10 Cat Breeds That Look Like Siamese Cats (With Footage)

Tonkinese cat face

There are numerous totally different cat breeds in existence, and lots of extra used to roam this planet however at the moment are extinct. Every has their very own distinctive look and persona, however many share related haves, and it may be complicated in terms of figuring out their true breed. For instance, there is just one Siamese cat, however many different breeds seem like them. Listed below are 10 cat breeds that seem like the Siamese breed.


The ten Cat Breeds That Look Like Siamese Cats

1. Tonkinese Cats

Tonkinese Cats
Picture Credit score: Pxhere

Earlier than being formally named Tonkinese, these cats had been known as “Golden Siamese” cats. They’ve medium-length coats, pointed ears, vibrant blue eyes, and lengthy nostril whiskers. They’re sometimes playful and interactive, making them nice household pets for households of all sizes and kinds. Their personalities are much like the Siamese breed, however their colour is darker, which makes them simple to inform aside from precise Siamese cats.

2. Balinese Cats

Balinese Cat
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Some breeders preserve that the Balinese breed is a mutation of the Siamese, but others declare that they’re a totally separate breed. Regardless of the case, they’ve mushy, medium-length coats of fur and the identical color-point patterns that the Siamese breed is thought for displaying. These cats wish to meow and can spend all day interacting with the people and different animals dwelling inside their family.

3. Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll Cats
Picture Credit score: monicore, Pixabay

The Ragdoll cat appears just like the Siamese breed, however that is the place the 2 breeds’ similarities finish. Whereas Siamese cats are rambunctious and unbiased, Ragdoll cats are extra docile and affectionate. They take pleasure in spending time within the laps of their members of the family and can by no means miss a chance to snuggle in mattress at night time. They have an inclination to get lazy and obese if they don’t seem to be supplied with common psychological and bodily stimulation.

4. The Devon Rex

devon rex kitten
Picture Credit score Veera, Shutterstock

The pointed sample and wavy texture of this cat’s coat are what make them much like the Siamese cat. Their massive, erect ears and alert eyes exhibit their intelligence, whereas their playful nature and affectionate persona make them a pleasure to spend time with. Whereas the Devon Rex is just not thought of hypoallergenic just like the Siamese breed is, it has a lightweight shedding coat that’s recognized to be appropriate for these with allergy symptoms.

5. Cornish Rex Cats

Cornish Rex Cats
Picture Credit score: Pxhere

The Cornish Rex appears like a cross between a Kangaroo and a Siamese cat. They’ve lengthy and erect ears, slender and alert tails, and slim but muscular legs. These cats have wavy coats just like the Siamese, in addition to related coat patterns. These clever cats are simple to coach and might study tips, comparable to doing a high-five and fetching a favourite toy. Along with their superior trainability, they take pleasure in pleasing their human counterparts, making them a rewarding household pet.

6. Javanese Cats

Javanese Cats
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These trustworthy cats seem like Siamese cats however are sometimes lighter in colour. They don’t like spending time alone and would slightly spend be with a companion, whether or not a human or a fellow cat. They share most of the similar traits as Siamese cats, comparable to vibrant and bubbly personalities and vocal tendencies. Nonetheless, these are two totally different cat breeds, and if you get to know them, you’ll be able to spot their delicate variations rapidly.

7. Unique Shorthair Cats

Exotic Shorthair Cats
Picture Credit score: RobynRandell, Pixabay

These cats have flatter faces than Siamese cats, however their total look is reminiscent, which is what earns them a spot on this record. They arrive in all kinds of colours and patterns, together with the ever-popular level patterns that Siamese cats are so standard for. Their coats are tremendous dense, and so they shed ceaselessly, in order that they require a comparatively excessive quantity of upkeep all year long to maintain them contemporary, clear, and freed from hair mats.

8. Himalayan Cats

Himalayan Cats
Picture Credit score: No-longer-here, Pixabay

These cats seem like Persians, however they’ve an analogous pointed-color sample to the Siamese. The Himalayan is powerful, muscular, and unbiased. Nonetheless, they’ve a sweet-natured and affectionate facet that they’ll gladly exhibit to anybody prepared to supply them with consideration. They don’t thoughts dwelling indoors if they’ve entry to loads of toys and cuddly beds to sink into when it’s catnap time.

9. Birman Cats

Birman Cats
Picture Credit score: freestocks-photos, Pixabay

This color-pointed breed is gorgeous, fun-loving, and clever. They bear a placing resemblance to the Siamese cat, however their persona is extra laidback and affected person. These cats are descendants of temple cats, recognized for his or her luxurious coats, deep purring sounds, and spoiled tendencies. They’re fast to let their homeowners know when they need or want one thing, however they’ll snuggle contently in a nook when all is nice of their world.

10. Munchkin Cats

Twin Munchkin Cat
Picture Credit score: Phannasit, Shutterstock

This breed has shorter legs than is often displayed in cats, which makes them controversial within the breeding world. They’re a reasonably new breed that has Siamese traits, however they haven’t but been acknowledged as a pure legit breed by any official organizations, except for the Worldwide Cat Affiliation (granted in 1995). Nonetheless, they do look considerably like Siamese cats, in order that they deserve acknowledgment, even simply to carry mild to doable moral points which might be related to growing this breed.


Last Ideas

Though the cats on this record look much like Siamese cats, they’re their very own distinctive breeds that deserve recognition for themselves. In order for you a cat that appears and acts like a Siamese cat, then think about adopting one as a substitute of hoping that one other breed will fill within the hole. In case you are on the lookout for a enjoyable, cute, and interactive cat to spend your life with that’s paying homage to the Siamese cat, any of the breeds featured right here ought to hit the spot. Which breed are you most excited by, and which do you assume usually are not related sufficient to the Siamese breed? Tell us your ideas by leaving a remark.

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