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  • Title: 你微笑时很美 / Ni Wei Xiao Shi Hen Mei
  • English title: Falling Into Your Smile
  • Style: eSports, romance, youth
  • Episodes: 31
  • Broadcast community: Tencent, Youku
  • Broadcast interval: 2021-Jun-23
  • Unique Soundtrack: Falling Into Your Smile OST


Tong Yao makes use of her personal skills to enter the nationwide group, turning into the primary formal feminine esports gamer within the skilled league of China. Dealing with doubts and inconveniences, and with the help of her teammates, Tong Yao persists and by no means provides up, lastly standing on the world stage and making up for the regrets of the Chinese language League of Legends Continental Division of lacking out on the championship for six years.

Consumer/Viewer Rankings


Major Solid

Chief and ADC of Workforce ZGDX. Thought-about the perfect ADC in China.
Mid-laner of Workforce ZGDC.

Workforce ZGDX

Workforce YWCB

  • Zhou Yi Ran as Ai Jia (AICO), mid-laner. Chen Jingyang’s boyfriend
  • Wang Yi Jun as Li Jun-hyuk / Jiao Huang (Hierophant), ADC. Ex member of Workforce TAT. Thought-about the perfect ADC on this planet alongside Lu Sicheng
  • Gou Chen Hao Yu as Liang Sheng (Scholar), chief and help
  • Xiong Ao Bo as Jin Enshuo (X Bang), jungle
  • Liu Jin Yu (刘谨瑜) as Ying Rong (Rong), top-laner

Workforce CK

Professional Players

  • Ling Chao as Li Hold-suk (Kun), jungler of Workforce FNC. Earlier trainee of Workforce TAT. Likes Tong Yao
  • Luo You Qi (罗有奇) as A Guang (Guang), jungler of Workforce King
  • He Peng as A Tai (Tei), mid-laner of Workforce TAT
  • Chang Bin as Xu Tailun (Dragon), jungler of Workforce DQ 5
  • Wu Ze Lin as Ling Mao, member of Workforce DQ 5


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