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The Ford Transit is a van steadily seen on the roads. This part accommodates the dashboard warning lights for the Ford Transit and Ford Transit Join.

Virtually all automobiles now use computer systems to maintain the engine, the mechanics and electrical methods operating at optimum ranges and to additionally monitor system well being. Dashboard warning lights and symbols are used to tell the driving force that there’s a fault, or that one thing requires consideration.

Completely different gentle colors are used to convey the significance of the message. Utility symbols akin to for instance exterior lights being activated or heating methods use a blue or inexperienced gentle.

Orange, amber or yellow lights are usually used to tell the driving force that one thing requires consideration. This could possibly be for instance that one thing wants changing, checking or servicing. Because the scenario turns into extra severe, crimson lights are usually used and that is to tell the driving force that one thing requires rapid consideration. A crimson gentle might also probably flash and should use an audible sound to realize consideration.

Beneath are the dashboard warning lights for the Ford Transit and the Ford Transit Join. Footage of the assorted symbols are used together with a proof. Symbols might fluctuate barely relying on the manufacture location of the automobile.

Ford Transit / Connect ABS Warning Light
ABS Gentle

Ford Transit / Join ABS Malfunction Warning Gentle

If the ABS yellow / amber (Anti-lock braking system) warning comes on while driving, this means a malfunction with the system. Regular brakes will proceed to perform as typical and won’t be affected (until the brake system warning gentle additionally illuminates). ABS is most helpful in heavy braking situations and will help to regulate a automobile by stopping it from skidding. See ABS for additional info.

Ford Transit / Connect Brake System Warning Light
Brake System


The Ford Transit / Join crimson exclamation mark gentle has two doable meanings. This dashboard image comes on merely to tell the driving force that the handbrake is engaged. Alternatively, if image illuminates while driving and the handbrake is absolutely launched, this means a malfunction with the automobile braking system. Use brakes with care and scale back velocity. Keep away from utilizing automobile if doable and search help from a Ford technician.

Ford Transit / Connect Worn Brake Pads Warning Light
Worn Brake Pads

Ford Transit / Join Worn Brake Pads WARNING LIGHT

This dashboard exclamation mark will usually illuminate in yellow / amber and is to tell the driving force that brake pads have worn previous a predetermined secure restrict. Have brakes and pads checked as quickly as doable. Steady use of car with out changing pads can considerably scale back the effectiveness of the brakes, improve stopping distances and injury brake discs.

Ford Transit / Connect Airbag Warning Light
Airbag Gentle

Airbag Malfunction WARNING LIGHT

The Ford Transit / Join airbag gentle will illuminate in yellow / amber on the dashboard when ignition is switched on and may exit shortly after. If image stays illuminated or comes on while driving, this means a malfunction with the airbag system. Airbags will not be deployed in an accident. Search the help of a Ford technician as quickly as doable. For additional details about airbags and doable faults, see why is the airbag gentle on?

Ford Transit / Connect Cruise Control Light
Cruise Management

Ford Transit / Join Cruise Management LIGHT

The cruise management dashboard image is illuminated when cruise management has activated. Don’t use cruise management on slippery roads, in heavy visitors or when roads are flexible. If you find yourself going downhill, the vans velocity might improve above the set restrict velocity. The system is not going to apply the brakes. Change down a gear and press the SET- change to help the system in sustaining the set velocity.

Ford Transit / Connect powertrain (cog / exclamation mark) dash warning light
Powertrain Warning

Powertrain Dashboard Warning LIGHT

This dashboard image might illuminate crimson or yellow / amber on the Ford Transit / Join. A cog with an exclamation mark inside signifies a malfunction with the powertrain, a sensor or software program fault. A malfunction with the powertrain might even see the automobile lose a specific amount of energy, however will proceed to run.

If gentle flashes while driving, keep away from heavy acceleration or deceleration and gently scale back velocity. Image might illuminate with the engine warning gentle MIL -(see beneath). If each lights illuminate collectively, a continuous discount in energy is probably going, probably adopted by the turning off. Have automobile checked by a Ford technician instantly.

Ford Transit / Connect Malfunction Dashboard Warning Light
Malfunction Warning

Ford Transit / Join Malfunction Indicator WARNING LIGHT

The malfunction indicator gentle (MIL) or engine administration gentle can signify many faults and may illuminate alongside one other image or with a message displayed within the LCD info show. Image might show with the message ‘Test Engine’ contained in the engine image. Typical points end result from an emissions fault, although faults can vary considerably. Car will have to be checked with diagnostic tools.

Ford Transit / Connect Ignition Warning Light
Ignition Warning


This image will illuminate on the Ford Transit / Join to point {an electrical} fault with the ignition, or that the battery is now not being charged probably as a result of a defective alternator. If this gentle comes on while driving, flip off all pointless electrical tools inside the Ford Transit to cut back electrical drain from the battery. System should be checked instantly else van could also be unable to start out.

