes sure bunnies to stay mini.

Dwarfism can happen naturally in rabbits as it may well in people, but when these tiny-sized animals turned in-demand, breeds went to work making these pint-sized pets a breed of their very own. Usually, a dwarf rabbit won’t get any larger than 5 kilos with nearly all of them staying within the 2.5-pound vary.

As talked about, these little furballs could make nice pets. Like every animal, although, every one has their very own character and totally different breeds share totally different traits and traits. So, with out additional ado, let’s take a look at the totally different dwarf breeds:

1. Holland Lop

white brown Holland lop rabbit
Picture Credit score: monofly, Shutterstock

The Holland Lop is one in all a number of lop breeds. The time period “lop” refers to their ears that flop over. The Holland Lop was created by a person named Adrian De Cock in (you guessed it) Holland within the 1940’s by cross-breeding the English lop, French Lop, and the Netherland dwarf. This cutey options tender and thick fur in many various colours. Their coats will also be tricolored or bicolored. They’ve small, compact our bodies with semi-long lopped ears. They are going to develop to wherever from 2 to 4 kilos and have a noticeably flat head.

2. Mini Lop Rabbit

mini lop rabbit
Picture Credit score: FiledIMAGE, Shutterstock

Though pretty new to the scene, this tiny bunny is likely one of the hottest breeds. Uncertain of their origins, this dwarf rabbit might come from both a French or Flemish background. You’ll be able to spot this breed by their bigger sized head and muscular physique. Moreover the muscle mass, in addition they have quick and spherical frames with a thick coat of medium size fur.

This bunny will weigh between 5.5 and seven.5 kpounds. Their ears are lopped with rounded suggestions. Whereas the ears are lengthy, they aren’t the longest. Additionally, you will discover their fur to be many colours together with tri or bicolored. This fur ball additionally has a life expectancy of 5 to seven years.

3. Lionhead Rabbit

Lionhead rabbit sitting in the grass
Picture Credit score: Camraw26, Pixabay

As their identify suggests, this dwarf breed is thought for its lovely mane of fur. Not solely that, however their ears can develop to seven centimeters, though they’re generally misplaced in all of the fur. To maintain issues attention-grabbing, you too can discover this rabbit with shorter, erect ears, as properly.

This can be a bigger dwarf breed that may weigh as much as 5 kilos. That being stated, they’ll seem bigger as a result of all their fur. We additionally need to level out that many Lionheads lose a lot of their “mane” as soon as they attain maturity. That is an English and Belgium breed that has a coat that may encompass many colours. Additionally they have wide-set eyes and an elongated snout.

4. Mini English Angora Rabbit

This little pet was initially recognized for its sweater making skill. Not all Angora rabbits are dwarf, and their common dimension counterparts are something however “common” dimension. This bunny is thought for its extraordinarily tender and fluffy coat; which was as soon as used to make sweaters.

This breed has a tiny stature, however they require quite a lot of grooming to handle their fur, which is susceptible to knot and mat rapidly if it isn’t brushed repeatedly. They will additionally develop pores and skin irritations and different hygiene points, as properly.

5. Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit

columbian basin pygmy rabbit_Randy Bjorklund_Shutterstock
Picture Credit score: Randy Bjorklund, Shutterstock

This dwarf rabbit is likely one of the rarest mini-bunnies on the planet. In actual fact, there is no such thing as a purebred Columbia Basin Pygmy’s left, however the breed does proceed with crossbred rabbits. Not solely is that this a really uncommon species, however additionally it is one of many smallest. Adults weigh in at a bite-size one pound.

Not solely can you notice this rabbit for its mouse-like look, however they often have a brief grey coat and smaller perked ears. What’s extra, this explicit bunny just isn’t keen on breeding which is one motive they virtually went extinct within the Nineties.

6. Britannia Petite Rabbit

As you probably guessed, this subsequent tiny tot has English ancestors. This can be a dwarf breed with quite a lot of power, so they may want quite a lot of train, and a big house to leap about in if you’re preserving them as a pet. Their most noticeable function is their arched again and pulled in abdomen which supplies them a lean look.

