14 Unique Cat Breeds You Can Maintain as Pets (With Footage)

nebelung cat

Disclaimer: Pet Eager doesn’t endorse the apply of retaining wild animals as pets. This text is for informative functions solely.

The Worldwide Cat Affiliation (TICA) acknowledges 73 breeds. Each has its distinctive persona and traits. Not like canine, cats usually have served two functions for people: companionship and mouse hunters. Nonetheless, a lot of them appear extra in contact with their wild aspect than others. That makes them appear extra unique and intriguing. That truth most likely fuels their reputation.

The problem you’ll seemingly face if you wish to get one among these unique cat breeds is availability. You’ll seemingly additionally pay the worth for the privilege. Nonetheless, that truth most likely fuels the recognition of those pets. In case you solely consider cats as Siamese and tabbies, you’ll be stunned at what different breeds you may get. We’ve additionally included some authorized cat species within the combine.

The 14 Unique Cat Breeds You Can Maintain as Pets:

1. Sphynx

grey sphynx cat on a wooden table
Picture Credit score: Igor Lukin, Pixabay

The Sphynx catches your eye instantly for its seems, with its outsized ears and compact physique. The breed can also be uncommon as a result of it has down as an alternative of hair. They’re lively cats that make loyal and affectionate companions. They’re clever animals that you could be even be capable of educate it to do easy tips, offered a deal with is concerned, after all.

2. Egyptian Mau

Two cute Egyptian Mau cats
Picture Credit score: Sarah Fields Pictures, Shutterstock

The Egyptian Mau hails from Egypt, therefore, its different common title, the Pharaoh Cat. It’s a petite but long-lived pet, typically reaching over 18 years previous. It’s a low-maintenance breed that will get together with virtually anybody. Solely occasional grooming is important. It’s an affectionate cat that may share its love gladly.

3. Nebelung

nebelung cat
Picture Credit score: mama_mia, Shutterstock

The Nebelung is a uncommon discover as one of many latest acknowledged breeds of the TICA. It’s a attractive cat with a silky blue-gray coat. It’s a quiet and delicate animal that’s as affectionate as it’s playful. This kitty prefers the corporate of its household and will not heat as much as strangers immediately. Some might name this pet a cerebral animal that takes its time to determine whether or not it desires to make buddies with new folks.

4. Bengal

striped tiger bengal cat
Picture Credit score: Cressida studio, Shutterstock

The coloration and its sample give the Bengal its title. It’s no marvel, given its genetic hyperlink to the Asian Leopard Cat. This breed is people-friendly and a delight to have as a pet. As you might count on, it’s an lively animal that’s all the time on the transfer except it’s naptime. This kitty does finest when it both has a feline companion or lives in an lively house.

5. Turkish Van

black smoke with white Turkish Angora cat
Picture Credit score: Nynke van Holten, Shutterstock

The Turkish Van is a curious pet that wants an proprietor who can perceive its distinctive persona. The breed’s origins return to historic Turkey. It is likely one of the few felines who like water. A examine by the College of Helsinki recognized this breed as one of many least accepting of different cats. That is smart, given its closeness to its wild aspect.

6. Ocicat

Picture Credit score: dien, Shutterstock

The Ocicat is one other exotic-looking animal that’s certain to seize anybody’s consideration with its stunning coat. Regardless of its title, the breed originated in america. This cat is so lovable even with those that it meets for the primary time. It’s a playful pet that will remind of a canine with its conduct. It would even play a recreation of fetch with you or the youngsters.

7. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cat in kitchen
Picture Credit score: Ingus Kruklitis, Shutterstock

The Abyssinian is an historic breed with origins that return to Egyptian instances of pharaohs. It’s a glossy and swish animal that will remind you of a small mountain lion by its seems. It’s one other sociable pet that enjoys the corporate of its household, canine and all! It’s the Peter Pan of cats. It all the time stays in contact with its internal kitten.

8. Toyger

Toyger cat on white tree
Picture Credit score: Kutikova Ekaterina, Shutterstock

The Toyger is one other breed that may make you consider its wild counterparts. This one says Tiger throughout it, with its distinctive striped look. It’s a light animal with a candy disposition that makes it appropriate as a household pet. It’s a medium-sized cat with an adaptable nature that makes it fairly easy-going for a feline. Additionally it is a vocal cat that all the time appears to have one thing to say.

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9. Savannah Cat

Savannah cat
Picture Credit score: Lindasj22, Shutterstock

The Savannah Cat is an outgoing pet that enjoys time to itself but will willingly share its love with its household. It’s a big animal, comparatively talking. Additionally it is clever, not in contrast to having a toddler in your house. If there may be hassle across the nook, this cat is certain to seek out it, because of its curious nature. This pet wants psychological stimulation to remain joyful, making interactive toys a wonderful choice.

10. Tiger

tiger in the forest
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

The Tiger may not be the primary animal you consider as a pet. Nonetheless, many individuals do. You might be stunned to study that extra dwell right here than of their native habitat. You may legally personal one in Idaho or Louisiana, offered you will have a allow. Nonetheless, that’s more likely to change quickly. The species is endangered, in keeping with the Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature and Pure Assets (IUCN).

11. Canadian Lynx

Canada Lynx in the snow
Picture Credit score: Warren Metcalf, Shutterstock

The Cana­dian Lynx is an animal of the chilly, desolate forests of North America. Like many felines, it’s a solitary cat that prefers its firm as an alternative of individuals. When it’s not chasing down Snowshoe Hares, it’s within the timber surveying its territory. The 2 species have a cyclical relationship, with noticeable patterns in prey animals. The Canadian Lynx is a species of least concern, in keeping with the IUCN.

12. Caracal

caracal cat up close
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

The Caracal is an animal of the plains and scrub forest of Asia and Africa. Its most noticeable function is its massive ears. It has a eager sense of listening to that enables it to hunt by sound alone typically. The Caracal is a nocturnal feline that’s solitary more often than not. You may maintain them with a allow in Florida or Idaho.

13. Bobcat

bobcat in the forest
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

The Bobcat makes its house within the forests and mountains throughout North America. It’s a quiet and nocturnal animal that feeds primarily on birds, rodents, and different small mammals. Whereas it’s a wild animal, the Bobcat typically adapts to the presence of people and can dwell in populated areas. It could often take livestock or pets consequently. They’re authorized to personal in Michigan and Missouri with a allow.

14. Ocelot

ocelot in the wild
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

The Ocelot is an adaptable animal that has elevated its vary within the wild in recent times. It’s an lively cat that will sleep lower than domesticated pets. It’s often solitary however might type small teams in densely populated areas. It hunts by odor but in addition has eager imaginative and prescient. They usually take small mammals, with the occasional crustacean or fish. You may personal an Ocelot in Florida or Texas with a allow.

Last Ideas

Our fascination with the wild is clear within the animals we select to maintain as pets. Whereas some unique cats are authorized to personal in some locations, we advocate sticking with the domesticated varieties. As you’ve seen, many are placing felines in their very own proper. They’re additionally extra affectionate and appropriate for retaining in a house. Relaxation assured that your kitty continues to be very a lot in contact with its wild aspect.

Featured Picture Credit score: Therese Elaine, Shutterstock

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