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With regards to understanding how we specific our sexuality, vitality and combat, we peer into the position of mighty Mars in our start charts.

Recognizing what turns somebody on or makes them tick is vital when trying on the full imaginative and prescient of who they’re and the way they go about dwelling their lives. Whereas we clearly reference somebody’s Solar signal, Ascendant (rising signal) and Moon sign up a natal chart, it’s all the time useful to pinpoint what zodiac signal Mars stands inside, too. He’s a strong planet and is integral to how we take management of our lives.

Mars is the planet of intercourse, drive and motion. Whereas he isn’t the highest issue with regards to relationship compatibility, it’s nonetheless vital to grasp how somebody expresses their ardour. Suppose: combat or flight. Lively or passive. To leap or to attend.

Mars takes roughly two years to go across the Solar, so your Mars signal will not be the identical as your Solar signal — including layers to your persona. When watching patterns you’re creating inside your life, examine the zodiac signal and diploma the place your natal Mars is — after which watch when transiting Mars returns to that very same place as soon as each two years. You’ll have a snapshot of the way you’ll be taking motion, expressing your intercourse drive and getting motivated within the journey forward.

Examine your Mars signal and discover out what it means for you!


Mars in Aries is among the strongest placements the place our crimson planet can reside! That’s as a result of it’s the pure ruler of Aries, that means it’s at residence or “domicile” on this zodiac signal. Folks with this vitality are unafraid to take motion and infrequently are usually fairly brave.

Nevertheless, that may additionally make them fairly brash and impulsive — diving in first and interested by it later. They may have a feisty mood and intercourse drive, simply ignited however then simply as rapidly dissipated as soon as it has been launched. With regards to intercourse, these people like to leap into the motion, as their libido is particularly excessive.


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Mars in Taurus is a novel place to have the crimson planet, as it’s in a barely weakened state often called “detriment.” That isn’t an issue, although, as a result of it signifies that these people take motion, pursue their objectives and specific their intercourse drive in a extra refined and sensible approach. Folks with this placement are sluggish and regular in tackling what they’re after — however as soon as they set their minds upon it, there may be nothing stopping them!

Often sluggish to anger, their persistence can be fairly robust. Nevertheless, as soon as pissed off, they are going to dig of their heels and certain develop into fairly cussed and adamant about what they need. As for intercourse, these people prioritize sensuality as their key type of pleasure, quite than simply diving into mattress. They take their time in sexual experiences, reside within the second and like consistency over informal dalliances.


Mars in Gemini is a extremely mental and communicative placement for our crimson planet to be. People with this usually are extraordinarily targeted on logic, dialogue and connection. With regards to battle, they are going to use their phrases and messages to punish or destroy. Folks with this vitality are sometimes extremely social and like spontaneity and journey with regards to their lives. They are usually fascinated by concepts and crave interplay or else they are going to develop into bored fairly simply. These people have a excessive degree of vitality and enthusiasm for all times and may talk fairly animatedly. With regards to intercourse, these folks love soiled discuss, passionate foreplay and experimentation.


Mars in Most cancers is a novel placement for our crimson planet to roam as a result of it’s in a weakened state often called its “fall.” That doesn’t imply it’s a unfavourable place for it to exist — it simply signifies that our crimson planet has to go about exhibiting its vitality in a approach it isn’t usually accustomed to.

Folks with this placement are sometimes extraordinarily emotional people and develop into very fired up about every thing they really feel. Emotional connection is a prime precedence they usually usually specific the should be a caretaker or nurture these round them.

Nevertheless, with regards to battle, they are going to solely use anger as a automobile for his or her feelings whether it is completely mandatory, extra more likely to stew of their moods. They can be fairly passive-aggressive. As for intercourse, these people require an emotional connection to be intimate; in any other case, the interplay will really feel unsatisfactory.


Mars in Leo offers somebody the vitality to be the star of the present — keen to specific themselves, entertain and obtain every thing they’re keen about. They’re charismatic and pushed and intention excessive each personally and professionally. Dwelling a satisfying life is a prime precedence for them, as they wrestle with following a path that doesn’t give them the liberty to observe their goals.

In battle, these folks may be fairly fierce, unleashing a match of rage — particularly if their sense of ego has been offended. They will additionally maintain onto a grudge stubbornly in the event that they suppose the opposite individual won’t ever change. With regards to intercourse, these individuals are playful, exhibitionist and passionate. Romance and decadence are vital in life — in addition to in mattress.


