Toucan Crossing

Toucan crossing definition is that ‘two can’ cross on the similar time; cyclists and pedestrians. This together with the truth that all UK pedestrian crossings are named after animals, the identify Toucan Crossing was suitably utilized.

In addition to the Toucan Crossing, different varieties of UK pedestrians crossings requires {that a} bike owner ought to dismount earlier than crossing for their very own security and the protection of others. The Toucan Crossing design is far wider than different typical crossings permitting cyclists to experience safely throughout through the use of entrance lanes, plus probably devoted lanes while crossing the street that merge into exit lanes.

Though throughout a driving check the examiner is not going to ask you any questions apart from the Present Me Inform Me questions, it’s nonetheless in your curiosity to attempt to set up what sort of crossing it’s you might be approaching.

By establishing this, it should show you how to predict potential hazards and risks prematurely, which in any case, is a significant a part of your secure driving profession.

Toucan crossing for drivers

As at all times throughout a driving check, try to be trying properly forward for any suggestion of potential hazards. Any pedestrian crossing, together with the Toucan crossing is a possible hazard.

Toucan crossing
Toucan crossing from the drivers view

There are not any devoted indicators to recommend a Toucan crossing is forward though there could also be a basic pedestrian crossing signal resembling illustrated within the left column of this web page.

Because the crossing nears, search for street markings. Are there a number of lanes on the crossing and does the crossing look like a lot wider than a typical crossing? If sure, it’s more likely to be a Toucan crossing. If in busy visitors, take the additional width of the Toucan crossing into consideration to make sure you don’t cease on the crossing if a automobile in entrance of you stops the opposite aspect of the crossing.

Look additionally for ready pedestrians and cyclists. If cyclists are ready and are nonetheless mounted, it should possible be a Toucan crossing.

If the pedestrians have been ready for a protracted time frame, the possibilities are the lights will change earlier than you could have handed the crossing, so be ready to decelerate and cease. From a distance, particularly in low gentle circumstances, you may see the ‘wait’ signal on the yellow field illuminated for a ways away. This could offer you a clue that the lights could change earlier than you cross.

On the method to any hazard, together with a crossing, the examiner will count on you to verify the rear view mirror. That is to ascertain what’s behind you and the way shut. If a automobile is driving shut behind you and you are feeling it’s possible you have to to cease on the crossing, you might want to softly decelerate before ordinary to offer the automobile behind extra time to react to your slowing.

If nevertheless the crossing is totally clear and you’ll clearly see there is no such thing as a one ready to cross, there is no such thing as a have to sluggish your automobile and you’ll proceed on the present velocity restrict or secure velocity for the street circumstances.

It’s a offence to cease on any pedestrian crossing and block the way in which of pedestrians and cyclists making an attempt to cross the street. Such actions will definitely fail a driving check and probably if caught by cameras or the police, could end in a nice. Bear in mind Toucan crossings are considerably wider than different varieties of crossings so additional care is required to keep away from this. Figuring out a Toucan Crossing on method will assist to keep away from this as you’ll perceive it is going to be wider.

If the visitors is heavy and sluggish transferring, permit the automobile in entrance to clear the crossing and to permit sufficient room so that you can clear the crossing earlier than continuing throughout. A driver behind you might be impatient with such actions however keep agency and make them wait.

If the lights change to purple and you’ll want to cease, make sure you cease simply earlier than the cease line (see diagram above). Stopping even barely over or on the cease line will possible fail your driving check.

Toucan crossing zigzag traces

A driver or rider should not park their autos on the zigzag traces at both aspect of a Toucan Crossing (see diagram above). That is an offence and may end up in a nice. The zigzag traces are in place to forestall parked autos from obscuring the view of crossing pedestrians, cyclists and in addition to permit drivers a clearer view of the crossing upon shut method.

For additional info on parking procedures and penalties on yellow or white zigzag street markings, see:

Toucan crossing guidelines

  • Regular amber lights situated on a Toucan crossing warn drivers to start out slowing their autos as they might want to cease.
  • Zigzag traces situated at both aspect of the street on a Toucan crossing are put in place to warn autos to not park inside these areas. Parked autos in these areas obscures the view of each pedestrians and cyclists crossing the street and different visitors approaching the Toucan crossing.
  • It’s an offence to cease a automobile on a Toucan crossing and impede the progress of pedestrians and cyclists making an attempt to cross. Sure Toucan crossing could have cameras situated to detect such offences.
  • Overtaking different autos on a Toucan crossing will not be permitted. Overtaking cyclists is suitable.
  • Though not unlawful, gesturing pedestrians or cyclists to cross by use of head lights or hand gestures must be averted for security motive and if achieved throughout a driving check is more likely to end in a failure.
  • It’s unlawful to not cease at a purple gentle at a Toucan crossing. Sure pedestrian crossing have cameras that detect such offences.

Toucan Crossing lights

The Toucan crossing gentle sequence under illustrates what the motive force will see similtaneously pedestrians or cyclists. Toucan crossings use the identical sequence as these discovered on Puffin crossings.

Toucan Crossing Light Sequence
Toucan Crossing gentle sequence as seen by automobile drivers
Toucan Crossing Lights
Toucan Crossing gentle sequence for pedestrians and cyclists

Toucan crossing regular amber

The regular amber part of a Toucan Crossing alerts drivers to organize to cease. If while driving, you drive by a gradual amber since you are near the crossing, that is acceptable offering you don’t drive by a purple gentle at any level (even half means by crossing).

Toucan Crossing Sign
Toucan Crossing street signal

Toucan Crossing signal

A toucan crossing could or could not have an indication on method to warn drivers. If an indication is current, an indication displayed for all pedestrian crossing sorts shall be displayed such because the signal.

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