Local-Depot-GB .com Scam or Legit? Beware of Scam Messages Purports To Be The UK Post Office

Local-Depot-GB .com Scam

Beware of scam Local-Depot-GB .com fraudulent text messages as below:
“Simon tried to deliver your package today, but no one responded. Reschedule and continue to: https: // local-depot28 .com”
“Jamie tried to deliver your packages today, but nothing came. Please send a new date via: https: // local-depot27 .com” or “https: // local-depot25 .com”
“Jamie tried to deliver your package today, but no one came. Please schedule a new date via: https: // local-depot27 .com” or “https: // local-depot25 .com”
“Your mail order could not be delivered before 14. 3. at 15:43 because no one responded to the door. Book at: https: // mydepot-reschedule-help .com”
“Kieran is trying to deliver your package today, but no one is home”
“Your package is awaiting delivery, please confirm payment £ 1.45 at the following link local-depot-gb .com”
“Your mail order could not be delivered on 12/03 at 13:35 because no one took the door.” Make a reservation at: https: // mydepot-reschedule-form .com
“Kieran tried to deliver your cargo today, but no one was home. Please visit: https: // local-depot-gb .com and reschedule the new date.
“Mail: Your package will be sent to your local post office due to unpaid shipping costs. To schedule a shipment:”
You can get the same types of such fraudulent text messages in many forms. So you can help us by reporting the same types of scams at the bottom of the comments section. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can comment below without entering your email address.

Local-Depot-GB .com Scam. Beware of Scam Messages Purports To Be The UK Post Office
What is the motive for these misleading text messages?
These fraudulent reports do not come from real companies, but from fraudsters in order to obtain your personal information so that they can deceive you. They may ask you to click on certain links and submit personal information on a fake website that actually posted it, or call or send / reply where they deceive you to provide your personal information. Therefore, you do not have to follow the instructions in these message types or click on a link or download anything (if any). The links or files in these messages may also contain some viruses or malware or spyware that can also infiltrate your device. Therefore, if you are unsure of the legitimacy of the messages you have received, it is better to contact or check each company’s official website (in this case, you can contact UK Post) to verify that the messages you are receiving are genuine or false.
Once these cybercriminals obtain your personal information, they can make money by selling details. If they get your credit card information, they even steal money from your credit card.

These messages do not have to be in the same company name or format. This fraudster can use multiple numbers, emails, and company names to send different types of fraudulent messages. Some examples of other fraudulent messages:
Text fraud at the Bank of America fraud department

Fraudulent emails from (Wewe Global)

Fraudulent text messages with “Driver Attempt” links.

Fraudulent emails with email addresses or

So help us by reporting similar types of posts using the comments section below.

You now know the reality of these types of misleading messages. So if you want to say something about it or want to report any kind of fraud, then feel free to leave your comment below. After all, we are here to spread information about fraud. So, let’s do it together. Let’s save innocent people from fraud.

You can learn about different types of scams by going to our “Scams” category by clicking> HERE HERE <.
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