Megan Thee Stallion’s start chart reveals her ‘Savage’ reality

All hail, Megan Thee Stallion, rapper, graduate of Texas Southern College, bonafide bringer of bangers and scion of a brand new age of feminine empowerment and intercourse positivity.

Megan’s reign has been on the rise since she launched her 2019 mixtape “Fever.” Alongside collaborator Cardi B she all however authored a brand new nationwide anthem with their ode to the glories of lubrication, women and gentleman “WAP.”

Born February 15, 1995 with the given title Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, Megan’s start chart reveals us she is an avant garde Aquarius solar with a grind and shine Leo moon.

Dominated by structured planet Saturn and Uranus punk rock planet of disruption, Aquarius suns experience the road between sustaining the established order and completely upending it. Clearly, our lady Megan, together with her incendiary vogue, searing lyrics and customarily pleasant IDGAF power is the latter type of water bearer. But, her capability to prioritize greater training alongside the creation and dissemination of chart topping hits is indicative of the twin rulership of her solar signal.

Aquarius is a set air signal and natives typically create avatars, put on metaphorical masks, or develop public personas with the intention to specific their multifaceted selves and defend their extra tender tendencies.

Megan Thee Stallion preforms onstage in a pink crop top.
Megan has her solar within the tongue out, bizarre as I wanna be signal of Aquarius.

Megan mentioned the names and necessity of her numerous alter egos in a New York Occasions profile. “In my actual life, there’s solely two of me in my head: Megan and Megan Thee Stallion. Megan is the nerd who needs to observe anime, keep in mattress and crack jokes with everybody. Megan Thee Stallion is when I’ve to carry out. My alter egos are my feelings. Tina Snow is once I’m feeling assured. She’s primarily based on Tony Snow, Pimp C’s alias. And proper now I’m doing Suga — she’s candy and weak. She’s me telling folks it’s OK to mess up.” Whether or not candy and weak or unapologetically assured, these aliases conspire to make up the good constellation that’s Megan.

As a result of influences of Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius lives each inside and past the boundaries of conference. As Megan rhapsodizes of her personal multitudes in “Savage,” feat Beyoncé, she’s, “Stylish, bougie, ratchet…Sassy, moody, nasty.” Certainly, the sweetness and bounty of Aquarian power is that its contradictions and boundary bucking give the remainder of us permission and encouragement to let our personal freak flags fly excessive and mighty within the winds of weirdness.

Aquarius guidelines the eleventh home of buddies and neighborhood. That is the signal of the excessive minded humanitarian and Megan isn’t any exception. In response to the storms that devastated her dwelling state of Texas in 2021, Megan partnered with the NACC and Rep. Sheila Lee to kind a supergroup coalition she dubbed “Hotties Serving to Houston.” These Hotties raised funds to rebuild and restore houses freed from cost for senior residents and single moms impacted by the storm. For her efforts, Megan was introduced with the 18th Congressional District Humanitarian Award.

Moon in Leo – the mark of royalty

Megan Thee Stallion looks over her shoulder on stage.
A Leo moon like Megan acknowledges the have to be worshipped.
Getty Pictures for Seen

In astrology, the moon represents our emotional interiority, relationship to the female and might even point out our previous life experiences. These with moon in Leo count on consideration and command respect. That is the lunar mark of those who have spent their previous lives as rulers and aristocrats, generals and geniuses– they count on to be handled like royalty and commemorated like deities as a result of that’s all they’ve ever identified, people

Acclaimed astrologer Alice Sparkly Cat describes this solar in Aquarius /moon in Leo combo as follows, “You’re unafraid to be completely different—that a lot is evident. While you focus on, greater than anything, it the uncanny capability to only be you in a approach that nobody else can fairly imitate…Whereas extremely seen, nobody can fairly pin you down.” Inimitable and by no means wholly knowable is our lady in a nut shell, or latex bodysuit.

Megan Thee Stallion bared (nearly all) during her showcase at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.
Be it winter, spring or fall, Megan Thee Stallion brings the perpetual warmth of a “sizzling lady summer time.”
Getty Pictures for MRC

in recognizing their very own have to be worshipped, moon in Leo natives in flip encourage others to exalt in their very own innate divinity. Megan refers to her followers as “hotties,” and stands proudly on a platform of not simply physique positivity however full bloom physique exaltation. Her nickname itself is a nod to her 5’10 stature, stallion being Southern slang for a tall, shapely girl.