Ford Transit / Connect Low Oil Level Dashboard Warning Light
Oil Strain Warning

Ford Transit / Join Low engine Oil Strain WARNING LIGHT

This image will illuminate to point low oil stress inside the engine. If this image illuminates while driving, as quickly as is safely doable, pull over and switch off the engine. examine oil ranges. If oil ranges are appropriate, don’t proceed journey and make contact with a Ford technician.

Ford Transit / Connect Engine Temperature Warning Light
Temperature Warning


This image will illuminate on the Ford Transit to tell the driving force that the engine is overheating. Cease the van and switch off the engine as quickly as doable. Permit the engine round 20 minutes to chill down and examine coolant ranges. Don’t proceed journey if engine overheats as this will trigger engine parts to grab, probably leading to a irreparable engine.

Ford Transit / Connect Message Indicator dashboard Light
Message Indicator

Ford Transit / Join Message Indicator Dashboard LIGHT

This image will illuminate when a brand new message is saved inside the info show. When sure warning message seem in the show, you need to press the ‘Set’ and
‘Reset’ button to acknowledge them. Warning messages could also be used alongside a crimson or amber dashboard warning gentle.

Ford Transit / Connect spanner service dashboard light
Service Required


The image of a spanner will illuminate in orange / yellow / amber to point that an engine service is required for the Ford Transit. Symbols might fluctuate, as an example a spanner contained inside a automobile might present. Image might illuminate in crimson to point contaminated oil that’s in want of changing. Lamp will likely be turned off after servicing.

Ford Transit Exhaust Emission Fluid Warning Light
Emission Fluid

Exhaust Emission Fluid Warning LIGHT

Adblue is an answer that’s used with the Selective Catalytic Discount system (SCR) to cut back emissions of oxides of nitrogen from the exhaust of UK diesel automobiles. The image will illuminate when the diesel exhaust fluid is low. If diesel exhaust fluid is at a ample degree and the sunshine illuminates while driving, there’s a malfunction. Your automobile must be checked by a Ford technician instantly.

Ford Transit Collision Warning System Indicator Light
Collision Warning

Ford Transit / Join Collision WARNING LIGHT

This dashboard image will illuminate when the collision system has been turned off. If gentle illuminate when system has not been deactivated, this will likely signify a malfunction.

Ford Transit Stability Control Dashboard Light
Stability Management

Stability Management Dashboard LIGHT

Image illuminate for a brief interval of time when the ignition is turned on. If it illuminates when you might be driving, this means a malfunction.
Throughout a malfunction, the system turns off. Have your automobile checked by Ford technician. Whereas driving, it flashes when the system is working usually.

Ford Transit Hill Start Assist Dashboard Light
Hill Begin


While driving, if the hill begin system prompts, the image will illuminate on the dashboard. Image ought to illuminate when ignition is switched on. If gentle doesn’t illuminate, it means the system has been disabled. A Ford vendor can re-enable the system.

Ford Transit Water in Fuel Dashboard Light
Water in Gasoline

Water in Gasoline DASHBOARD LIGHT

For the Ford Transit / Join, the water in gasoline is for diesel fashions solely and can illuminate when there’s an extra of water within the gasoline filter. Water should be drained instantly by use of the water faucet. If image illuminate after water has been drained, this means {that a} gasoline filter service is required.

Ford Transit Low Tyre Pressure Warning Light
Low Tyre Strain

Tyre PRessure Monitoring System

Older variations of the Ford Transit will not be geared up with a tyre stress monitoring system. These which are will obtain a dashboard warning in yellow indicating that the stress in a number of tyres has dropped beneath the brink, normally round 25% or extra deflation. For different faults, such because the warning gentle remaining on even when pressures are appropriate, see tyre stress warning gentle retains approaching. Additionally, methods to reset Ford Transit tyre stress gentle.

Ford Transit Directional Indicators Dashboard Symbols
Directional Indicators
Ford Transit Door Ajar Dashboard Warning Light
Door Ajar Image
Ford Transit Full Beam Headlights Dashboard Symbol
Full Beam Headlights
Ford Transit Fog Lights on Dashboard Light
Fog Lights Activated
Ford Transit Rear Fog Lights Dashboard Symbol
Rear Fog Lights
Ford Transit Headlights On Dashboard Symbol
Headlights On
Ford Transit Low Fuel Warning Light
Low Gasoline Warning
Ford Transit Diesel Glow Plug Indicator Dashboard Symbol
Diesel Glow Plug
Ford Transit Lane Departure Warning Dashboard Light
Lane Departure Warning
Ford Transit Gear Shift Indicator Light
Gear Shift Indicator
Ford Transit / Connect Start / Stop Indicator Light
Begin / Cease Indicator

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