Easy methods to Subtract in Excel with a Formulation

Excel is a spreadsheet utility that has a plethora of capabilities. But, the software program doesn’t have a subtraction operate, which appears an apparent one to incorporate. As such, Excel customers manually enter formulation within the operate bar to subtract numbers.

How to Subtract in Excel with a Formula

Regardless that this may appear to be a serious inconvenience, it’s fairly easy to do with out a subtraction operate. On this article, we’ll cowl a few of the varied methods you may deduct values in Excel spreadsheets.

Subtracting in Excel utilizing Formulation

Given the multitude of how you may have to subtract values and cells in Excel, 

Subtract by together with Values within the Formulation

You don’t have to enter any values in spreadsheet cells to subtract numbers. As a substitute, you may embrace the values to subtract throughout the components itself.

  1. First, choose a cell so as to add the components to.
  2. Then click on within the Excel operate bar and enter ‘=‘ adopted by the values you must deduct. For instance, enter ‘=25-5‘ within the operate bar and press Enter. The components’s cell will return the worth 20.

Subtract Spreadsheet Cell References

Nevertheless, most Excel customers might want to subtract numbers entered in spreadsheet columns and rows. To subtract cell values, you’ll want to incorporate their row and column references within the components as an alternative.

  1. For instance, enter the values ‘345‘ and ‘145‘ in cells B3 and B4 in a clean Excel spreadsheet as within the snapshot under. excel formula
  2. Now, choose cell B5 and click on within the fx bar to enter a components. Enter the components ‘=B3-B4‘ and press the Return key. B5 will now return the worth 200 as proven under.

excel formula2

Subtract One Quantity from Every Worth inside a Cell Vary

If you must subtract a single worth from every quantity inside a cell vary, you may copy the components to different cells.

  1. For instance, enter the values ‘25,’ ‘35‘ and ‘55‘ in cells C3:C5.
  2. Then, choose cell D3, enter the components ‘=C3-5‘ within the operate bar and press the Return key. D3 will now subtract 5 from 25 in cell C3. Copy the components in D3 to the opposite cells under it by choosing D3, clicking the underside proper nook of the cell and dragging it over those under as proven under.
  3. Now, the cells immediately under D3 additionally subtract 5 from the numbers in C4 and C5.

excel formula3

Subtract a Cell Vary Whole from a Single Worth

What if you must subtract a column whole for a bunch of cells from a single worth? A method to do this could be to enter a SUM operate in a cell that provides the vary collectively, after which subtract that whole with a separate components. Nevertheless, you may as well subtract a cell vary whole by together with SUM inside a components.

  1. For instance, enter the values ‘45,’ ‘55‘ and ‘75‘ within the cells B7 to B9.
  2. Then, enter ‘200‘ in cell B11. Choose cell B12, click on within the fx bar and enter ‘=B11-SUM(B7:B9)‘ within the components bar. Cell B12 will then return the worth of 25 as proven immediately under. That successfully deducts the entire of cells B7:B9 from 200 in cell B11.

excel formula4

Subtract Two or Extra Whole Cell Vary Values

You may as well subtract cell vary totals with out coming into SUM capabilities within the spreadsheet first. As a substitute, add the cell vary references to a components and subtract them.

  1. For instance, enter the numbers ‘25,’ ‘15‘ and ‘35‘ in cells C7:C9. Now you may deduct the entire of the C7:C9 cell vary from the B7:B9 vary entered earlier.
  2. Choose C11 because the cell so as to add the components to, after which enter ‘=SUM(B7:B9)-SUM(C7:C9)‘ within the operate bar. Press Enter so as to add the operate to the spreadsheet, which is able to return the worth 100 in C11. So, that’s deducting the C7: C9 cell vary from the B7:B9 cell vary whole, which is in any other case 175 – 75.

excel formula5

Subtracting Proportion Values from Figures

To subtract a share worth, comparable to 50%, from a quantity, you’ll have to enter the worth in a cell with share format. Then you may add a components that subtracts the proportion from a quantity in one other cell.

  1. For instance, enter the worth ‘150‘ in cell E3. It’s best to convert cell F3 to share format by right-clicking the cell and choosing Format Cells > Quantity > Proportion > OK. Enter ‘50‘ in F3, which is able to then be in share format as proven immediately under. excel formula6
  2. Now you may add a components that subtracts 50% from 150, Click on cell G3 and enter the components ‘=E3-(F3*E3)‘ within the operate bar. Cell G3 will return a price of 75, which is 50% of 150. Thus, the components has deducted 75 from 150.

excel formula7

Subtracting Values Throughout A number of Worksheets

Excel doesn’t restrict you to subtracting values inside single worksheets. As such, you may subtract cell numbers in a single worksheet from these in one other.

  1. For an instance, enter ’55’ in cell B14 in Sheet1 of a spreadsheet.
  2. Then, click on the Sheet2 tab on the backside of the applying’s window to open a clean spreadsheet. Enter ‘5’ in cell B3 of Sheet2. So this components will subtract B3 in Sheet2 from B14 in Sheet1.
  3. Now, click on B4 in Sheet2 so as to add the components to that cell. Enter the components ‘=Sheet1!B14-Sheet2!B3‘ in Excel’s operate bar and press Return. Cell B4 will now deduct 5 in Sheet2’s B3 from B14’s worth in Sheet1. The cell returns a price of, as you in all probability guessed, 50.

excel formula8


Subtracting in Excel

So, these are a few of the subtraction formulation that subtract values in Excel spreadsheets. You may copy the formulation above to your spreadsheets with the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V hotkeys and edit their cell references as required. Take a look at this Tech Junkie information if you must subtract dates in Excel.

Have you learnt of different methods to subtract values in Excel? Share your expertise under.

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