The Britannia additionally has quick, erect ears and barely protruding eyes. They’ve a wedge-shaped head, quick, tender fur, and tiny paws. You’ll be able to often discover them in white or grey, however their coat might be different colours, too.

7. Miniature Cashmere Lop Rabbit

Credit score: Antonio_CSI, Shutterstock

Recognized for his or her lengthy, supersoft coat, the mini Cashmere Lop options lengthy ears, a stocky physique, and a large head that appears curved when it from the aspect. Their larger cousins, the Cashmere Lop, is likely one of the hottest breeds of rabbits round.

Originating in England, this tiny bunny’s fur coat can are available many various colours and patterns. Like a few of their longer furred buddies, this rabbit requires quite a lot of grooming to keep away from tangles and mats. They will even have some well being points associated to furballs if they aren’t taken care of correctly.

8. Dwarf Hotot

dwarf hotot rabbit_WBes_Shutterstock
Picture Credit score: WBes, Shutterstock

This is likely one of the most affectionate mini rabbits, and they’re recognized for his or her tiny look and tender fur. Bred in France in 1902, it is possible for you to to identify this bunny by its lovely white fur and darkish eyes. As a result of distinction between the colours, it makes their eyes seem larger.

One other function of the Dwarf Hotot is their ears which lay on the again of their head, and can simply perk up. Additionally, they’ve fairly an urge for food for a small animal. They are going to turn into obese if they aren’t watched fastidiously, although, and supplied with sufficient train.

9. American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

This fuzzy lop has a full coat of soppy fur, though it isn’t as tender because the Angora breed. In actual fact, the coat has a “fuzzy” stringy look at occasions. They’ve a stocky physique with lengthy ears and small eyes. They’re additionally considered associated to the Holland Lop.

The American Fuzzy bunny has a spherical head and flat face. Their fur is so thick you often can not see their neck or ears, as properly. The colour of their fur can range and be both tri or bi-colored.

10. Dutch Dwarf Rabbit

This itty-bitty bunny is likely one of the smallest breeds of dwarf rabbits weighing in at solely 1-2 kilos as adults. They’re, nonetheless, one of many strongest rabbits primarily based on their dimension. This bunny is muscular and compact with giant heads for his or her dimension. This breed comes from the Netherlands, because the identify signifies.

Nice as a lap pet, Dutch Dwarves have quick and tender fur. Their ears are small and stand erect, plus they’ve a versatile physique and are very, very fast. This bunny requires train and quite a lot of love in the event you want to maintain them as a pet.

11. Jersey Wooly Rabbit

jersey wooly rabbit_laurendotcom_Shutterstock
Picture Credit score: laurendotcom, Shutterstock

The Jersey Wooly rabbit was bred within the Nineteen Seventies in New Jersey. This breed has quick erect ears with a tender coat, and apparently sufficient, it doesn’t kick. They make nice pets as they may sit in your lap, plus they’re very affectionate.

With a muscular and compact physique, adults can develop over 3 kilos. They’ve a sq. head and a relaxed disposition. They’re an incredible starter pet for individuals who have by no means cared for rabbits, as they don’t require a lot additional work exterior the norm. Additionally they have a life expectancy of six to 9 years.

12. Mini Satin Rabbit

mini satin rabbit
Picture Credit score: Eric Isselee, Shutterstock

That is one other mini rabbit breed that comes from the USA. They’re widespread as a result of their fur coat which resembles satin. Sadly, the recessive gene that causes this fur has made this bunny uncommon and never simply discovered.

Moreover their fur, the Mini Satin has quick hair medium size ears which are inclined to stay up, and a lean-to muscular body. Additionally they have slim heads and might are available a wide range of colours. Though they’re uncommon, they make nice pets with a laid-back character.



We hope you have got loved the data above in regards to the totally different sorts of dwarf rabbits. Though they’re tremendous cute with their tiny stature, they’re additionally all totally different and possess totally different traits. Each has their very own will and character, as properly. In case you are hoping so as to add one in all these little furballs to your loved ones, we’re glad to know the data we supplied was a assist.

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