Blue Highway Indicators

Detailed on this part is info on the blue street indicators situated on UK roads. The idea check includes questions associated to those street indicators.

  • What are blue street indicators used for?
    Blue street indicators present motorists, cyclists and pedestrians with a variety of data, relying on their form and placement.
  • Blue round street indicators?
    Round blue indicators present constructive instruction, for instance by emphasizing specific lanes or routes obtainable to street customers or pedestrians. Blue round indicators additionally present necessary instruction, for instance by informing a street consumer that they need to flip left forward.
  • Blue rectangular street indicators?
    Blue rectangular street indicators are used for informational functions besides on motorways the place blue rectangular indicators are used for instructions.

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After you have familiarised your self with the numerous UK street indicators and their meanings, check out our street signal check quiz and check your information to see if you’re prepared for this a part of the idea check.

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Route indicators

These regulatory blue indicators inform street customers of which necessary route should be taken. See mini roundabouts and one-way streets and techniques for additional info.

Turn left ahead sign
Flip left forward signal (proper if image is reversed)
Proceed in direction indicated by the arrow sign
Proceed in route indicated by the arrow signal
Vehicles may pass either side to reach the same destination sign
Automobiles might move both facet to achieve the identical vacation spot signal
Keep left sign
Preserve left signal
(proper if image reversed)
Ahead only road sign
Forward solely
(Turning left or proper is prohibited)
One-way traffic sign
One-way visitors signal
Mini-roundabout road sign
Mini-roundabout (give method to visitors from the fast proper) signal
Minimum speed limit sign
Minimal velocity
restrict signal
End of minimum speed limit sign
Finish of minimal
velocity restrict signal

Minimal velocity limits

The overwhelming majority of roads within the UK do not need minimal velocity limits enforced. Those who do make the most of a blue round street signal that differs from round indicators with a crimson ring signifying the utmost velocity restrict. Minimal velocity limits are imposed to keep up a gradual steady circulate of visitors. See minimal velocity limits and driving too sluggish for additional info.


Traffic Calming Road Markings and Signs
Visitors Calming Highway Markings and Indicators

Visitors calming

Visitors calming measures are seen extra continuously on UK roads. Highway narrowing on one, or either side is a method usually employed to sluggish visitors in residential areas. Precedence by the narrowing is commonly managed by indicators and street markings. The round signal is informing drivers they need to give method to oncoming visitors and the blue signal is informing drivers that they’ve precedence.

Cycle lane indicators

Highway indicators for cyclists and cycle lanes are largely blue, though blue indicators could also be accompanied with a directional white street signal. The driving principle check includes answering questions on many street indicators together with indicators for cyclists and cycle lanes.

Route for pedal cycles only road sign
Route for pedal cycles solely
Pedal cyclists and pedestrian shared route sign
Pedal cyclists and pedestrian shared route signal
Separated track for pedal cyclists and pedestrians only road sign
Separated observe for pedal cyclists and pedestrians solely
Pedal cycles parking road sign
Pedal cycles parking street signal
No through road except for pedal cycles road sign
No by street apart from pedal cycles
Mandatory with the flow of traffic pedal cycle lane road sign
Obligatory with the circulate of visitors pedal cycle lane. Different automobiles should not use this a part of the carriageway besides to
choose up or set down passengers.
Hours of operation could also be proven
Route recommended for pedal cycles road sign
Route beneficial for pedal cycles on foremost street
Mandatory contra-flow pedal cycle lane road sign
Obligatory contra-flow pedal cycle lane (the upward arrows point out the variety of visitors lanes obtainable)
Contra-flow pedal cycles in a one-way street road sign
Contra-flow pedal cycles in a one-way road. See contraflow bus and cycle lanes for additional particulars on how a contraflow system works.
Pedestrians look right for cyclists road sign
Pedestrians look proper for cyclists
End of cycle route road sign
Finish of cycle route
Mandatory with flow of traffic pedal cycle lane ahead road sign
Obligatory with circulate of visitors pedal cycle lane forward.
Hours of operation may additionally be proven
With the flow of traffic bus and cycle lane road sign
With the circulate of visitors bus and cycle lane.
Contra-flow bus lane sign.
Contra-flow (in opposition to the circulate of visitors) bus lane signal.

Bus lane indicators

Bus lanes indicators are blue and are accompanied with street markings. The occasions that bus lanes are in operation might or will not be present on the signal. It’s unlawful to drive in a bus lane inside its operational occasions. If no occasions are seen, assume the bus lane is in operation 24 hour a day. Bus lanes can normally be utilized by buses, taxis and cyclists in occasions of operation. For additional info, see bus lane indicators and bus stops, plus bus lane street markings.

Blue motorway indicators

Most motorway indicators are blue and though at the moment learner drivers can not legally drive on motorways, the legislation might change to permit using motorways to learner drivers. Motorway indicators and indicators are nevertheless used as a part of the a number of alternative query classes inside the driving principle check. See motorways for an in depth information on motorway guidelines, reflective studs, indicators, indicators and guidelines.

Highway indicators check quiz

After you have studied the street indicators and really feel assured in your skill to know them, take the street signal check quiz

Road sign test quiz 1Road sign test quiz 2Road sign test quiz 3

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