10 Sorts of Plecos That Keep Small (with Footage)

Clown Pleco that stays small

Plecos are nice fish to have in your aquarium. They assist preserve the atmosphere clear by consuming a lot of the fabric that falls to the tank flooring. In addition they preserve principally to themselves, so few fish thoughts having them within the tank. Nevertheless, many plecos can get fairly massive, with some rising to a size of a foot or extra. If in case you have a ten or 20-gallon tank, some sorts of pleco fish will shortly die as a result of the habitat is just too small. As it may be troublesome to kind by way of the entire breeds to search out one appropriate to your aquarium, we’ve created a listing of 10 species of pleco fish that you could put in a small tank. Most species don’t get various inches lengthy however are nonetheless engaging, colourful, and a very good software for retaining your tank clear.

Plecos That Keep Small

1. Gold Spot Dwarf Pleco

Size: 2 inches
Minimal Tank Measurement:  10 gallons

The Gold Spot Dwarf Pleco is the proper alternative for a smaller 10 or 15-gallon tank. It often solely grows to about 2 inches. It eats algae, biofilm, algae wafer, and greens and can assist to maintain your tank clear. It’s a peaceful and peaceable fish that likes to cover among the many crops or bury itself within the substrate. It’s one of many few plecos that take pleasure in residing in teams, and most consultants advocate retaining 3 in a 10-gallon tank.

2. Pitbull Pleco

Size: 2.4 inches
Minimal Tank Measurement: 15 gallons

Regardless of trying utterly completely different, many Pitbull Plecos bought in pet shops are Gold Spot Dwarf Plecos with an incorrect label. Since these two fish are fairly completely different, we advocate getting acquainted with the variations earlier than going procuring. The Pitbull doesn’t have any gold spots and as a substitute has gray markings which can be fairly completely different. It’s a little bit bigger, and although it eats algae, it received’t preserve your tank as clear as a Gold Spot. It enjoys residing in teams, and you need to go for a 15-gallon tank for as much as three Pitbull Plecos when you like this breed.

3. Dwarf Snowball Pleco

Size: 2.4 inches
Minimal Tank Measurement:  10 gallons

The Dwarf Snowball Pleco is a singular fish that has a black with white polka-dot look. It grows to about 2.4 inches lengthy and solely requires a 10-gallon tank. It’s a carnivorous pleco that may scavenge the underside at night time, on the lookout for leftover meals from different fish, however it might probably additionally go after shrimplets if in case you have them within the tank. It likes heat water with loads of motion.

4. Angelicus Pleco

Size: 3.1 inches
Minimal Tank Measurement:  20 gallons

The Angelicus Pleco is one other polka dot fish, however the dots on this fish are very small. This pleco often grows to a little bit over 3 inches lengthy and is greatest fitted to a tank dimension of at the least 20 gallons. It may be aggressive towards different fish and prefers meat to algae. It likes numerous present and loads of driftwood to chew on and to cover behind.

5. Clown Pleco

Size: 3.1 inches
Minimal Tank Measurement:  10 gallons

The Clown Pleco could be very in style amongst folks with smaller aquariums as a result of it solely requires a 10-gallon tank. It doesn’t eat many forms of algae however will repeatedly chew on driftwood. It’s not very lively and received’t get in the best way of your different fish. Because it chews a lot wooden, it might probably create sawdust poop, and you might want a filter to take away the particles from the water.

6. Zebra Pleco

Size: 3.2 inches
Minimal Tank Measurement:  10 gallons

The Zebra Pleco prefers to spend its time hiding and doesn’t forage a lot, so it is not going to require an excessive amount of tank area. It grows to a little bit over 3 inches tall, and it prefers a sandy substrate with transferring water. It’s going to require a high-water temperature to stay an extended life and eat a primarily carnivorous eating regimen. The Zebra Pleco is likely one of the hottest fish on this class, however it’s additionally one of the vital costly.

7. Queen Arabesque Pleco

Size: 3.5 inches
Minimal Tank Measurement:  15 gallons

The Queen Arabesque Pleco is a sexy fish with a darkish physique and light-colored stripes. It grows to about 3.5 inches and prefers a tank of at the least 15 gallons. It doesn’t wish to be within the tank with quick swimmers and eats a carnivorous eating regimen. It’s a peaceable fish that may usually let different fish have meals it might have defended. It likes to have a cave to cover in and driftwood to chew.

8. Bristlenose Pleco

Bristlenose Plecos
Picture Credit score: TTONN, Shutterstock
Size: 4 inches
Minimal Tank Measurement:  20 gallons

There are a number of sorts of the Bristlenose Pleco, and they’re all immediately recognizable by their small hairs that make it look nearly prefer it has a beard. It’s a peaceable pleco, however it eats quite a bit and makes an enormous mess within the tank. Some varieties require water stained with the tannins of driftwood and are greatest for skilled homeowners who know how one can create such an atmosphere. Nevertheless, their distinctive look could make them definitely worth the hassle for some homeowners.

9. Leopard Frog Pleco

Size: 4.3 inches
Minimal Tank Measurement:  10 gallons

The Leopard Frog Pleco is likely one of the largest plecos that may nonetheless match right into a 10-gallon tank. It’s additionally one of the vital engaging, with alternating yellow and black stripes. It requires heat, comfortable water and is prone to illness if the water temperature drops, so we advocate buying a small however dependable heater.

10. Rubber Lipped Pleco

Size: 4.3 inches
Minimal Tank Measurement:  20 gallons

The Rubber Lipped Pleco is likely one of the largest locations on this listing and would require a tank dimension of about 20 gallons. It’s one of the vital environment friendly algae eaters and can shortly clear your tank of algae different plecos would depart behind. It’s peaceable and won’t intrude with the exercise of some other fish in your tank, and because it doesn’t require any particular care, it’s a sensible choice for a kid or newbie.



In case you are seeking to home your pleco in a 10-gallon tank, we advocate beginning at the start of our listing. In case you are a 20-gallon tank, begin on the finish. We extremely advocate the Gold Spot Dwarf Pleco for most individuals as a result of it does an amazing job cleansing out the tank. It prefers to stay in a bunch so you may put three right into a 10-gallon tank and 6 right into a 20-gallon tank, which is able to create an environment friendly cleansing machine. Nevertheless, any of those varieties will make a beautiful addition to your tank.

We hope you’ve gotten loved studying over these completely different sorts of pleco and located the one you want greatest. If we’ve got helped you discover the subsequent addition to your aquarium, please share this information to the ten forms of Plecos that keep small on Fb and Twitter.

Featured Picture Credit score: MIKITO SHIRAI, Shutterstock

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