When it comes to her personal contribution to the cultural lexicon, Megan is probably finest identified for coining the phrase and later the tune, “Sizzling Woman Summer time.” The seasonal aspiration has been taken up as a broad banner by everybody from Jada Pinkett Smith to the recent knot in Tom Hanks’s shirt. Megan revealed the which means behind the message on Twitter, writing “Being a Sizzling Woman is about being unapologetically YOU, having enjoyable, being assured, dwelling YOUR reality , being the lifetime of the get together and many others.” Each the phrase and the sentiment mirror the regal, assured nature of her Leo moon.

Megan’s personal “sizzling lady summer time” started within the wake of dropping her mom and grandmother within the merciless span of simply two weeks. For her, the phrase is a mark of her personal fortitude. As she described to Rolling Stone, “[The losses] weigh on me, however I do know what my mother and my grandma would need me to do. My mama is a really sturdy girl. She raised me to be tremendous sturdy. If I bought the platform to unfold positivity, I’m gonna do it.” Leo power is at its finest when it’s in service of others and true to kind Megan has prolonged the heat of her inside, everlasting ethos to make her matriarchs proud and lend mild mild to her listeners. 

Mercury in Aquarius

Megan Thee Stallion preforms onstage in a blue leather bodysuit.
Megan has Mercury, planet of messaging and mic drops (and licks) within the signal of Aquarius.
Getty Pictures

Megan has Mercury, planet of communication and trade, within the weirder than a field of hair signal of Aquarius, thus her model of expression is destined to be completely different. Add to this that Megan’s Mercury is retrograde in her start chart, indicating that her mind is extra acute and her humorousness extra subversive than the common bear or waterbearer. People with Mercury retrograde of their start chart take in and reply to info in an uncommon approach.

Living proof: our queen spending a cool 200K to ship a blinding kiss off message to her haters or reflecting on the commodification and consumption of the feminine physique in her video for the Dua Lipa collab “Sweetest Pie.” Megan capitalized on the success of the only by partnering with meals supply platform Goldbelly to create “Megan’s H-City Hottie Pie,” a salty candy ode to her hometown and favored flavors, dusted, as a result of OF COURSE, in edible gold.

Venus in Capricorn – she’s your daddy

Megan Thee Stallion onstage in a cowboy hat.
A Venus in Capricorn like Megan wears the pants, even and maybe particularly when she isn’t carrying any pants in any respect.
Getty Pictures for iHeartRadio

Venus is the planet of affection, magnificence, music, belongings and aesthetics. Megan has her Venus within the ‘I’ll get to the highest and keep there be it the boardroom or the bed room’ signal of Capricorn. It it tracks that Megan isn’t solely an achieved musician, however one that’s clearly versed in monetizing their prodigious abilities to construct wealth and lasting worth. This Venus is drawn to energy, standing and the means to ascension. 

Venus in Capricorn doesn’t shrink back from toil and self-directed success. Additional, an actualized native understands worth, most notably their very own. We see this dynamic expressed in Megan’s lyrics to the tune “Plan B.” As she reminds a wayward ex, “Bitch, I’m a die unbiased…D**okay don’t run me, I run d**okay…You’re low-cost, and I be at work whilst you sleep, my p***y is the most costly meal you’ll ever eat.” A poem of energy and an affirmation of self-worth if ever there was one my buddies.

Megan Thee Stallion wears a silver bodysuit at Coachella.
Megan reigns supreme at Coachella with the “want a motherf***er would” power of Venus in Capricorn.
Getty Pictures for Coachella

Gender equality each the looking for of it and the singing about it are avenues by which Megan reveals and revels in, her Mars signal. Whether or not it’s reminding Lil Dirk in “Film,” “I’m a boss, I might purchase the identical factor my man purchased” or utilizing twerking to dismantle the patriarchy within the incendiary video for “Thot Shit,” Megan not solely understands the connection between cash and energy, energy and oppression, however she is doing her half to unmake these requirements and create the world anew in her picture.

Megan, messiah of hotness, unparalleled shaker of a**, builder of empires, patron saint of Texas and beacon of freakdom and freedom, thanks for being born and for sharing your shine.

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