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Mars in Virgo grants somebody a robust work ethic and a goal-oriented nature. They are usually extremely analytical and in a position to handle many initiatives and other people directly. These people are wonderful planners and organizers and favor productiveness above all else. In addition they are sometimes extremely communicative and follow restraint and practicality in life. This additionally applies to how they exhibit anger or their sexuality: with logic, steadiness and intellectualism.

Nevertheless, when pissed off, they are going to develop into extremely crucial and may exhibit perfectionism. Folks with this placement may be very service-oriented, keen to assist others and please. With regards to intercourse, they’re usually slower to work together and like sensuality and leisure over intense or brief matches of ardour.


Mars in Libra is a novel space for our crimson planet to face, as his fiery vitality is out of its consolation zone and regarded to be in a spot referred to as its “detriment.” This isn’t an issue; it simply signifies that Mars’s regular feisty and direct nature finally ends up being expressed extra passively and with steadiness. Folks with this have a tendency to favor concord, peace, equity and justice over private victory. They could even be particularly keen about partnerships and all the time have a key individual they’re working with or aligned with.

In battle, these individuals are very passive-aggressive and can unleash their fury when they’re pushed far previous their consolation zones. With regards to intercourse, they prefer it to be light-hearted, romantic and candy and infrequently favor others to take the lead.


Mars in Scorpio is a strong placement for our crimson planet as a result of he’s in one in all his residence zodiac indicators and recognized to be “domicile” right here. That can give somebody a crafty and intense nature. As soon as they set their minds on one thing and want it, they are going to cease at nothing to get it.

These people usually are power-hungry with extraordinarily excessive libidos. They’ve perseverance and energy that units them aside personally and professionally, however — when angered — they are going to cease at nothing to crush their enemies. Whereas initially passive-aggressive, in addition they have a deeply depraved mood. With regards to intercourse, these people are all-or-nothing and crave intimacy and union of thoughts, soul and physique. 


Mars in Sagittarius individuals are born adventurers and sojourners. They starvation to expertise every thing that life has to supply and above all don’t like being caged. They’ve a “go huge or go residence” mentality and starvation for change and spontaneity wherever they flip. They will usually develop into fairly bored if they’re in the identical bodily or psychological place for too lengthy, so that they want a continuing provide of stimulation and interplay to maintain them busy. That stressed nature provokes them to hunt new concepts, experiences and alternatives that may satiate their wanderlust and pursuit of information.

With regards to battle, these people may be particularly aggressive and impulsive — particularly if they’re feeling constrained. As for intercourse, they’re passionate and spontaneous and crave new sorts of stimulation to satiate their innate curiosity.


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Mars in Capricorn is a really highly effective place for the crimson planet to be, as he’s recognized to exhibit a few of his best energy right here as a result of he’s referred to as “exalted” on this zodiac signal. Which means that the bold, strategic and pushed energies of Mars may be targeted in a harnessed and affected person approach. These people are usually fairly hardworking and are all the time after the lengthy recreation, unafraid to place within the effort due to their innate want for victory.

With regards to battle, these individuals are crafty and sensible, understanding that drama is a waste of vitality until they’re popping out on prime. They may usually refocus their ardour and feelings again into their objectives or profession. With regards to intercourse, these folks crave consistency and practicality and may have excessive libidos.


Mars in Aquarius grants somebody a unusual and eccentric air with regard to how they exhibit their vitality. They usually are extremely idealistic and mental and put their ardour into their objectives and group interactions. They’ve a progressive nature and are usually fairly social and extremely communicative.

Nevertheless, their particular person opinions are extraordinarily vital to them they usually could even intentionally oppose the narrative of mainstream philosophy in favor of going towards the grain. Their concepts are paramount and, as soon as they type them, they won’t change their minds and be can fairly cussed.

In battle, these individuals are passionate for debate and can rally others to their trigger to assist them. With regards to intercourse, they favor experimental interactions and may be open to extra distinctive connections and relationships.


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Mars in Pisces brings a person an emotional and delicate nature. They are usually extra fluid people who develop into keen about their emotions and lead with their hearts. Their beliefs and goals are of nice significance to them, they usually belief their instinct and empathy over their minds when pursuing objectives or intercourse. In addition they will are usually fairly inventive and romantic folks, keen to specific themselves and join.

They are often deeply receptive and know tips on how to innately heal others. Nevertheless, in battle, these people usually don’t face anger head-on and may suppress ache as a result of it’s so tough to course of. That vitality could remodel into sorrow or anxiousness as an alternative. In intercourse, these individuals are particularly delicate and crave emotional experiences that border on the religious with a purpose to be satiated.

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